The Best Home Security Companies
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Which Home Security Company is Right For You?

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Comparing home security companies no longer means simply deciding between a couple of big name services. With options like wireless home security systems and self-installed equipment now commonplace, you've got plenty of choices. Available technology offers flexibility, affordability, and more control than ever in terms of protecting your home and family.


Compare Home Security Systems


Choose from basic systems with just the necessary components for preventing intrusion, or create a total home security system with indoor and outdoor cameras, motion detectors, and integrated home automation. In this guide I'll provide you with an overview of the options, from low-key to high-tech.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Home Security Company

There are so many different options among the best home security systems that you may not be sure where to start. Below I've compiled a list of helpful questions to keep in mind as you compare home security monitoring companies.

  1. Rent or own? If you rent your home or apartment, you'll probably want to opt for a wireless security system. This way you can avoid the holes in walls created by tapping into the phone line. If you prefer a hard-wired security system, you'll want to obtain permission from your landlord before installation.
  2. What kind of equipment? Do you want just the basics, like motion detectors and door sensors? Or are you looking for a complete home monitoring system, with cameras, sensors, and fire and carbon monoxide detection? Make sure the home security company you choose offers all of the features you want.
  3. Professional or self installation? Some of the top home security companies that I've listed at the end of this guide offer the option to install equipment yourself. This can save you money, just be sure to read up on the process to ensure you'll be comfortable with it.
  4. What about home automation? Do you have smart devices which you want connected to your security system? Home security companies are responding to the demands of the modern age by offering integration with things like the Nest thermostat and smoke detectors.

Of course there are other factors to keep in mind in your home security company comparison. These include price, ease of use, level of control through smartphone apps, and the extent to which you can expand the system.