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There is a large selection of internet providers in Hawaii and with over 1.4 million residents there are Internet provider deals for all household needs.

Satellite internet providers in Hawaii

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  • No surprise mid-contract rate hikes

  • Clear and simple plans and pricing

  • Available nationwide


  • Very low data caps

  • Only one speed option

HughesNet offers internet service with plans starting at $50.


HughesNet Internet Only Plans






Internet 30GB

25 Mbps


Internet 50GB

25 Mbps


Internet 100GB

25 Mbps


Internet services available in Hawaii

You can search Hawaii Internet providers by using our ZIP code checker to compare the best Internet deals available at your address.

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The speeds available to you depend on the internet connection type that is provided in your area, some areas have a number of options.

Internet connection types in Hawaii

  • DSL Internet – DSL connects to the internet using an existing telephone line. This is only really used a fall back option if cable and fiber is not available.
  • Satellite Internet - An ideal option for rural areas where there are no wired internet options. It has improved since it was originally introduced many years ago. Satellite Internet providers in Hawaii include HughesNet.

Hawaii internet availability by city

Hawaii internet service providers FAQs

How much does internet cost in Hawaii?

Hawaii internet plans range from $50-$50. Prices vary by provider, download speed, and bundled services.

What internet providers are available in Hawaii?

Hawaii internet providers include T-Mobile, Verizon and HughesNet. Use our availability checker to find internet providers in your area.

What's the fastest internet speed in Hawaii?

Hawaii internet providers offer download speeds of up to 200 Mbps. The download speed you receive will vary depending on your area, provider and plan.

What's the best internet service in Hawaii?

The best value internet providers in Hawaii offer packages ranging from $50-$50. Check availability to find the best internet provider at your address.

Best internet deals in Hawaii

Provider Connection Channels Price
HughesNet HughesNet Satellite 25 Mbps $49.99-99.99