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Find the best landline phone service available in your area

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Landline$9.99Internet & Landline$44.94
Starting at$9.99
Connection: Cable
Order Armstrong Landline Service - Call (719) 399-3314

Armstrong Landline Plans

Home PhoneUnlimited$9.99

Armstrong Landline & Internet Bundles

Zoom Express + Home Phone12 Mbps0$44.94
Zoom + Home Phone100 Mbps0$49.94
Zoom II + Home Phone300 Mbps0$65.94
Zoom III + Home Phone400 Mbps0$109.94
Zoom IV + Home Phone500 Mbps0$159.94

Vyve Broadband

(775) 374-6229
Vyve Broadband
Starting at$14.99
Connection: Cable
Order Vyve Broadband Landline Service - Call (775) 374-6229

Vyve Broadband Landline Plans

Vyve VoiceUnlimited$14.99
Landline$19.99Triple Play$64.99
Starting at$19.99
Connection: Cable
Order RCN Landline Service - Call (775) 374-6124

RCN Landline Plans


RCN Triple Play Bundles

Gig Internet + Signature TV + Phone1000 Mbps297 ChannelsUnlimited$64.99
Verizon FiOS
Landline$20Internet & Landline$59.99Triple Play$109.99
Starting at$20
Connection: Fiber
Order Verizon FiOS Landline Service - Call (888) 512-3395

Verizon FiOS Landline Plans

Fios Home PhoneUnlimited$20.00

Verizon FiOS Landline & Internet Bundles

FiOS Internet 100 + Home Phone100 MbpsUnlimited$59.99

Verizon FiOS Triple Play Bundles

Your FiOS TV + Internet 100 + Home Phone100 Mbps125 ChannelsUnlimited$109.99
More FiOS TV + Internet 100 + Home Phone100 Mbps300 ChannelsUnlimited$129.99
The Most FiOS TV + Internet 100 + Home Phone100 Mbps425 ChannelsUnlimited$149.99

Grande Communications

(775) 374-6385
Grande Communications
Landline$24.99Internet & Landline$35.99Triple Play$68.49
Starting at$24.99
Connection: Cable
Order Grande Communications Landline Service - Call (775) 374-6385

Grande Communications Landline Plans

Home PhoneUnlimited$24.99

Grande Communications Landline & Internet Bundles

300 Mbps Internet + Phone300 Mbps0$35.99

Grande Communications Triple Play Bundles

300 Mbps Internet + Basic TV + Phone300 Mbps40 ChannelsUnlimited$68.49
600 Mbps + Preferred TV + Phone600 Mbps220 ChannelsUnlimited$78.49
1 Gig + Preferred TV + Phone1000 Mbps220 ChannelsUnlimited$93.49
Landline$25Internet & Landline$95Triple Play$105
Starting at$25
Connection: Cable
Order Sparklight Landline Service - Call (859) 559-0353

Sparklight Landline Plans

Standard PhoneUnlimited$25.00

Sparklight Landline & Internet Bundles

Preferred Package Internet + Cable100 MbpsUnlimited$95.00

Sparklight Triple Play Bundles

Elite Package Internet + Cable + Phone100 Mbps100 ChannelsUnlimited$105.00
Landline$26.99Internet & Landline$89.99Triple Play$99.98
Starting at$26.99
Connection: Fiber
Order AT&T Landline Service - Call (602) 825-2721

AT&T Landline Plans

Phone UnlimitedUnlimited$26.99

AT&T Landline & Internet Bundles

Internet 1000 + Phone Unlimited1000 MbpsUnlimited$89.99

AT&T Triple Play Bundles

Entertainment TV + Internet 1000 + Unlimited Calls1000 Mbps160 ChannelsUnlimited$99.98
Choice TV + Internet 1000 + Unlimited Calls1000 Mbps185 ChannelsUnlimited$109.98
Xtra TV + Internet 1000 + Unlimited Calling1000 Mbps235 ChannelsUnlimited$114.98
Ultimate TV + Internet 1000 + Unlimited Calling1000 Mbps250 ChannelsUnlimited$119.98
Landline$29.95Internet & Landline$59.90Triple Play$72.85
Starting at$29.95
Connection: Cable
Order Midco Landline Service - Call (775) 374-6386

Midco Landline Plans

Home Phone PackageUnlimited$29.95

Midco Landline & Internet Bundles

Midco Internet 100 + Home Phone Package100 MbpsUnlimited$59.90
Midco Internet 150 + Home Phone Package150 MbpsUnlimited$69.90
Midco Gig Internet + Home Phone Package1000 MbpsUnlimited$99.90

Midco Triple Play Bundles

Midco Internet 100 + Limited Cable + Home Phone Package100 Mbps105 ChannelsUnlimited$72.85
Midco Internet 100 + Basic Cable + Home Phone Package100 Mbps210 ChannelsUnlimited$109.85
Midco Internet 100 + Preferred Cable + Home Phone Package100 Mbps280 ChannelsUnlimited$119.85
Midco Internet 100 + Theatre Suite + Home Phone Package100 Mbps285 ChannelsUnlimited$135.85
Midco Internet 100 + Ultimate Theatre Suite + Home Phone Package100 Mbps359 ChannelsUnlimited$169.85
Landline$29.99Internet & Landline$39.99Triple Play$64.99
Starting at$29.99
Connection: Cable
Order Cox Landline Service - Call (888) 474-3280

Cox Landline Plans

Voice PremierUnlimited$29.99

Cox Landline & Internet Bundles

Internet Starter 10 & Voice Premier10 MbpsUnlimited$39.99
Internet Essential 30 & Voice Premier30 MbpsUnlimited$49.99
Internet Preferred 150 & Voice Premier100 MbpsUnlimited$69.99
Internet Preferred 300 & Voice Premier300 MbpsUnlimited$89.99
Internet Gigablast & Voice Premier940 MbpsUnlimited$109.99

Cox Triple Play Bundles

Starter Bundle & Voice Premier30 Mbps75 Channels0$64.99
Bronze Bundle with Voice Premier150 Mbps140 ChannelsUnlimited$89.99
Silver Bundle with Voice Premier300 Mbps140 ChannelsUnlimited$109.99
Gold Bundle with Voice Premier300 Mbps250 ChannelsUnlimited$129.99
Platinum Bundle and Voice Premier940 Mbps250 ChannelsUnlimited$159.99
Landline$29.99Triple Play$99.99
Starting at$29.99
Connection: Cable
Order Mediacom Landline Service - Call (888) 492-9413

Mediacom Landline Plans

Xtream Home PhoneUnlimited$29.99
Local TV0$49.99
Essential TV0$79.99
Variety TV0$99.99

Mediacom Triple Play Bundles

Xtream Internet 100 + Variety TV + Phone60 Mbps170 ChannelsUnlimited$99.99
Landline$30Triple Play$99.99
Starting at$30
Connection: Cable
Order Xfinity Landline Service - Call (888) 474-1137

Xfinity Landline Plans

Unlimited Calling NationwideUnlimited$30.00

Xfinity Triple Play Bundles

X1 Saver Pro+ Triple Play300 Mbps140 ChannelsUnlimited$99.99
X1 Preferred Pro+ Triple Play with Netflix1000 Mbps220 ChannelsUnlimited$139.99
Landline$32.99Internet & Landline$51Triple Play$91
Starting at$32.99
Connection: Fiber
Order Frontier Landline Service - Call (888) 476-4562

Frontier Landline Plans


Frontier Landline & Internet Bundles

Simply FiOS 50/50 + Phone Unlimited50 MbpsUnlimited$51.00

Frontier Triple Play Bundles

Simply FiOS 50/50 + TV Prime + Unlimited Phone50 Mbps240 ChannelsUnlimited$91.00
Simply FiOS 50/50 + TV Extreme + Unlimited Phone50 Mbps325 ChannelsUnlimited$101.00
Simply FiOS 50/50 + TV Ultimate + Unlimited Phone50 Mbps425 ChannelsUnlimited$116.00
Cincinnati Bell
Landline$34Triple Play$59.99
Starting at$34
Connection: Fiber
Order Cincinnati Bell Landline Service - Call (719) 399-3829

Cincinnati Bell Landline Plans

HomePak ReachUnlimited$34.00

Cincinnati Bell Triple Play Bundles

Fioptics Standard Triple Play1000 Mbps55 ChannelsUnlimited$59.99
Fioptics Prime Triple Play1000 Mbps190 ChannelsUnlimited$94.99
Fioptics Top Notch Triple Play1000 Mbps305 ChannelsUnlimited$104.99
Fioptics Movie Lovers Triple Play1000 Mbps340 ChannelsUnlimited$114.99
Landline$34.99Internet & Landline$54.99Triple Play$84.99
Starting at$34.99
Connection: Cable
Order Optimum Landline Service - Call (888) 494-1240

Optimum Landline Plans


Optimum Landline & Internet Bundles

Internet 200 + Home Phone200 MbpsUnlimited$54.99
Internet 400 + Home Phone400 MbpsUnlimited$74.99
Premier TV + Internet 200 + Phone200 MbpsUnlimited$114.99

Optimum Triple Play Bundles

Core TV + Internet 200 + Phone200 Mbps220 ChannelsUnlimited$84.99
Select TV + Internet 200 + Phone200 Mbps340 ChannelsUnlimited$100.99
Landline$47Internet & Landline$47
Starting at$47
Connection: Fiber
Order Windstream Landline Service - Call (888) 512-6681

Windstream Landline Plans

Unlimited Phone + Kinetic InternetUnlimited$47.00

Windstream Landline & Internet Bundles

Kinetic Internet 25 + Unlimited Phone25 MbpsUnlimited$47.00
Kinetic Internet 500 + Unlimited Phone500 MbpsUnlimited$66.00
Kinetic Internet Gig + Unlimited Phone1000 MbpsUnlimited$73.00
Landline$64.99Internet & Landline$64.98Triple Play$89.97
Starting at$64.99
Connection: Cable
Order Spectrum Landline Service - Call (888) 511-4264

Spectrum Landline Plans

Voice + InternetUnlimited$64.99

Spectrum Landline & Internet Bundles

Internet + Voice100 MbpsUnlimited$64.98

Spectrum Triple Play Bundles

Triple Play Select100 Mbps125 ChannelsUnlimited$89.97
Triple Play Silver100 Mbps175 ChannelsUnlimited$109.97
Triple Play Gold100 Mbps200 ChannelsUnlimited$129.97

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Home Phone Service FAQs

What companies offer landline service?

Numerous providers, such as: AT&T, Verizon, Spectrum, Comcast, Optimum and Cox still offer home phone service. Availability will depend on your area.

What landline providers are available in my area?

Use our landline zip code checker to find out which home phone providers are available in your area.

How much does a landline cost per month?

Home phone service starts at $9.99 per month. The exact price will depend on the plan and the area in which you live.

Do home phone plans include unlimited national calls?

Yes. All landline providers offer plans with unlimited national calling.

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