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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarRecommendedGood serviceSpeed could be faster

My wife and I don't stay in the city limits of the county which I live in. We like Hugesnet because we get zero service on our cell phones but we all have the Internet to use which is great. 49 bucks a month as opposed to 100 bucks a month is a pretty good deal and then I didn't have to pay for the equipment.

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarRecommendedFast satellite internetnone

Outstanding customer service. The technician was friendly. He called me when he was on the way and told me the GPS said he would be at my home in 40 minutes. That is such a better time window compared to the traditional four hour block other companies give you.

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarRecommendedReliable and steady servicenone

Hughes Net is hands down the best service I have experienced with getting new internet. Sign-up was effortless and the customer svc is exactly what it should be-ppl with good attitudes that are excited to help and get the job done.

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarRecommendedSet up was fastnone

Customer serves operator was friendly, and explained all the serves options available for my area. He ensured that I had all available promotional discounts currently offered, which allow for 0 upfront fees, and free installation of equipment.

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarRecommendedHappy so farMy Black Friday discount wasn't true.

My chat with the marketing representative was great. All my immediate questions were answered and I felt I had been told the truth. Right now I'm off to a good start with Hughesnet. I expect to keep it that way. all I ask is to be treated fairly.

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarRecommendedInternet serviceNone

I have been recommended Hughesnet to everyone since signing up with them 6 months ago. All of the reps I have spoken to have been very knowledgeable and friendly. With quick installation and set up and a great internet service what more could you want?!

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarRecommendedGreat value packagesLeft on hold for a long time

Apart from great customer service, the prices are also some of the cheapest out there! The rep I spoke to went through all of the options I had in my area and found me the best deal, which has saved me about $30 a month!

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarNot Recommendedthere are NO pros to using this company or serviceHorrible service and NOTHING that was advertised h

This company should be ashamed of themselves. They mislead their customers into contracts and do not deliver ANYTHING promised. Their customer service is horrible at best. Never have a I been so disappointed in ANY company like HughesNet. I feel like these guys should be sued for false advertisement...

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarRecommendedEasy sign up and customer serviceNone

Fantastic service from Hughesnet! Easy sign up, installation quick and easy and the customer service is on of the best I've experienced.

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarNot RecommendedNoneThiefs

I have been a member since 2012 and I have NEVER had a good experience with Hughes in any way - their customer service reps are rude, do not speak English well, can no offer solutions without passing and holding. I have spent at least 3 hours EVERY month since I have been a member with issues ranging from data loss (I live in the middle of absolutely no where in a canyon without any neighbors for 1/2 mile and NO one can steal my data). I have purchased tokens, been charged for them and they have NOT appeared in my token bank - I called and they argued with me saying they were added - and I checked before and after purchase - they were not added. I have had crazy data loss - I have NOTHING connected to my wireless network except for my computer which is turned off at night and I wake up in the am and there will be gigs missing. I have called and they can't explain it - they say === yes, there is no way that much data can even be used that quickly - then NOTHING - no help - zero. I decided to do a trial with a Verizon hot spot with my phone considering to drop Hughes net. I set it up so everything I did on Hughes net was also done on Verizon at the same time - I went through 16 - yes SIXTEEN gigs of data while the same period of time I lost 2 - TWO gigs of data no Verizon. I thought I was hostage by Hughes Net because I am in the country and my internet options are almost non-existent until someone told me to try a hot spot. I have used 3 gigabytes of data 12 days into my hot spot without Hughes - I would have already gone through at least 20 gigs of data during this time on HN. Also my free data on Verizon is much faster than the pay for data on Hughes net - before I dropped HN I ran out of data on Verizon just to see what I would get if I went over and I was shocked to compare speeds side by side and overage free Verizon was much faster. - I also did not want to give HN anything when I left, so I ran all of my token data out and went into HN safety browsing - and it was NO slower than my normal browsing. If you are considering signing on -think twice 0 try ANYTHING else. If you are on - try a hot spot - it will be cheaper. I threw tons of money away to the thief called Hughes net.

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarRecommendedFriendly and helpful customer repNone

Hughesnet customer service reps are really friendly and will explain everything to you and what is available. Quick installation and top service!!

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarNot RecommendedSpeed is as advertisedWatch out for hidden charges

I've only been signed up to Hughesnet for a few months and already my payment has increased by $30. When I called the customer support they just said this was for the equipment supplied, which was not mentioned to me when signing up.

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarRecommendedSpeed and service greatBe casreful of what sales reps are trying to sell

Even though there were a lot of negative reviews I decided to sign up to Hughes net and give them the benefit of the doubt, and I'm glad I did. They offer the best service, it may not be for everyone, but it works well for me. I would just say to read all the details throughly on the package you are signing up for, don't just go by what the represenatative is trying to sell you.

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarNot RecommendedNo prosMisleading information

HughesNet has a limit on MB per month. Very misleading about the limitations when they are offering you the service.

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarNot RecommendedLots of free stuff on signing upSlow speeds

When I signed up in July last year they offered me loads of free stuff and discounts and they sold it to me there and then. A month later I realise too late that it was all sales speech and the speeds are ridiculously slow and when I tried to call the technical support over an issue I was on the phone to them for an hour before they came up with a solution.

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