You Are Financially Fit

Congratulations! Of the three financial fitness types, you are in the best shape financially. As a Financially Fit person, you understand that you have to make choices if you want to stay financially healthy, even if those are difficult choices. If we had to prescribe a workout routine for you, it would consist of tightening up loose areas and making sure you are maximizing your money.

You Are Financially Fit

Some things that you may consider are using credit cards rewards points and cash back to maximize your spending and reward your hard work. You should make sure that you have the best partner for your investments whether they are your retirement investments or brokerage investments. Since you are good at saving, check your savings account and CD rates to ensure that you are getting the most competitive offerings from your bank.

You may also wish to check some of the guides below that have been hand picked for people that are financially fit...

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