Comcast Xfinity Bundle Deals

We review and explain the Double Play and Triple play bundles offered by Comcast XFINITY

starting at $ 79 99
  • 25 mbps download speed
  • 140 tv channels
Comcast Bundle Deals

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Preferred XF Double Play $ 89 99
  • 100 mbps download speed
  • 220 tv channels
Starter XF Triple Play $ 89 99
  • 100 mbps download speed
  • 140 tv channels
  • unlimited phone calls
Digital Economy $ 29 95
  • 45 tv channels


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XFINITY by Comcast gives you the option to bundle your cable TV, the internet, and home phone service, or any two of those services, into one package.

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Below is a look at the different options Comcast gives you.

Comcast XFINITY Bundle Deals

Comcast makes it simple for its customers to find the best bundle deal options. To do this, you can visit its website and click on its bundles and deals tab. This will open up all the current promotions it has available, which can be an enormous time saver relative to calling its customer service line.

Comcast XFINITY Double Play

The Double Play package from XFINITY combines two services like cable and the internet into one bundle. Often, these bundles come with promotional pricing, where you can receive a more affordable deal than if you would do the two services separately.

Here's a closer look at some of the Double Play packages XFINITY has:

Comcast XFINITY Internet and TV bundle

Internet and TV bundles are made simple and versatile with XFINITY's multiple packages available to suit your needs. To demonstrate, if you want more cable channels, then the Digital Starter and Performance bundle will be perfect. With it, you receive over 140 channels and the internet with download speeds of up to 25 Mbps.

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Meanwhile, XFINITY offers faster internet packages for those needing a quicker connection whether it's to play games online, video conference or for households with multiple internet devices. In this instance, the Internet Pro Plus package is better because it comes with download speeds as fast 100 Mbps. What's more, you also receive more than 45 channels and your choice of one premium movie option such as HBO or Showtime.

XFINITY TV also offers Latino Double Play packages. The XFINITY 2300 Latino package gives you access to over 60 Spanish channels including Telemundo and over 130 channels in English. Furthermore, you receive internet service with download speeds up to 25 Mbps.

Most of XFINITY's double play packages, excluding the 2300 Latino and the 2450 Latino plans come with no long-term contracts. Meanwhile, customers who want the 2300 or the 2450 Latino package can receive a low promotional price for the first year with a two-year service agreement.

When you sign up for one of XFINITY's Double Play internet and cable bundles, you receive some of the following benefits:

  • Access to over one million hotspots nationwide
  • Fast in-home WiFi service
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Comcast XFINITY Internet and Home Phone bundle

This pairing from XFINITY features its Performance Internet and its Voice Unlimited services. How this works is you receive download speeds as fast as 25 Mbps through its internet service. In addition, you receive home phone service with unlimited calls and texts nationwide. To learn more about internet and phone bundles, be sure to check out our handy guide on the subject.

Another benefit of this package is it comes with XFINITY's Constant Guard services. The products included in this offering can protect your computer or internet device from viruses and malware. Furthermore, it's from Norton, which ranks among our top antivirus programs. Along with its security package, this plan features a low promotional rate for the first year with no long-term service agreements required.

Comcast XFINITY Triple Play

The Triple Play package combines XFINITY's cable TV, the internet, and home phone services into one package. Below is a closer look at the different selections you have available with this option:

Internet, TV, and Home Phone Bundle

XFINITY has multiple Triple Play plans available depending on your needs and budgetary requirements. To illustrate, if you want an affordable package then the Starter XF Triple Play is a good choice to consider.

With it, you receive more than 140 cable channels, access to high-speed internet - with download speeds up to 75 Mbps - and you have its home phone service with unlimited nationwide calling. You receive all these features for the first 12 months with no long-term contracts needed.

Meanwhile, its HD Preferred Extra XF Triple Play package delivers more diversity in its cable offerings with over 230 channels available. Movie lovers will enjoy access to options such as TCM, Starz, and Showtime. This plan also delivers fast internet with download speeds up to 150 Mbps. Completing the plan is the home phone service, where you have access to unlimited nationwide text and talk.

The HD Preferred XF Triple Play bundle is perfect if you want access to a wider selection of cable channels and you don't require super-fast internet speeds. This plan gives you over 220 cable channels and its internet service with download speeds as fast as 25 Mbps.

The most comprehensive offering available is the HD Premier Triple Play bundle. The bundle includes XFINITY's internet plans and home phone services with download speeds approaching 150 Mbps. You also receive more than 260 channels including premium options such as HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax. In addition, both plans feature the X1 DVR service.

Where the plans differ is on their channel offerings. The less expensive plan of the two includes a cashback promotion. However, it is also the only Triple Play plan that requires a two-year service contract. The second option is perfect for sports fans, as this offering includes channels such as The NFL Network, NBA TV, and the MLB Network.

It's important to note that when you sign up for any Triple Play bundle, this is the baseline of benefits you receive:

  • Reliable in-home WiFi service
  • Access to over a million WiFi hotspots nationwide
  • The X1 Entertainment Operating System
  • The Top 100 shows preloaded and ready whenever you want to watch them
  • Home phone service where you can talk to people living in Canada, Mexico, China, India, and more for free.

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Comcast XFINITY Bundle Prices

Prices and plan information are subject to where you live. To find out if you are in an area to use XFINITY's service, you can use our zip code checker.

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If you are eligible for service, here is a look at XFINITY'S prices on its bundled plans:

Package Download SpeedMonthly Price
Performance Starter 10 Mbps$29.99
Performance 25 25 Mbps$39.99
Performance Pro 75 Mbps$49.99
Performance Internet & Xfinitiy Voice 25 Mbps$49.99
Extreme 250 250 Mbps$50.00
Blast! Pro 150 Mbps$59.99
Digital Starter and Performance Internet 25 Mbps$79.99
Preferred XF Double Play 100 Mbps$89.99
Starter XF Triple Play 100 Mbps$89.99
Digital Premier and Perforance Pro 100 Mbps$109.99
HD Preferred XF Triple Play 100 Mbps$119.99
HD Preferred Extra XF Triple Play 200 Mbps$139.99
HD Premier XF Triple Play 200 Mbps$159.99
HD Complete XF Triple Play 200 Mbps$199.99
Gigabit Pro 2000 Mbps$299.95

XFINITY offers multiple packages to align with its customers' varied needs and budget requirements. The best way to find its current deals on its bundled services is to visit its website, as it updates regularly with all the promotions that might be available in your area.

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