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  • Monthly Price: $53.99-69.99
  • Installation Fee: $198
  • Pros
  • Interactive monitoring comes with all packages
  • Ability to customize security systems
  • Range of useful tools and resources on the website
  • Free installation and equipment
  • Cons
  • Limited to cellular packages only
  • Monthly costs higher than average

Vivint Home Security Reviews

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Vivint strives to create smarter homes through the use of its innovative technological equipment. Included in this is their home security and home automation systems, which can help to ward off thieves and provide you with added benefits such as low energy costs and peace of mind as it pertains to security.

Serving over one million customers in the United States, Vivint is growing into one of the bigger home security providers available.

Finding a reputable company to secure your home is of paramount importance. To this end, Vivint aims to meet your needs by offering some innovative security products. Here is a closer look at Vivint's security equipment and packages, and how it compares to other providers.

Vivint Plans

While having a home security system that offers peace of mind and access to innovative tools is important, pricing is equally important to customers. With this in mind, Vivint offers different packages where you can choose from a sampling of services. Below is a closer look at each of the three plans it has available.

Smart Protect

This is Vivint's least expensive plan, yet it comes with a great range of services. With this plan, you receive 24/7 monitoring, one touchscreen panel, three door/window sensors, one motion detector, one smoke detector, and a yard sign.

Smart Protect and Control

The Smart Protect and Control package includes all the features you'll receive through the Smart Protect plan with two smart home services. These services can include access to control the lighting and temperature of your home to other home automation options offered by Vivint.

Smart Complete

This is Vivint's most comprehensive package. With it, you'll receive the latest in home security and home automation features as well as 1TB of cloud storage to protect your data.

All of Vivint's plans come with free equipment and free installation, giving it an edge on other providers like ADT, who do charge for installation. As for costs for each of Vivint's plans, here's a table outlining what you could pay monthly:

Security Equipment & Tools

Given the average burglary only takes between eight to 12 minutes to occur, every second counts as it pertains to protecting your family. Because of this, Vivint offers innovative tools to detect suspicious activity immediately.

Home Alarm System

To start, the Vivint home alarm system delivers the quick detection needed in the event a burglar occurs to your home. How Vivint alarm systems work is it comes with sensors you can place at critical entry points in your home such a the windows and doors. If the sensors detect motion when your alarm system is on, it will send an alert to Vivint's team, who then can notify you while calling first responders.


Another unique tool Vivint offers is its glass break detection sensors which will also notify its team if activated. Vivint also offers two-way communication through its panel so you can speak with one of its professionals whenever you need to.


Along with alarm sensors and the Vivint door sensor, you have access to some great security equipment including Vivint cameras. Its installation team can install outdoor cameras that capture images in HD clarity. These cameras also have night vision capability to ensure if it detects movement, the cameras will capture the thief clearly, making it easier for law enforcement to find the perpetrator.

What makes this an even better feature is Vivint wireless where you can access playback features through your smartphone or computer. This allows you to watch 20-second clips which are a great way to see who visits your home during the day when your kids come home from school and more.

Vivint also has a ping camera. This tabletop camera is the perfect way to check in on a pet when away from home or for you to have another layer of protection. This camera connects to Vivint's system to provide notifications to your smartphone when it detects motion. It also has a two-way talk feature, where you can communicate with someone at home through its mobile application.

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Smart Door Locks

To protect key entry points into your home Vivint offers its Smart Door Locks. With this, you can unlock or lock your doors remotely using its mobile application. You also receive notifications when a door is left unlocked when you leave your home.

Tying the alarm system together is the Vivint Smart Home Control Panel. This panel serves as the main hub for your home security system, as you can use the seven-inch touchscreen panel to control settings, speaking with a Vivint representative, and more.

Overall, Vivint offers a wealth of great home security features though it does lack some offerings compared to other providers. To illustrate, ADT has monitoring not only for burglaries but also for flood damage.

Smart Home Automation

Home security is only one aspect of Vivint's product offerings. One of the more popular trends for homeowners is home automation systems. With these services, you can reduce the amount of energy your home consumes, add layers of security to lessen the appeal of your home to burglars, and more.

Vivint home automation services offer all these benefits. One of the ways it places the command in your hands is through the Vivint Smart Home mobile application. This is a free app you can download on your smartphone. With it, you can access the Vivint thermostat to control the temperature in your home.

This is a beneficial feature in that when you are gone you can leave your home at a steady temperature-- a few degrees cooler or warmer depending on the time of the year. In turn, you can save money in energy costs because your home isn't consuming as much energy.

The same applies to its lights. With the app, you can decide when to turn off and on the lights in your home. From a security standpoint, you can create the illusion someone is home with a well-illuminated house even when you are not there. This could serve as a deterrent to would-be thieves.

The Vivint garage door also gives you the option to open and close your garage door remotely with just a press of a button. This comes in handy if you forget to close your garage door after leaving your home, if a trusted friend or relative needs access to it, and more.

Meanwhile, the Vivint doorbell is a camera installed to capture video of who approaches your front door. When this occurs, it sends a notification to you and allows you to watch who visits your home with 24/7 video playback you can access through its mobile app or the Vivint SkyControl Panel.

Yard Sign

Since burglars look for easy access and low risk when selecting a home, if you have a yard sign that denotes you have a security system, it makes your house less appealing to them.

Vivint understands this it is why it offers yard signs with every plan. This yard sign informs others you have a security system which could reduce the likelihood of a burglary occurring in your home.

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Vivint Customer Service

Customer reviews and company reputation are two great ways to determine whether or not you might need a Vivint home security system. Vivint received an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau, based on 506 customer reviews.

Considering the BBB grades companies on an A+ to F scale, Vivint's achieves a good reputation based on factors such as time in business and how it manages customers' issues among other indicators. Trustpilot, a website that ranks companies purely from customer reviews, rates Vivint a 7.5/10. Keep in mind that the experiences of one customer are not representative of the company as a whole, but it is important to spot potential issues you may have with the company early nonetheless.

One of the reasons why it earned such a high ranking it due to its attentive customer service. Vivint support is available to assist you via live chat or through the phone. You can find Vivint's phone number on its website.

There is also a general support section on its website where you can access answers to common questions pertaining to account management, troubleshooting equipment issues, and finding answers to billing inquiries.


Vivint offers a wealth of home security and home automation tools to make managing your home safer. You receive peace of mind through its 24/7 monitoring service and innovative security tools that can detect and capture images of unwanted visitors to your home.

You can also save money on energy costs by taking advantage of Vivint's home automation features. With this, you have command over many aspects of your home from its temperature to its lighting systems.

What makes Vivint so appealing is its simplicity. You can manage many of its equipment features through your smartphone. In addition, with a good variety of plans, and free installation and equipment, you can find the plan that is affordable. For these reasons, Vivint is one of the better home security providers to choose.

ADT is one of Vivint's biggest competitors. To see how the two security companies stack up against each other, check out our comparative guide for Vivint vs ADT. You can also read our review LifeShield, another one of Vivint's rivals.

Vivint Home Security Reviews FAQs

QWhat is VIVINT security?


Vivint security is a home security monitoring service provided by Vivint, Inc. The company will monitor your home to help prevent burglaries, and to call emergency services more quickly when they are needed. Vivint protects your home against fire, floods, natural disasters, and criminals who are looking to break in.

QHow much does vivint cost per month?


Vivint offers three home security packages at different prices. The cheapest package Vivint Smart Protect costs only $39.99 per month and includes both monitoring and standard equipment. The more expensive Smart Complete package includes more services and can cost as much as $70 per month.

QHow much is a Vivint alarm system?


A Vivint alarm system is included in a subscription to Vivint security monitoring service. The equipment has a total value of $1,500, but subscribers only need to pay a $99-$199 activation fee when they first purchase service, and their monthly bill, to get this equipment loaned to them for free.

QWhat was Vivint called before?


Before the company was called Vivint, Inc., it was known as APX Alarm Security Solutions. The company changed its name to Vivint as part of a rebranding in 2011. This occurred just before the company was purchased the Blackstone group for just over $2 billion in 2012.

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Vivint Reviews

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RecommendedGood qualityExpensive packages

Although the packages are expensive the equipment is good quality and the customer service is the best.

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Not RecommendedNoneLong contracts

I wish we had read reviews before signing up to Vivint. They take your money and have no support if you have any problems or concerns. We are stuck in a contract for 4 years with this terrible company.

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RecommendedPrompt customer serviceFew minor faults

Even though I have had a few minor faults, I would still highly recommend Vivint as a home security company. Minor snagging issues, but an engineer was always sent out quickly and fixed promptly. Great customer service.

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Not RecommendedEasy alarm systemDifficult to cancel

The alarm system itself is ok, but I decided to move on when my contract came to an end a few months ago. I called them up and the guy I spoke to said I could not cancel until a certain date so to call back then. I called back the day that I was advised only to find out it was 2 days past and my contact had gone into auto renewal!

Show More
Not RecommendedAlarm systemThe company

Thus company need to sort themselves out. Their home security system is brilliant, but the door to door hard selling and their approach as a company sucks! Sort it out Vivint!

Show More
RecommendedBest customer serviceNone

I've been with Vivint for a couple of years now and I cannot fault them. The price is reasonable and from start to finish the customer service level is the best I've ever experienced.

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Not RecommendedNoneCustomer service

All Vivint care about is money, they have no customer service and it is all about getting your money in and ignoring you. They are no help once you have signed and are stuck in a long contract with them.

Show More
RecommendedGives you peace of mindNone

Having a monitored security system gives me such peace of mind and with such an easy to install system and friendly support team on the other end of the phone when needed, you can't get a better company!

Show More
RecommendedKeeps my home safeNone

I wouldn't trust anyone else to keep me and my family safe in our home. Hands down the best home security company ever!

Show More
RecommendedSecurity systemHigh prices

Vivint's home security system is definitely the best, it is so easy to use and setup, but I do think the cost is really expensive. But I guess if you want your family to be safe and you want the best service, you have to pay the price for it!

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RecommendedCustomer serviceNo cons

I love Vivint! Not only does the security system make my family feel safest from the first salesman I spoke to all members of staff have gone out of their way to help with any questions or problems. Best home security company out there.

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RecommendedExcellent customer careNone

I read some negative reviews on Vivint and I don't know why. I have been with them for over 6 years and have never had any issues and their customer care is priority to them. Any issues are sorted efficiently and their prompt response time is amazing.

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Not RecommendedNoneUnprofessional

This is the most unprofessional company I have ever used. The customer services are completely useless and the product itself is even worse!

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RecommendedPrompt responseNone

I absolutely love Vivint and I will never change who monitors my home security as they make me feel safe. They are so fast to respond when our alarm goes off and if there are any problems the technical support can easily talk us through how to fix the issue or send an engineer out within 24 hours.

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RecommendedExcellent serviceDifficult to get through to support

I've just renewed my contract with Vivint as I am so happy with them. The only problem I have had a few times is that I can be on hold for a long time trying to get through to technical support.

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Not RecommendednoneBeware Vivint!

Please, please heed the warnings on Vivint. Vivint Inc. is an unethical company. Their salespeople are trained to be deceitful and specialize in preying on the elderly. My parents live on Maui, are in their eighties and had a perfectly good, operational burglar alarm. The clean cut, fast talking Vivint salesman seemed nice and reputable, but he turned out to be a classic scam artist. After softening them up by scaring them with talk of “nearby” burglaries, the sleazy peddler went into high gear explaining all the bells and whistles of the “absolutely free” Vivint burglar alarm. Vivint was very speedy in disconnecting the previous burglar alarm. Unfortunately, the system they put in DID NOT WORK! After repeated phone calls to the salesman, “customer service” and Vivint corporate, I was told they needed an electrician to do some work so the alarm would be functional. In the meantime, my parents were scared to death to leave their home, which was now uncovered by a burglar alarm due to Vivint. Vivint promised an electrician, but when no one appeared, the Vivint rep wanted my parents to find an electrician themselves! An electrician contacted by Vivint told my Mom that they wouldn’t work for Vivint based on the very poor online reviews.Imagine a company that sells a non-operational burglar alarm, then tries to get the customer to solve the problem! Calling Vivint is useless because no one will do anything but transfer you to another representative. They will not allow you to speak to a supervisor. You only get the run-around with Vivint. And the “free” system? Not so free. My parents are on the hook for $59 per month for 60 months! Even charged them $100 for installation. If something goes wrong with the system, they have to pay $49 for a service call. No getting out of the contract. My parents are on the hook for 5 years. If they need to leave the home due to declining health or sell their house, they are still on the hook for 60 months. My heart bleeds for my parents. After working hard for 80 years, they get taken advantage of by a scam artist trained by an unethical company. Protect yourself and your family by totally avoiding Vivint!

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