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Glasses USA Review

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MoneySavingPro Best Value Award 2017

GlassesUSA designed its company around its customers. Included in its company's design is its 7,500 square foot lab featuring the most modern optical equipment available.

Moreover, it delivers a responsive support staff where you can have your call answered in as little as 10 seconds. Lastly, its Style Council uses industry and fashion trends to carry a diversity of frames with the most popular brands.

Overall, what you will find is GlassesUSA wants to make your shopping experience informative and stress-free. It does an excellent job of this through the use of its website.

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Along with easy shopping tools, GlassesUSA has a virtual optician feature. This is where you can select the best eyeglasses for you by answering a few simple questions based on frame features, frame personality, and frame measurements.

Now that you know the basics, I'll give a closer examination of GlassesUSA's product offerings and promotions.

Types of Eyewear

GlassesUSA has a wide variety of stock as it pertains to types of eyewear.

It has the latest trends for men, women, and children. What's more, it also possesses an extensive selection of sunglasses, both for normal use and for RX from some of the top brands like Ray-Ban.

Types of Frames

The company has a variety of frames as well. You have a choice between rimless, full frame, and semi-rimless types.

Further, its inventory has a wide variety of shapes to choose from including Aviator, Square, Rectangle, Classic Wayframe, Wrap, Browline, and more, resulting in a healthy selection of choices to appease varied design tastes.

Types of Lens

Similar to what other eyeglass providers offer, GlassesUSA has different types of lens available. There are bifocal/progressive, transition and single vision available depending on your prescription and needs.

Speaking of its inventory, to find what it has available based on lens type you can visit its website, click on the tab applicable to you such as women, then scroll down to select the type you want such as eyeglasses. From there, you can move down the page on the left side until you find lens type, once you check the box you have access to GlassesUSA's inventory based on the lens type you require.

Designer Glasses

If you want access to the latest trends in eyewear fashion GlassesUSA is a good choice to examine further. I mentioned before how it has a team dedicated to finding the most hip trends and making them available to you.

One of the ways they achieve this is by offering a good selection of the most popular brands. On the website, you can find offerings from Vogue, Spy Optic, Muse, Lacoste, DKNY, Ray-Bans, Arnette, Brooks Brothers, and more.

In addition, GlassesUSA makes it easy for you to find the brands you want through its website. Once you select the type of glasses you want such as eye, multifocal or sunglasses, you can scroll to the brand tab to filter out the ones you want. This simplifies shopping if you are wanting to compare multiple brands or if you want to browse offerings from your favorite designer.

Discount Glasses

Eyewear can be expensive. To mitigate the high costs associated at times with them, GlassesUSA has a clearance section on its website you can visit.

What you will discover is it typically offers a small discount on its glasses. After browsing through its clearance section you can expect to save anywhere between $10-$14.

With that said, GlassesUSA makes it simple for you to find the styles and brands you want through easy to use website design. When you select the clearance tab, you can browse its inventory after selecting from brands, gender, frame shape, lens type, colors, and more.

Coupons and Promo Codes

GlassesUSA also makes it easy for you to access its current promotions. On its website, it has a huge banner notifying you of all its sales. Often times, you'll find some great deals on eyeglasses around the holidays.

Another route to take is to visit its coupons tab located under the deals tab on its website. It delivers some unique deals depending on your needs such as a discount on frames, sunglasses, and tier discounts, where the more you buy the more you save. In addition, it offers free shipping worldwide if you spend more than $99.

GlassesUSA Customer Support

To inspire more of your trust, GlassesUSA is transparent about how it does business. It accomplishes this by giving you 14 days to test your eyeglasses. If for any reason the glasses do not meet your needs you can return them for free and receive your money back.

It also has responsive customer service. On its website, it touts it can answer calls in as little as 10 seconds and responds to emails within 24 hours. This high level of support illustrates the depths it will go to earn your satisfaction.


GlassesUSA makes buying eyewear a simple and stress-free process through the use of its website, where you can browse by using its refined search tools to access the products you want. What's more, with a wide selection of frames from the top brands, you can have confidence knowing you are choosing a stylish addition.

Taking all these factors into account, if you want an easy way to buy your next pair of eye or sunglasses, then GlassesUSA is a smart choice.

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