The Best Smart Locks
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The Best Smart Locks

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The best smart lock will help protect your home in the case of unexpected intruders. If you don't want to have to worry about locking your door when you leave for work or locking yourself out of the house, a smart lock is a terrific option.

After researching the ins and outs of the smart lock industry and comparing every product, I have determined the five best smart locks available as of today. In this article, I will explain how smart locks work, why you need one, and how each product will help make home safety easy for consumers.

Our Top Picks

Schlage Connect BE469NX

  • Pros
  • Multiple entry methods
  • Stores up to 30 codes at once
  • Built-in alarm and various features
  • Simple installation
  • Cons
  • Need home automation system for smartphone app. control
  • Hard to program without Z-Wave products

Schlage Connect smart lock can be controlled from your smartphone at home or away.

Unfortunately, this is only possible when you connect it to a Z-Wave compatible smart home hub. The electronic smart lock has a touchscreen keypad and deadbolt with a motion sensor alarm. It can store up to 30 key codes at once. This means you can assign key codes to up to 30 people to get into your house.

Schlage smart lock runs on the Z-Wave protocol, which means it only connects well with other Z-Wave devices. It has multiple entry options; you can choose to go keyless with a keycode or use your regular key. It also has a built-in anti-pick shield and motion sensor alarm to alert you about suspicious activity.

Keep in mind that there is no possibility for battery notifications if you don't purchase a smart hub and connect to an app.

August Smart Lock Review

  • Pros
  • Lock/Unlock from smartphone
  • Activity log and various features
  • Siri voice command compatibility
  • Easy to install
  • Connects with Bluetooth
  • Cons
  • Expensive
  • Not every deadbolt is compatible

The latest August Smart Lock's latest generation model is a little more expensive at $229 on Amazon, but it may be worth it.

August digital door lock connects with Bluetooth devices as well as Wifi. It has its own application with battery life notifications for iOS and Android; so you can lock and unlock your door from your smartphone wherever you have Wifi. The August digital door lock can even connect to Siri voice command.

There is no keypad or touchscreen on the August Smart Lock, supposedly for added security. You can, however, set the electronic smart lock to unlock/lock at certain times and days of the week. You can also monitor every time someone comes in and out.

The August electronic door lock is easy to install, but you'll have to replace part of your single cylinder deadbolt to do it. Not all deadbolts are compatible.

Kwikset Premis Touchscreen

  • Pros
  • Multiple entry methods
  • Siri voice command
  • Store up to 30 codes
  • Alarm, auto-lock, and various features
  • SecureScreen technology
  • Cons
  • Need Apple TV to control remotely
  • Expensive
  • Not compatible with Android

The Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Door Lock has some of the best on Amazon.

With multiple entry methods, you can use a key or control your lock remotely from your smartphone. You can also use Siri voice command on your smartphone to control your lock. The only catch is you must have an Apple TV to connect with the Kwikset smart lock application. Kwikset does not work with Android devices.

Kwikset is a little expensive like the August electronic door lock at $229 on Amazon. You can create and store up to 30 codes, similar to the Schlage Connect. It also has an optional alarm and auto-lock feature for you to set how you please. There is even SecureScreen technology to protect from strangers cracking your code.

Ultraloq UL3 BT Review

  • Pros
  • Multiple entry methods
  • One-year battery life
  • Activity log and various features
  • app works with iOS and Android
  • Holds up to 95 fingerprints
  • Cons
  • Installation may be tough
  • Does not connect to WiFi for remote smartphone control

The Ultraloq UL3 BT is another one of the best keyless door locks out there. It has various entry methods including biometric, keypad, and smartphone via Bluetooth. It even has a knock to open option in which you can simply knock on your smartphone twice to unlock the lock.

Just three AA batteries could last you up to a year with Ultraloq's low-powered screen. Its app will notify you when the battery is low. The Ultraloq smart lock app has an activity log feature and an anti-peep touch pad for added security. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, but it cannot connect to WiFi. This means you cannot control it remotely.

Spend $199 for the Ultraloq right now on Amazon. Installation may not be the easiest.

Yale Assure Review

  • Pros
  • Works with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth
  • Easy Installation
  • Alarms and various features
  • Multiple entry methods
  • Affordable
  • Cons
  • No individual app
  • Must upgrade for home automation

The Yale Assure Smart Lock is a quality keyless door lock that offers remote control from your smartphone. You'll need a home automation hub like Samsung SmartThings for this, however, because the electronic smart lock does not have its own smart lock app

You'll also need to upgrade Yale's software to communicate with the home automation hub. The standalone smart lock will cost you $137 or more on Amazon, depending on your choice of style.

The keyless door lock offers multiple other entry methods as well. For example, you can create digital door keys with your smartphone via Bluetooth and pin codes for your friends and family with the keypad door lock option. Store up to 12 pin codes.

The Yale Assure Smart Lock is easy to install and works with Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth.

Key Considerations Before Purchasing a Smart Lock

Most smart locks can be controlled from your smartphone. Similar to smart lights and smart thermostats, smart locks can be scheduled on timers to lock automatically on your way out the door.

Smart locks will give you peace of mind while you're home or away. They can get expensive, though. Here are some things to consider before committing to one.

1. Which features are possible with a smart lock?

Look for smart front door locks have various features to compare before you make a purchase. Some are more advanced than others, allowing for advanced security. Features of smart locks include:

  • lock timers and motion sensor alarms
  • remote access via smartphone
  • lock-pick shields
  • fingerprint and code storage
  • battery notifications and low energy touchscreens
  • smart home integration compatibility

2. Which Wifi protocol do you need?

There are certain WiFi protocols that will allow your best smart lock to communicate to your smart devices and smartphone. Each protocol uses a different band of communication. The four most popular protocols include WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and Zigbee.

Read through our buyer's guide to smart home hubs for more information on how these protocols work. Smart home locks that are supported solely by Z-Wave or Zigbee may require a home automation hub to connect to a smartphone.

3. Is it easy to install?

Some smart locks take five minutes to install while others take hours. If you're not a repairman or woman, this is important. You don't want to buy a lock that's too much of a hassle to install.

You may be wondering if you have to get rid of your old lock to install a new smart lock. Some smart locks will allow you to leave your old lock for added security and add a smart plug on top. Others will force you to remove and reinstall the entire lock. Then, you'll either connect to your home's Wifi or other protocol like Bluetooth to connect to other smart devices and control your smart lock remotely.

4. Is it compatible will various other smart devices?

Compatibility is a vital aspect to consider before buying any smart device. Does your smart lock of choice work well with various devices or only devices of the same brand? Does your smart lock connect via popular smart hubs like Samsung SmartThings or Amazon's Echo Dot? If not, you may want to find one that is.

5. What does it cost?

The price of your smart lock is always important to consider. Compare your electronic smart lock to different brands and make sure you're getting your money's worth. Most smart locks range from $90-$250, depending on their capabilities. If you're looking for an advanced keyless smart lock with various features, it may cost you.

6. How is the battery life and is it secure?

The battery life of your smart lock and whether or not it is legitimately secure are also important issues to consider. How long will your lock last without you having to take it off and switch out the batteries? What if your smart lock dies while you're not home? This is why it's important that your smart lock's application has battery life notifications.

The security of your lock is one of the most important things to consider. According to Security Affairs, Bluetooth smart locks have the potential to be easily hacked. Can your lock be hacked? Can it be easily picked?

The best smart locks have protection for these situations. If you're worried about security, you should also find out if your neighborhood is safe. You may need a doorbell camera to maximize security.

Smart Lock Entry Methods

Many digital door locks are capable of more than one entry method. This means you can lock and unlock your smart lock in a couple of different ways.

RFID door lock

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This entry method requires a key card for you to enter. Some RFID entry methods, will, however, let your keep the card in your purse or pocket. As long as it's on you, the lock will recognize it and open.

Biometric door lock

The biometric method is a fancy word for fingerprint door lock. You can program your own fingerprint and anyone you want to have access to your home. Put your finger on the keypad and let it recognize you; it's as simple as that.

Keypad door lock

Keypad keyless door locks were more popular when smart locks first came out. Older models required you to type in a code on a keypad to unlock. These days, you can get a touchscreen keypad with security capabilities included.

Bluetooth door lock

You can pair your smartphone to your lock via Bluetooth. Once you get close enough, the lock with detect your smartphone's identity and unlock the door for you. You may also be able to control your smart lock via Bluetooth inside your home.

Remote entry from smart application

Remote entry is the newest entry method. Just connect to your smartphone via Wifi, other protocol, or home automation hub. You'll never have to worry about leaving a key for a friend or forgetting to lock the door.

" is the most important aspect of the best smart lock."

Smart Lock Apps

Smart lock Android and iOS apps. will warn you when your smart lock battery is running low. This way, you will never be locked out or have to leave your house unlocked when the battery dies.

If your electronic smart lock of choice has an application with no battery-monitoring, you should look into a different smart electronic door lock. You can also consider integration with a home automation system or smart hubs that have apps. with battery monitoring.

Several smart locks don't have their own applications. In this case, you should also look into buying a smart lock that does or integrating your smart lock with a smart hub.


I analyzed every best smart door lock on the market to determine the best smart locks available. For example, I examined products including Samsung Smart lock, Ardwolf Smart Lock, ZKTeco Smart Lock, danalock, Adel Smart Lock, Sesame Smart Lock, and more to compare and contrast features, security, prices, battery life, compatibility, and installation.

Overall, security is the most important aspect of the best smart lock. According to, property crimes cost victims $14.3 billion in losses in 2015. The type of lock you have can drastically affect the odds of a burglar breaking into your house. As a result, I thought it was important to name the most secure smart lock with the most capabilities and vast array of entry methods.

After careful evaluation, I have decided that the latest August smart lock is the most secure, capable smart door lock. The August does not necessarily have a vast array of entry methods, but they say they made it that way for added security. It does, however, have its own app. for both iOS and Android and can connect to the August Connect and Siri voice command.

After some security vulnerabilities were discovered with August's smart lock by DEF CON in August 2016, the problems have since been fixed. August is now considered one of the most modern, compatible, and secure smart locks on the market. It also has various features to work with. It is the best smart lock out there.


According to a report from NextMarket Insights, the smart lock market is expected to grow from a $261 million industry in 2014 to a $3.6 million billion by 2019. Don't miss out. Get a smart lock today for keyless convenience and to ensure your front door is as secure as can be.

You should also read our buyer's guide to home security systems and home alarm systems to determine if your house is as safe as possible. Some security systems even have integrated smart locks of their own.

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