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When looking for the best internet provider in your area, Frontier's internet deals are a good choice to consider if you are seeking affordability and don't require super-fast download speeds.

However, you're probably curious as to how the Frontier internet plans compare to other providers. What are the available plans? What is the Frontier internet service like?

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After all, it has changed tremendously since 2016, adding FiOS and a variety of perks including a free router. In other words, it's now incredibly competitive, but is it right for you? Fortunately, we have done the research and compiled the information for you.

Inside this review, you'll find information on the available Frontier internet plans, the features, customer support, and more. Hopefully, you'll be able to decide whether or not Frontier Communications is right for you.

Frontier Internet Plans & Prices

Provider/PackageDownload SpeedMonthly Price
Frontier Internet Core6 Mbps$20.00
Frontier Internet Ultra12 Mbps$25.00
Frontier Internet Plus18 Mbps$30.00
Frontier Internet Elite25 Mbps$35.00
Frontier Internet Power45 Mbps$40

When looking at Frontier's internet packages it became apparent it now offers much in the way of plans - the service now focuses on satellite, DSL, cable, and now fiber optic internet connections.

This is great if you want variety with your Frontier high-speed internet packages. If you want a plan that helps you do basic online tasks such as checking email, surfing the web and streaming video with one or two devices, fantastic.

Frontier Internet & TV Bundles

Provider/PackageDownload SpeedTV ChannelsPhone PlanMonthly Price
Frontier TV Prime + 200/200 Internet200 Mbps315N/A$95.00
Frontier TV Extreme + 200/200 Internet200 Mbps375N/A$105.00
Frontier TV Prime + 300/300 Internet300 Mbps315N/A$155.00
Frontier TV Extreme + 300/300 Internet300 Mbps375N/A$280.00
Frontier 200/200 Internet + Phone200 MbpsN/AUnlimited$50.00

Frontier isn't like other providers in that it doesn't offer bundling services where you can pair the internet with cable television packages.

Here's a closer look at its most popular package offerings. Do note that after six months, the price will increase by a little bit, and it will remain at the new price for months seven through 24.

Frontier Triple Play Bundles

Provider/PackageDownload SpeedTV ChannelsPhone PlanMonthly Price
Frontier TV Prime + 200/200 Internet + Phone200 Mbps315Unlimited$100.00
Frontier TV Extreme + 200/200 Internet + Phone200 Mbps375Unlimited$110.00
Frontier TV Ultimate + 200/200 Internet + Phone200 Mbps400Unlimited$125.00
Frontier TV Prime + 300/300 Internet + Phone300 Mbps315Unlimited$160.00
Frontier TV Ultimate + 1G/1G Internet + Phone1000 Mbps400Unlimited$285.00

The triple play packages offer Frontier home phone, making it a good choice if you require all 3 services.

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Frontier Internet Speeds

Frontier offers FiOS internet speeds ranging from 6 Mbps to 1 Gbps, which is fantastic if you only need to connect a few devices.

If your home has more demanding internet needs, you'll require more speed, making Frontier an excellent option for you - well, depending on where you live.

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Frontier Internet Coverage

You can check service availability by using our handy internet provider zip code checker tool. Or, you can check out the Frontier coverage map.

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Frontier Equipment & Fees

Your Frontier package comes with a few different things:

  • Free Wireless Router - Often, when you go with competing for internet providers, you can pay as much as $10 monthly for the modem rental. By going with Frontier, you can save up to $120 annually in modem fees relative to what other competitors charge.
  • WiFi Security - A good companion to its internet services is Frontier Secure. This all-encompassing package includes software to fend off spyware and malware from harming your internet devices. In addition, you receive identity protection, secure storage of your files and pictures on cloud storage and more.
  • 24/7 Tech Support

Unfortunately, there are early termination fees to consider for Residential Frontier products. In fact, Frontier has a list of early termination fees for particular products. For instance, basic digital phone service may cost you up to $50 in early termination fees.

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Frontier Customer Service

With 24/7 technical support, you can contact Frontier's customer service via phone with any questions you have. They have a callback feature if you don't want to wait on hold.

Furthermore, Frontier also has a live chat option on its website if you prefer to communicate this way. You can also email Frontier with service issues, billing questions and more.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index rated Frontier at 56, giving it the lowest score among internet service providers. Even worse, Frontier had an 8.2 percent drop in customer satisfaction from last year to this year. This indicates its customers are becoming even more dissatisfied with its services and support.

On the Better Business Bureau, Frontier is not an Accredited Business, but it does have an F score. Trustpilot, a website that ranks companies purely from customer reviews, rates Frontier a 4.7/10.

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Frontier offers some perks customers will enjoy such as 24/7 technical support, free rental of its WiFi routers and affordable internet plans. At the same time, it's important to highlight Frontier's customer service is the worst in the industry.

With this in mind, you may want to keep Frontier off your list if there are other internet providers available at your address.

To check out those providers, head on over to our best internet providers to see rankings, comparisons, and analysis.

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Frontier Internet Deals FAQs

QHow Fast Is Frontier FiOS Internet?


Frontier FiOS offers high speed internet with speeds between 30 and 50 Mbps. The 100 percent fiber optic network delivers lightning-fast Internet at a guaranteed low cost.

QHow much does Frontier Internet cost per month?


Frontier Internet packages start at just $19.99/mo for speeds as fast as 10 mbps when bundled with home phone, or get an Internet-only plan beginning at just $34.99/mo.

QWhat states did Frontier buy from Verizon?


Frontier purchased Verizon's wireline assets in Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin as well as some assets in California.

Frontier Specs & Info

Frontier Specs

States Covered:29 states
Population Covered:33.5M
Connection Type:DSL & Fiber
Internet Speeds:6Mbps - 1,000Mbps (varies by area)
Data Caps:None
TV Channels:230+
On Demand Library:150,000+
4K Channels:No

Frontier Company Info

Company Name:Frontier Communications
Headquarters:3 High Ridge Park, Stamford, CT 06905
Customer Service:Mon. - Fri., 8am - 9pm Sat., 8am - 8pm EST
Call Frontier Now: (888) 475-7478