You Are Financially Fat

Out of the three financial fitness types, you have the most work to do to get financially healthy; however, the great news is that with hard work and focus on your money, you can achieve the goal of becoming Financially Fit.

You Are Financially Fat

As someone who is Financially Fat, you probably have a tough time keeping up with your expenses and managing your spending. A great solution for this would be a budgeting software program to help keep you on track. If you are not ready for a full program yet, a great first step is to start tracking your expenses. Every time you spend money, write it down or add it to your phone. The practice of doing this everyday will start to create mindfulness that will help you make better money decisions down the road.

You may have gotten into some credit problems in the past, so make sure that you are tracking your credit score to determine any changes you may need to make. One solution to improve your credit could be a secured credit card or maybe you need to employ a prepaid debit card to help you manage your finances more efficiently.

If your loans are too difficult to manage, debt consolidation or debt settlement services may be something for you to consider. There are long term implications with these choices, though, so make sure you do your research first before moving forward with a solution.

You may also wish to check some of the guides below that have been hand picked for people that are financially fat...

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