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  • Monthly Price: $36.99-58.99
  • Installation Fee: $99
  • Pros
  • 130+ years of experience
  • Wide variety of products
  • Automated and remote system monitoring
  • Monitoring centers across US that provie 24/7 support
  • Around-the-clock security monitoring
  • Cons
  • Costly installation fee
  • User reviews indicate poor customer service levels
  • More Expensive than other systems - paying for 'brand' name

ADT Home Security Reviews

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ADT has been in business for over 140 years and is an industry leader in providing home security services. Because of its name brand and reputation for providing innovative equipment, over six and half million customers have trusted ADT to monitor their houses.

ADT offers a complement of home security services at prices for every budget. With monthly plans starting as low as $1 a day, you can find the best features for you such as 24/7 monitoring, flood detection, CO monitoring, and more.

ADT Packages

ADT has three different packages available. You can select the most appropriate plan for you based on your needs.


If you are looking for the most basic of ADT security systems, the Traditional Plan is a smart choice. This package comes with 24/7 monitoring and six months money back guarantee, making it a great plan for those that want security protection without the large monthly cost.


The Remote Package is more encompassing in that not only do you receive ADT monitoring 24/7, you'll also receive access to fire and smoke monitoring, carbon monoxide monitoring, and water detection.

In addition to these monitoring services, you receive more command over your security system with the cellular connection. This allows you to use the ADT Pulse App and receive notifications via text or email.


The Video Plan combines all the features you receive with the Remote Package and includes more monitoring and command features. On the monitoring side, you have access to the remote secure video where you can see live feeds from your home's security cameras and even playback recorded content.

Moreover, with this package, you can use the ADT Pulse App to lock/unlock doors, control your home's lighting and temperature systems, and control your garage door.

Monthly Costs

ADT security costs can vary depending on where you live and which services you want. You can call the number above to receive a free quote on ADT security services.

ADT Home Security

The FBI estimated there were 8,277,829 property crimes in 2014. To reduce your chances of becoming a victim of a property crime such as a home burglary, having a security system with monitoring is a great way to achieve this.

ADT offers home security services to give you peace of mind and potentially thwart would-be thieves. How it achieves this is by offering a comprehensive list of features which include the ADT alarm system.

This system uses ADT alarms at key entry points of your home. To demonstrate, technicians can install motion detectors near your home's windows and front doors. Once armed, it can detect a forced entry and then alert ADT first responders who can notify police immediately.

Stopping burglaries is only a smart part of what ADT security services provide. It also offers advanced smoke and fire sensors that work even in the event of a power outage, and carbon monoxide detectors to give you and your loved one's peace of mind that ADT is monitoring all dangers presented to your home.

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The Pulse Home Automation System

ADT Pulse combines the peace of mind of its security services with the convenience of wireless access to your home's systems. How this works is you can control aspects of your home's security system such as arming alarm systems, locking or unlocking doors, and customizing which alerts you receive from your smartphone.

Another unique tool is its video monitoring services. You can use this to access your cameras to see when your children come home from school, who is knocking at your front door, and more.

Along with security, ADT Pulse is a complete home automation system. With it, you can control your home's thermostat and lights. Not only can this save you money by reducing the amount of energy your home uses when you are gone, by having lights come on during strategic times of the day, you can make your home less appealing to thieves.

You can use ADT Pulse's command center to control all aspects of the system you select using the tablet provided as part of certain plans, your computer, or your smartphone.

Security Cameras

ADT cameras feature innovative technology to protect you and your loved ones. The best representation of this is its Wireless Day/Night Camera. This camera works with the ADT Pulse Network wirelessly to supply a live feed. It has the capability to capture crisp images in low-light and dark environments.

Meanwhile, ADT offers wireless cameras you can set up near entry points of your home. This is perfect if you want to see who visits your home while you are gone. ADT also has dome security cameras that are easy to install and capture a 360-degree view of its surroundings.

Security Signs

One of the best ways to deter burglars from entering your premises is to alert them that you have a security system. When you sign up for service, you receive ADT stickers you can place on your home's windows and an ADT yard sign to notify those thinking of targeting your home that you have live monitoring.

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Specials and Promotions

The quickest way to access ADT's specials is to visit its website and click on the specials tab. Next, you can select from the specials available to new customers, existing ones, or if you have a system and plan to move.

ADT offers low promotional pricing for the first year of service. Unfortunately, when you sign up for a plan, ADT requires a three-year contract where two of those years you'll pay more for service. This also means if you want to cancel your service before the end of the term an early termination fee applies.

ADT Customer Service

ADT is available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can call the ADT phone number on its website or have one of its reps call you back. There's also a live chat feature where you can learn more about its services quickly.

Availability of its customer service isn't an issue. What was problematic was the online reviews from customers who have used ADT's services before. Along with high installation charges, equipment malfunctions and rude customer service, the prevailing theme seemed to be ADT doesn't provide attentive service to its current customers.

Customer reviews and company reputation are two great ways to determine whether or not you might need an ADT home security system. On the Better Business Bureau, ADT is an Accredited Business with an A+ score. Trustpilot, a website that ranks companies purely from customer reviews, rates ADT a 3.5/10. Keep in mind that the experiences of one customer are not representative of the company as a whole, but it is important to spot potential issues you may have with the company early nonetheless.


ADT offers a wealth of innovative solutions for protecting your home. Its most intuitive is the Pulse plan, where you have remote access to your home's security cameras, locks, and more. Adding further comfort is the fact ADT monitors your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not only will they look for signs of forced entry, they also examine other dangers such as fire, carbon monoxide or water damage.

However, the selection and innovative equipment come with a cost. For one, you must commit to a three-year contract where you only receive a low rate for the first year of service. That's a huge commitment to require of its customers from the start. Two, ADT's customer support isn't the best. Customers have remarked on long turnaround times when they needed equipment replaced and high fees both on the installation and cancellation end.

Ultimately, ADT is one of the best home security systems due to its huge selection of services and plans available, making it a great option for a wide variety of needs.

Vivint and Frontpoint are two of ADT's biggest competitors. We have in-depth comparative guides for Vivint vs ADT and ADT vs FrontPoint you can consult to see how these companies stack up.

ADT Home Security Reviews FAQs

QHow much does ADT Pulse cost per month?


ADT Pulse varies based on the monitoring services you want and if you want to include home automation too. You can find out how much ADT Pulse cost by visiting its website and asking for a quote. In addition, there's live chat and telephone support to help you receive pricing information.

QHow much is a home security system?


Home security systems vary in price dependent on what you want. Simply monitoring services will be much less expensive than combining monitoring with remote access and home automation services. The key is finding the best home security systems which meet your security and financial needs.

QHow much does ADT cost per month?


ADT offers a number of different monitoring packages, and each has a different price. The basic Essentials package costs $36.99 per month, which comes out to just over $9 per week. The high-end ADT Pulse + Video package costs subscribers $58.99 per month. This package includes video surveillance and mobile alerts, unlike the Essentials package.

QHow much is ADT net worth?


ADT Corporation is a publicly traded company on the New York stock exchange. As of January 9th, 2017, ADT Corporation's total value is just under $7 billion, at $6.94 billion. The company has seen significant growth since 2010 when it was work little more than $2 billion total.

QWhat is meant by ADT?


ADT is the name of a security company that provides home monitoring services. ADT derives its name from computer science, where an Abstract Data Type is a model for data that is defined by its behavior. ADT is a fitting name for a security company because the observation they provide looks to define the behavior of potential criminals.

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ADT Reviews

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RecommendedFast responseNone

We signed my mum up to ADT Health to give all of us peace of mind while she is living by herself. ADT have been fantastic with her, whenever she calls they are friendly and when she has needed help they have been there within about 15 minutes.

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RecommendedRespond within minutesNone

When my grandmother moved in we were all worried about having to leave her at home by herself, but since we signed up with ADT Health it has made us all happier and my gran feels much safer. The few times she has had to press the button someone has been at the house within a few minutes. Fantastic service!

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RecommendedCustomer reps and easy to use systemFew false alarms

I've been with ADT for a couple of years now and I wouldn't change. Although we had a couple of months where we were getting frequent false alarms, the response time when the alarm is triggered is very fast and the issue was fixed very quickly. I cannot fault their efficiency.

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RecommendedSimple alarm systemNo cons

ADT offer the best alarm systems and they are so straight forward and easy to use. After a salesman knocked on the door and went through the options, we picked the system that would work best for us and it was installed and all set up within a couple of weeks. Any problems and the technical team are brilliant.

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RecommendedEasy to use systemPrice of packages

The prices are not the cheapest, but the peace of mind it has given us that my elderly mother in law has a monitored home security system is worth the cost. Customer service are always really friendly when she calls for any help.

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RecommendedCustomer services and engineersNot the cheapest on the market

They may not be the cheapest home security company, but they are the best, and I would much rather pay more and know I have a proper service. Once the security system is installed, they do not ignore you, they are always just a phone call away if you need any help and if you have any problems with the system an engineer is sent out within a couple of days.

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RecommendedQuick response timeNone

I have always recommended ADT to anyone who asks who to use for home security and even more so since I've witnessed there quick response time! My son came home from college late one night and set the alarm off. Within 30 seconds or less ADT were on the phone to us. Amazing response and brilliant service.

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RecommendedReps are helpfulWebsite is confusing

When I was looking at ADT online it was really confusing what was included in what and and I was really unsure what was best for us. When I spoke to a rep they listened to our needs and found the best system for us. The contract does not need to be as long as it is, but so far I am happy with out system.

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RecommendedSystem is straight forwardFalse Alarms

I can't complain about the staff or the system itself, even the installation was so straight forward. But the problem I've been having is within the last couple of months the alarm has been going off for no reason at all. ADT are still working on the issue.

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Not RecommendedCustomer support repsFaulty alarm system

The customer service team may be friendly, but that can't make up for my home security not working! Worked well for a couple of months, but after that have had nothing but faults with it. Complete waste of money.

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RecommendedHelpful and knowledgable staffPackages are more expensive

There are cheaper home security companies out there, but you get what you pay for! Having just finished a contract with a cheaper company, I am more than happy to pay a little bit more for the security of my family.

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RecommendedAlarm system is goodCustomer service

It took over a month for them to come and install the system, but once it was installed it was running fine. But anytime I have had to call the support team it has been pointless, 3 different people I have spoken to seem to be equally as useless.

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Not RecommendedAlarm system is easyPushy Salesmen

ADT has a great alarm system and it's easy to use for everyone and the engineers themselves and friendly, helpful and experienced, however the sales team are false and full of lies. They told me I would be signing up for a 1 year contract and were told the price it would be, but when the contract came through it was 3 years and was not the price I was quoted. When I called they said their minimum contracts are 3 years and they do not have a package for the original price I was quoted! Completely mis-sold.

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RecommendedFast response timeNone

The fastest response time I've ever known for everything. The few times our alarm has gone off, we've received a call in under a minute and when we had a fault with our system, an engineer called within the hour and was out the next day to fix the issue.

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RecommendedGood system and quick responseExpensive packages

I've been with ADT for 6 years now and would never use another company. Although the packages are more expensive then some other companies, they offer the best service.

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RecommendedSystem is easy to useMake you change contracts when you move house

I'd always raved about ADT, until I moved house. The long contract never really bothered me as I had no issues with their system. However be warned that basically if you move house they won't carry it over, you have to cancel your contract (which they charge you for) and sign up to a new one!!!!

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Not RecommendedKnowledgable engineersLong contracts

I will start by saying that when an engineer does come out, they are very friendly and knowledgable, however...getting an engineer to the house is the thought bit and some of the customer service people are so rude! Our alarm has been going off intermittently for no reason or sometimes the wind sets it off and it took 8 phone calls, twice being hung up on before an engineer came out to the house! We still have two years left on our contract but will definitely be going elsewhere.

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Not RecommendedGood system when it worksSupport and Technical

We had ADT installed for a year, with no problems and were perfectly happy with it, until 6 months ago it was not working. We were getting constant false alarms and then it just stopped working completely. Not once has an engineer been out. The support team are so unhelpful and we have had no engineer calls let alone visits to fix the system we are still paying for!

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RecommendedInstallation easyNone

My husband works away a lot so I wanted to feel safe at night when I was on my own. Thanks to ADT I feel so much more secure at home and the installation engineer was so helpful and answered all of my concerns.

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RecommendedEasy system to useNone

Engineers know what they are talking about, customer service team are helpful and friendly and the system is super easy to use. What more could you ask for?!

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RecommendedBest home security systemsNone

I would never go with anyone other then ADT to protect my home and family. The system is easy to use and the engineers and customer service reps are helpful and know what they are talking about. Any concerns they will help and advise whats best for you.

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RecommendedBest home security out thereNone

I've been with a number of home security providers over the years and they have all been as useless as each other, until I found ADT. From the first phone call I knew that this company would be different. Knowledgable staff and helpful reps and the system itself is fantastic and works how it's supposed to!

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