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  • Monthly Price: $44.99-49.99
  • Installation Fee: FREE
  • Pros
  • Self-installation option
  • Excellent customer service department
  • Customizable packages available
  • Wireless technology
  • Competitive pricing
  • Cons
  • No 2-way intercom system
  • No snapshot functionality
  • Not licensed in some states

Frontpoint Home Security Reviews

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Security experts created Frontpoint with the vision of creating effective technology to protect people's homes. Founded in 2007, the company has grown into one of the best home security systems available thanks to its intuitive tools and excellent customer support.

Partnering with the right home security provider is important. After all, not only do you want peace of mind when it concerns protecting your family, you want to work with a company you can trust. Frontpoint has achieved a stable reputation as 96 percent of its customers would recommend Frontpoint's services to others.

Frontpoint Plans

One of the main deterrents for customers considering security systems is cost. What you will discover is Frontpoint security prices are lower than some of their competitors like ADT. Your Frontpoint security pricing will depend on which package you choose. Here is a closer look at its plan offerings:

Protection Plan

The most affordable plan offering from Frontpoint, the Protection Plan comes with 100 percent cellular monitoring, achieving a more secure connection between you and the monitoring center. This plan also includes environmental protection by way of sensors that detect smoke, carbon monoxide or water damage resulting from a flood.

Interactive Plan

The Interactive Plan lives up to its name by offering you remote access through Frontpoint's free mobile application. Its mobile app allows you to control your home's lighting, access your house's security cameras, and receive text notifications if your sensors detect an intrusion or someone knocks on your front door.

Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate Plan combines all of Frontpoint's home security and home automation features into one package. This gives you command of your home's thermostat, locks, and cameras with HD and night vision capabilities.

Your Frontpoint monthly cost depends on which of these plans you select. You can see our table below to examine which plan is most in tune with your budget needs:

Equipment & Security Tools

Frontpoint offers a wide variety of security tools to protect you and your loved ones. Along with the Frontpoint motion sensors, you receive access to options like the Frontpoint security cameras.

Cameras are critical pieces to home security because they can capture video that aids law enforcement if a burglary occurs in your house. Just as important, it can be a deterrent to thieves, as if they detect your house has security cameras, they might bypass it due to fear of being caught on video.

Frontpoint has a wealth of cameras to capture all activity in and outside your home. The indoor wireless camera is easy to set up, as you can set it on a table in an easily accessible room. These cameras provide a viewing range of up to 20 feet and have infrared capabilities to ensure you receive crystal clear videos even at night.

You can access videos anytime you want through your computer, tablet, smartphone. This provides you with a live feed to the room(s) where your camera (s) is. If you don't want to access live feed, you can receive notifications when the camera detects motion in your home, making it a convenient way to check on your pets, kids, or more when you are not home.

Frontpoint also offers wireless outdoor cameras. These cameras have night vision infrared to capture would-be burglars trying to hide in the darkness. Furthermore, you can use these outdoor cameras to see who visits your home during the day.

Lastly, Frontpoint has a doorbell camera that captures video of anyone who approaches your front door. You can set up notifications that way whenever someone visits you'll know who stops by.

Home Automation System

Along with the Frontpoint wireless camera, it offers some of the best home automation systems that can enhance your house's security and save you money. A great illustration of this is its light control option.

With light control, you can set a schedule as to when your house's lights go on and off. From a security standpoint, this is beneficial in that you can give the appearance of having someone home even when you are away for work or vacation. In addition, it's safer to enter a well-lit home as opposed to a dark one.

Meanwhile, if your home comes with a compatible thermostat, you can use Frontpoint to set temperatures when you are away from home. By setting your temperatures a few degrees cooler in the winter months and a few degrees warmer in the summer months, you lessen the stress placed on your home's HVAC unit, resulting in lower utility costs.

Another piece of ingenuity Frontpoint offers is its keypad door lock. This eliminates the need for keys as you set a code to enter and exit your home. You also have the capabilities of setting up to nine codes for other guests. Overall, this feature allows you to see who is coming by to visit while also providing secure access for those you trust the most.

Control Panel

The main command hub for all these features is the Frontpoint control monitor. This monitor gives you access to all your home security and home automation--if applicable--services through the press of a button.

To simplify things even further, Frontpoint gives you remote access to your lights, locks, and thermostat. You can use its mobile app to unlock/lock doors, watch live or recorded video feeds, and receive notifications when someone approaches or enters your home. These innovations make it easy for you to manage many of your home's functions remotely.

How Frontpoint Keeps Your Family Safe

Having access to the latest tools can give you layers of protection against would-be thieves and other threats. The Frontpoint security system features the latest in innovative equipment to achieve just that.

It starts with the Frontpoint home alarm system. This system uses sensors as your first line of defense against burglars. How this works is you receive sensors you can place at strategic entry points of your home thieves target such as the doors, windows, and garage door.

Once installed, these sensors can detect motion then notify Frontpoint's team who will make the call to the police. In addition, the command center will emit the detection and you'll receive a notification that one of your home's sensors detected an intrusion. This quick response to an attempted break-in gives you and Frontpoint's team valuable seconds to respond.

Frontpoint also protects you and your loved ones from environmental threats that might occur. To accomplish this, it makes available smoke, carbon monoxide, and water and flood sensors. Not only does this detect threats made against your home, similar to the motion sensors, it gives Frontpoint's monitoring team the time needed to contact the authorities to assist you.

Frontpoint Customer Service

If you have any questions or experience service issues, you can contact Frontpoint's customer service team via phone seven days a week. However, it does not offer support 24/7 like ADT does. Frontpoint also has a feature where you can fill out a short form on its website and have one of its reps contact you.

Speaking of its website, you can find answers to the most common questions in its support section. There, you can go through setup and service activation guides. There are even support videos to help you learn more about your new equipment and an extensive guide on how to use its mobile application.

Frontpoint offers a wide variety of security tools to protect you and your loved ones.

Customer reviews and company reputation are two great ways to determine whether or not you might need a Frontpoint home security system. On the Better Business Bureau, Frontpoint is an Accredited Business with an A+ score. Trustpilot, a website that ranks companies purely from customer reviews, rates Frontpoint a 9.1/10. Keep in mind that the experiences of one customer are not representative of the company as a whole, but it is important to spot potential issues you may have with the company early nonetheless.


One of the big advantages to going with Frontpoint is its simplicity. You can customize plans and equipment to meet your needs, making it beneficial for those who have varied home security and home automation requirements.

When you do order through FrontPoint you receive a variety of benefits including free shipping on all its equipment, a 30-day money risk-free trial, and a full refund on returns meeting its guidelines. This transparency makes Frontpoint a risk-free way for you to try some of its home security features.

The biggest detriment I found when examining Frontpoint is it doesn't have customer support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It does offer 24/7 monitoring, but if you had any questions on its equipment, that could be an issue if it happens during non-service hours.

Overall, it's hard to beat the affordability, simplicity, and transparency Frontpoint offers its customers.

ADT is one of Frontpoint's biggest competitors. To see how the two companies stack up, check out our comparative guide of ADT vs Frontpoint.

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Frontpoint Reviews

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RecommendedFriendly customer repsNone

Never had any problems with frontpoint and they have been great from the start. System setup was easy and quick and the technical team are always on hand with any issues.

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RecommendedFriendly staffNone

I had been with frontpoint for only a couple of months when I had an issue with my set up and the alarm was not working. The rep I spoke to was brilliant and a new part was sent out next day which was easy to install and have not had a problem since!

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RecommendedCustomer serviceNone

Having recently signed up to frontpoint, I am not disappointed. The customer service is one of the best I've come across and the whole system was really easy to install.

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RecommendedHelpful and friendly staffNo cons

I have been with frontpoint for 3 years now and I could not be happier. Their customer service reps are amazing and they system is just what I need to make me feel safe.

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RecommendedNo false alarmsNone

I signed up only about 6 months ago and since then I have not had one false alarm. (My previous company I had one every couple of months) The customer service is the best I have come across with any company and the installation is pretty straight forward, only had an issue with one bit, which the customer service team talked me through and installed no problem.

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Not RecommendedCustomer serviceInstall yourself

I can't really complain about the customer service of front point, they are certainly good with their sales speech. But the problem comes when it takes a couple of weeks for the system to arrive and then having to install myself. If you are not very tech minded, forget it.

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RecommendedQuick turnaroundNot clear on the total costs

I can't fault the sales and customer service reps for Frontpoint, but be careful of the cost they quote you. I asked if an outdoor camera would be included and was told yes, but then sent a bill for an extra $200! Needless to say I left the outdoor camera and unless they can offer me a good deal, will be looking elsewhere at the end of my contract.

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RecommendedCan turn alarm on when away from houseNone

Frontpoint lead when it comes to home security. When I call I actually get through to a real person who is friendly and professional and the best part is that if I forget to turn my alarm on before leaving the house I can still turn it on.

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RecommendedEasy to useNone

The frontpoint security system makes us feel much safer. The ease of use and to know that you have the mobile app to activate if you forget or are in a rush when leaving the house is a great help.

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RecommendedEasy to installControl panel issues

We installed the system ourselves which was very easy and straight forward and the alarm system itself is the best. The camera is not the so great but we are not too fussed about that. The mobile app makes it easy to set your alarm. We had a couple of issues with our control panel, but the customer representatives we have spoken to are always really helpful and fix any problems very quickly.

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