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Windstream Internet Review

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With many internet providers vying for your dollar, it can be hard to choose the perfect company for you - well, unless you happen to live in a rural area with one provider, then you have another problem on your hands.

One such company aiming for your customer loyalty is Windstream Communications, which delivers high-speed internet service with a wide variety of perks including responsive technical support and access to multiple plans.

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Are Windstream internet plans good options to consider? What are the available packages? Just how fast are the Windstream internet plans? What about their customer service and the deals? Or even the privacy policy? These are all questions that you probably are considering before you select Windstream as your internet service provider.

Fortunately, we've taken the time to compile the details and molded them into a helpful guide that will hopefully help you determine whether or not the Windstream service is right for you. Inside this guide, you'll find information on the broadband services, internet speeds, and more.

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Windstream Internet Plans and Prices

Another limitation I found with Windstream Communications was that it has two high-speed internet service packages. What makes this detrimental is other providers like Comcast have more internet plans available, giving its customers more diversity in internet speeds and pricing. Below is a closer look at the plans offered by Windstream:

Below is a closer look at the plans offered by Windstream:

Standard Internet

The plan lives up to its name by offering download speeds as fast as 15Mbps. This plan is great if you enjoy shopping online, checking email (or sending mail via your email address) or reading the news. Furthermore, if your household only has one or two devices that need an internet connection, the speed offered aligns more with your needs.

Enhanced Internet

This plan offers generous download speeds as fast 25 Mbps, making it a great option if you stream HD movies, play games online or have more than two internet devices using the connection simultaneously.

Premium Internet

There is one other plan - Premium Internet - but it is only available in certain areas. Both residential and small business (you read that right - small business too) customers can take advantage of Windstream's fiber-optic network, which grants up to 100Mbps, but the fiber-optic network is only available in 1,000 markets across 18 states.

At least the fiber optic network comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, if you're unhappy with the service. Keep in mind that several providers don't even have a money-back guarantee or a shorter money-back guarantee period.

Windstream Internet Speed

As noted before, Windstream offers only two internet packages with download speeds ranging from 6 Mbps to 25 Mbps. When compared to other internet providers, it's a good start but falls short if you're looking for the fastest internet providers.

To see if Windstream is the right fit, you first want to account for your home's internet use with this broadband internet guide. All you need to do is calculate how many devices you need to connect to the internet and you and others in your household's internet activities.

Next, you can select which plan aligns most with your broadband internet usage and needs. While Windstream only has two high-speed internet plans - well, technically three - available, what you will discover is its plans and speeds are suitable for many home's needs.

It is only if you require faster speeds due to online gaming, multiple users engaging in video conferencing and more is when Windstream's speed offerings fall short of what you require.

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Bundling services such as the internet with cable television or satellite digital TV (in the form of Dish Network) and home phone service is a smart option if you require two or all three services. The reason for this is the fact providers offer some of their best promotions to entice you to use all their services.

More Info: Windstream TV Channels

Windstream is no different in this regard. If you are seeking cable and internet bundles, Windstream's bundles are good choices to consider, especially after you've spent time comparing the available internet and TV bundles in your area. To determine which packages are available to you, here are the steps you want to take:

  1. Visit Windstream's website and select the high-speed internet plan you want
  2. Next, it will require you to check your availability; this is where you enter your physical address and zip code.
  3. If its services are in your area, you can select a bundle, like Windstream home phone service (which includes long distance, and long distance is always good in this day and age), digital TV (again, via Dish Network), and internet that aligns with most with your needs.

You can also contact the Windstream customer service department via their phone number whenever you want to learn more about its internet bundles.

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Service Availability

You can also use our internet service provider zip code checker tool to determine if Windstream is in your area. Or check out the Windstream coverage map.

COMPARE NOW: Windstream Internet Plans & Prices

Customer Support

Windstream has a support section on its website where you have access to a variety of educational resources. Included in this are guides such as configuring settings for internet service and how to setup your wireless modem.

In addition, you also have access to the Windstream service agent. The agent can help you with installing and managing your internet service. There's also a Contact Us section, providing you phone numbers to sales and technical support, live chat and email address support options.

While its varied support and educational resources are great, its customers are not high on its service.

Customer reviews and company reputation are two great ways to determine whether or not you might enjoy a Windstream internet plan. The American Customer Satisfaction Index gave Windstream a 59 rating, placing it below other internet service providers such as AT&T U-Verse, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon Fios.

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On the Better Business Bureau, Windstream is not an Accredited Business and currently does not yet have a BBB score as of the time of this writing. Keep in mind that the experiences of one customer are not representative of the company as a whole, but it is important to spot potential issues you may have with the company early nonetheless.

The biggest issues customers have had with Windstream is its poor customer service. Often, customers complained of the same issues you would encounter with other internet providers such as long wait times on the phone and miscommunication concerning billing. There are some ways to assist you if you encounter these issues:

  • Use the live chat option to speak with a representative. This is the most expedited way to have your issues addressed.
  • Have the Windstream rep outline all the costs of internet service, including any installation and activation fees that might apply. This will eliminate sticker shock from occurring on your part.

Is Windstream Right For Me?

Windstream delivers high-speed internet, making it a good choice for a wide variety of internet activities. If you like to play video games online, stream video, download music or even video conference, Windstream gives you access to these activities with its fast internet plans.

Let's examine the perks and services you can access by choosing a Windstream internet plan.

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With Windstream internet service, you have technical support available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is an enormous benefit in that even if you encounter issues at odd times, you don't have to wait for its technical support to open.

When you compare internet providers, their technical support offerings is a good place to start. If they don't offer you access to help 24/7 then what other resources are they neglecting to provide you with?

Another perk I found with Windstream is it doesn't lock you into long-term contracts with its internet service. Often, providers like Comcast will offer you a great price on internet service, but it comes with conditions such as having to continue service for a year or two.

Luckily, Windstream doesn't require its customers to have long-term commitments. This is a great benefit you won't find with some other providers.


After perusing through Windstream's internet perks what I found was it doesn't offer as many benefits as you will find with other internet providers, like top-tier antivirus software or strong parental control software. To demonstrate, some companies like Time Warner Cable will offer its internet customers free security software when they sign up for service.

What makes this such an important benefit is often it's another layer of protection you can use with safe online browsing behaviors to protect your information. While you can always purchase software for your internet devices, it's free with many internet providers, but Windstream doesn't offer it as a free incentive for its customers.

Another perk you don't find with Windstream is access to free WiFi hotspots. Companies like AT&T gives its internet customers access to WiFi hotspots nationwide so they don't drain their cellular data. This is another area where Windstream doesn't offer the same perks as some of its competitors.

Overall, Windstream's internet perks are small. Access to 24/7 technical support and no long-term commitments are two huge benefits it offers. With that said, if you are looking for more perks such as security software, there are better options available.


Windstream is perfect for those who don't require much in the way of download speeds or plan diversity. Adding to its allure is the fact you don't have to sign a long-term contract to have Windstream's internet service and you have 24/7 technical support to assist you. However, Windstream has many shortcomings as well.

For one, its plans and speed don't make it competitive with other providers such as AT&T U-Verse. In addition, Windstream's support is among the worst for internet service providers. All things considered, if you are looking for the best internet providers, there are better options available than Windstream. You should instead refer to our buyer's guide to internet providers for rankings, comparisons, and analysis.

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Windstream Internet Review FAQs

QWhat type of Internet is Windstream?


Windstream provides high speed DSL internet to specific areas of the eastern half of the United States. Windstream offers four residential internet plans ranging from 3 Mbps to 25 Mbps subscriptions.

QIs Windstream Internet DSL or cable?


Windstream provides high speed DSL internet. Windstream lands in about the mid-range compared to other major providers for speed, but that is on par for DSL services. The top performers are usually cable or fiber optic services.

QWhat is a high speed Internet connection?


High speed internet is a relative term, but should allow you to browse the internet, stream video, download photos, and perform your favorite tasks on your computer without slowing you down. High-speed Internet has a speed of 512 Kbpsor higher. Typical internet providers offer speeds much higher.

QWhat is meant by DSL Internet connection?


DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. A DSL internet connection is a type of technology that connects the user to high speed Internet connections through the telephone network using the same line as your regular telephone service.

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