You Are Financially Skinny

As a Financially Skinny person, you are making some good financial choices; however, you could also benefit from more focus and attention to details where your money is concerned. A tool that would help you achieve your financial goals is a budget. There are great budgeting software programs to help you with this or you can employ a goals based budget where you set specific target goals for your money rather than focus on every last line item in your expenses.

You Are Financially Skinny

Have you started to plan for retirement yet? Sometimes Financially Skinny people are further behind on this goal. When you pick a retirement website, look for one that will give you the education and support you need.

Make sure you check your credit score to see if there are any improvements that you need to make. If you need to consolidate credit or lower some of your expenses, a 0% balance transfer credit card may help you, just check the fees before you make this move.

Sometimes Financially Skinny people could benefit from a higher income base. If you have not thought about changing jobs or maybe you want to look at what the market has to offer, there are a number of great job sites to help you find the best fit and income for your skill level.

You may also wish to check some of the guides below that have been hand picked for people that are financially skinny...

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