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ViaSat Internet Deals

Viasat Internet service packages & prices

ViaSat Internet Packages


  • Several speed choices
  • Wide range of plans
  • Fast speeds for satellite
  • Wide availability


  • Low high-speed data caps
  • Additional fee if not signing contract
  • Limited HD streaming resolution
  • No TV bundles

The award-winning ViaSat-1 satellite technology boasts a pretty impressive 30Mbps download speeds but can this satellite internet service compare with other internet service providers?

After all, while these satellite services also come with unmetered bandwidth through the late night free zone feature, it still needs to compete with the likes of HughesNet.

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With all the information swirling about on the internet service providers, how do you know what to choose? Which satellite providers are best suited for your needs?

Well, we're here for you. We wrapped up the important details on the Viasat internet plans and stuffed them all into a comprehensive review.

Viasat Internet Plans & Prices

Viasat Internet Plans

Viasat Unlimited Bronze 1212 Mbps$70
Viasat Unlimited Silver 2525 Mbps$100
Viasat Unlimited Gold 3030 Mbps$150

While Viasat high-speed internet offers many different broadband internet plans depending on consumers' needs and the area they are located in (in most cases, a remote area), here is a look at what the most popular plans offer:

  • Liberty 12: $50 per month. 12 Mbps download rate, 3 Mbps upload rate, and 12 GB/month of data allowance, plus unlimited email and web access. Upgrade to 25 GB/month data for a total of $75/ monthly.
  • Liberty 25: $75 per month. 12 Mbps download rate, 3 Mbps upload rate, and 25GB of data allowance, plus unlimited web and email access. Upgrade to 50 GB/month data for a total of $100/ monthly.
  • Liberty 50: $100 per month. 12 Mbps download rate, upload rate at 3 Mbps, with data at 50 GB/month.

Viasat's plans tend to be more expensive than others in the satellite internet industry, and their installation fees can be pricey as well ($50-100).

Additional fees may be applied for the lease of equipment at $9.99 per month, and a charge of $15 for every remaining month should you opt to terminate your contract ahead of schedule.

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Viasat Internet & TV Bundles

Viasat offers great discounts when you bundle their services such as DIRECTV and Voice. Bundling phone service with your internet service can save $120 for your first year. Another great feature they provide is their Price Lock Guarantee, which gives customers the ability to secure their rates for a 3-year period.

In the market for satellite internet providers, finding a company that offers service as fast, reliable, and affordable as Viasat are few and far in between. Their exclusive ViaSat-1 satellite technology is a standout feature and enough of a reason to choose them.

While Viasat's prices tend to be on the higher side, their service is very good. They offer a nice range of internet access plans that can work for many different individual situations, and upgrades are possible at a small cost.

COMPARE NOW: Viasat Internet Plans & Prices

Viasat Triple Play Bundles

Viasat also offers triple-play bundles that combine their internet with DIRECTV, and Voice.

ViaSat Internet Speeds

The internet speeds that are offered through the Viasat satellite internet plans are among the fastest available from any satellite internet provider (which is perfect if you live in a rural area and only have dial-up internet, which is rather archaic in this modern world, as a choice). The speeds are, in fact, at similar levels to those offered by wired broadband service providers with their mid-range plans.

It has also been noted by the FCC, which carried out third-party tests, that the difference between internet speeds during peak and off-peak times is negligible. The data allowance you get with this broadband service ranges from 12GB to 50GB based on the high-speed internet package you choose.

ViaSat Internet Coverage

ViaSat is a satellite internet provider and is generally available throughout the US. However, there are some restrictions, so you'll need to call them to ensure they are available in your area.

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Viasat Equipment & Fees

  • ViaSat offers exceptionally fast internet connection service available in a vast number of areas (especially remote areas), covering 98% of the US, including all 50 states as long as you have an unobstructed view of the southern sky.
  • 3-Year Price-Lock Guarantee secures your rate for three years.
  • Overage fees are not automatically charged.
  • Purchasing additional data is an option in 1GB increments.

On the downside, this provider does not offer a 30-day return policy nor cooling off period in the same way as some competitors do, which some people may find off-putting.

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Viasat Customer Service

Tech support is available 24/7. They now offer email and online chat options, as well as 24/7 customer support. You can also get in touch with them via phone.

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Given the speeds, features, and reliability of Viasat satellite Internet, you won't go wrong with this Internet provider, especially when you only have dial-up internet in your area.

Viasat is all about speed, and considering no one wants to wait a second longer than necessary when on the internet, paying a little more for that instant gratification and convenience is worth it.

We are impressed with Viasat Internet's large selection of offerings, and their ability to provide unlimited access to certain plans. You simply will not go wrong in signing up for this company's satellite internet services.

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Rob Webber

Rob Webber

Viasat Specs & Info

Viasat Specs
Services:Internet/Voice/TV (via DIRECTV bundle)
States Covered:49 states
Population Covered:308M
Connection Type:Satellite
Internet Speeds:25Mbps - 150Mbps
Data Caps:None
TV Channels:330+ (via DIRECTV)
On Demand Library:25,000+ (via DIRECTV)
4K Channels:Yes (via DIRECTV)

Viasat Company Info

Company Name:Viasat, Inc.
Headquarters:6155 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009-1699
Employees:5001 - 10,000
Customer Service:24/7
Website:Go to Website
Wikipedia:Go to Wikipedia
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Twitter:Go to Twitter

Get Viasat Now: CALL (888) 515-1416