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LifeShield Security is a provider that could be ideally suited to those who want low-cost home security systems, as it offers very competitive pricing on its packages. The provider actually uses its own security devices rather than those from outside manufacturers.

This is one of the reasons why the company is able to offer very competitive prices. Lifeshield is a BBB accredited provider and has received hundreds of excellent reviews on the website.

Pros and Cons

LifeStream has restructured their agreements and fees to the customer's advantage. Earlier, they offered their best rates over a 60-month agreement. Now, they offer very competitive pricing over 36-month agreements and have introduced the money-saving self-install option.

On the other hand, LifeStream no home automation option while many of their competitors do. They auto renew their agreements, which can catch customers off guard, and do not have a sterling customer service record.

LifeShield Security Packages

LifeShield offers three wireless home security packages, called Security Essentials, Security Advantage and Security Professional with a three-tiered pricing structure of very competitive monthly fees based on a 36-month agreement.

The Security Essentials is billed as a great starter package; the Security Advantage offers home security and video monitoring, while the Security Professional package claims to be an all-inclusive home security package. You can order the packages as configured or customize them to your security needs with add-ons such as flood and glass-break sensors.

The base price package comes with four door and window sensors but no video monitoring. The middle package comes with six door and window sensors, one wireless HD video camera and 250 MB of video storage. The top tier package comes with eight door and window sensors, two HD video cameras and 1 GB of video storage.

The range of systems available from Lifeshield is quite limited compared to many of its competitors, and it does not offer extras such as home automation devices, garage sensors or intercom systems. The systems from Lifeshield come with a Homescreen Touchpad, onto which the LifeView app is directly loaded. This enables the provider to load security updates directly to the unit.

LifeShield offers ease of use to customers from apartment renters to homeowners. The company uses its own proprietary equipment, allowing them to control quality and improve and glitches that arise. Should you move, you can take the system with you to your new location.

LifeShield includes smoke and fire protection in all of its security packages. While LifeShield systems can be installed by our technicians, you can choose to install your system yourself and save some money. Their security systems do not come with a lot of home automation features, but they do offer phone and tablet apps that send alerts about events in your home, and allow you to arm and disarm your system from a remote location.

Monitoring Modes

The LifeShield base component plugs into your internet router and provides three layers of protection including broadband internet, cellular and landline. The 24/7 monitoring service delivers super-fast response times, connecting you to a monitoring center within seconds. So, for example, if your internet fails and a home invader cuts your phone line, you'll stay connected via cellular to the monitoring center.

Remote Access

All the monthly LifeShield packages include remote access via your smartphone or web-enabled device such as a wireless touchpad. Using the free mobile app, you can arm or disarm your system, manage your video monitoring settings, change system codes, look at video snapshots and send and receive custom alerts.

Fire Protection and More

The proprietary LifeShield fire safety sensor is a wireless device that is always on duty, wherever you are. The system listens to sounds emitted by smoke and CO detecting devices in your home, sending a signal to the monitoring center when these detectors are triggered. Every LifeStream package includes their fire safety sensor and works effectively with the fire and CO devices you already have.

Security for Renters

Unlike other security system companies, you do not have to own your home in order to become a LifeStream customer. Indeed LifeStream offers a package aimed at the renter market.

Renters get their security system for free with the purchase of a monthly monitoring package, but they also pay an activation fee. The renter kit is for self-installation, which takes an hour or less. You can take the security system with you when you move to a new location.

Video Monitoring

The sleek, innocuous LifeShield video cameras are wireless devices that blend in and are hard for home invaders to detect. As there are no wires, so you don't have to drill holes.

The cameras are very easy to install. Camera features can be customized to your needs, for example, video recording can be set up by date or time, a helpful feature for those away from home or on vacation. They can also be set to record when a motion sensor is triggered. These features can be set remotely as per your needs.

LifeShield Customer Support

Help with the products and services of LifeShield is accessed from the support center page of the LifeShield website. The support center has links to product help and security app help, along with instructional videos. You'll also find links to setup guides for broadband and cellular systems, along with a menu of FAQs.

Customer reviews and company reputation are two great ways to determine whether or not you might need a LifeShield home security system. On the Better Business Bureau, LifeShield is not an Accredited Business with an F score (However there are no reviews on the BBB site at the time of this writing). Keep in mind that the experiences of one customer are not representative of the company as a whole, but it is important to spot potential issues you may have with the company early nonetheless.


LifeShield may not have as many features as some other providers but their flexible packages and competitive pricing make it is a decent low-cost option. You can also check out our other reviews of home security companies. Check out our analysis of Vivint Home Security here.

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LifeShield Security Reviews

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RecommendedAccess from your mobileNone

This in my opinion is THE best home security system. Works great for my family and the fact you can access it from your mobile is a complete bonus.

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RecommendedNoneLong wait for system installation

Since they have been brought out everything has gone to pieces. The customer service is terrible, waiting for anything to arrive takes forever and forget getting technical help for any problems!

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Not RecommendedNoneSystem and customer service

If you can think of anything that could go wrong with your home security, it will happen with Lifeshield. I'm stuck in a long contract with a home security system that works intermittently and rude customer service reps that wil go out of their way NOT to help!

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RecommendedGood priceNo cons

Lifeshield is the best home security system I've ever used and at a really great price!

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RecommendedTechnical supportBatteries need replacing

I've been been life shield for a year now and I have had no issues with them. The system is easy to use and the support team are super helpful. The only one downside is that I have had to replace the batteries about 5 times, which is a pain, but the good points outweigh it.

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RecommendedCheap pricesNone

I may have only been with life shield for a few weeks, but the mobile app is great, the prices are really affordable and the system is easy to install and use.

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RecommendedGreat home protectionNo cons

Lifeshield is the best home security system I have ever used. When our alarm was going off and lifeshield could not contact us, they sent the police to our property just to check everything was ok. Luckily it was just due to a faulty sensor, but it is great proof and helps me sleep better at night that they really do what they say they do.

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RecommendedTech supportNone

Installation is easy and the tech support are fantastic and always available.

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