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  • 100% fiber network

  • Speed options up to Gigabit

  • Equal upload and download speeds

  • No contracts

  • Good customer service reputation


  • Limited availability

  • Fees can add up

When looking for an internet provider in your area, Verizon FiOS is a smart option to consider.

With blazing-fast speeds, excellent support ratings from independent studies and a selection of plans that align with your needs, Verizon FiOS is one of the best internet service providers available.

We'll summarize the pros and cons of Verizon's internet packages to help you decide if this is the best internet service provider in your area.

Verizon FiOS Fios Internet 300 Mbps

Verizon FiOS
$49.99 per month
300 mbps
0 channels
0 minutes

Verizon FiOS Fios Internet 500 Mbps

Verizon FiOS
$69.99 per month
500 mbps
0 channels
0 minutes

Verizon FiOS Fios Gigabit Internet

Verizon FiOS
$89.99 per month
940 mbps
0 channels
0 minutes

Verizon internet service

To account for diverse needs, Verizon FiOS has several different internet packages available for you to choose from.

Verizon FiOS internet only plans

Package Speed Price

Verizon FiOS Fios Internet 300 Mbps

300 Mbps


Verizon FiOS Fios Internet 500 Mbps

500 Mbps


Verizon FiOS Fios Gigabit Internet

940 Mbps


Verizon TV & internet packages

You have your choice of different Verizon TV packages, depending on how many channels you require. When you sign up for this bundled service, you receive the same price for the first year.

It doesn't require a service contract on its internet and TV bundles, giving it an edge on competitors like Comcast who require one to two-year commitments, depending on the package you choose.

Verizon FiOS internet deals

Package SpeedChannelsPhone Plan Price

Verizon FiOS Your Fios TV + Internet 300 + Home Phone

300 Mbps125Unlimited


Verizon FiOS More Fios TV + Internet 300 + Home Phone

300 Mbps300Unlimited


Verizon FiOS The Most Fios TV + Internet 300 + Home Phone

300 Mbps425Unlimited


This Triple Play package combines fast internet with TV and Verizon home phone service. The package is also customizable in that you choose which internet speeds you want, ranging from 100 to 940 Mbps and how many Verizon TV channels you require.

Verizon FiOS internet speeds

Verizon FiOS offers a few different speeds:

  • 200 Mbps - Allows multi-device streaming.

  • 400 Mbps - Good for multiple devices to stream in seconds. Also great for gaming.

  • 940 Mbps - Crazy speeds for many devices.

To this end, it's important to factor in your household's internet use. To start, you should figure out how many internet devices you use. The more devices you use to connect, the faster speeds you'll require so you don't experience a lag in service when you do things such as stream TV shows.

Verizon benefits

  • High-speed internet: Verizon FiOS internet plans offer fast upload and download speeds, but speeds vary so you'll need to check coverage in your area.

  • No data cap: All Verizon FiOS internet deals come with unlimited data meaning no data caps.

  • Download speeds: Although speeds may vary, Verizon FiOS internet plans range from 200 Mbps to 940 Mbps. You can use our Verizon Internet speed test to check speeds in your area and see if you can get Verizon fiber internet where you live.

  • Monthly costs: Verizon internet plans are reasonably priced and competitive.

  • Coverage: Unfortunately there's currently limited availability, but if you can get coverage in your area they have one of the best reputations for reliable coverage.

  • No contracts: There's plenty of flexibility with Verizon FiOS prepaid internet and Verizon FiOS TV. With no contracts there are no long-term commitments or worry about an early termination fee.

  • Bundle your services: If you're looking for an internet, TV, and phone service Verizon FiOS bundle deals offer double and triple play options to choose from.

  • TV packages: You can choose from Verizon Your FiOS TV, Verizon More FiOS TV, and Verizon The Most FiOS, depending on the channels and features you're looking for.

  • TV channel lineup: Depending on the option you choose, Verizon FiOS TV packages start from around 125+ channels up to 425+. The Verizon FiOS channel lineup comes with channels including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and more. You can choose to add premium channels HBO Max, STARZ, STARZ Encore, Showtime, Cinemax, and Epix for an extra cost.

  • VoIP: Verizon's homephone is a digital service, connecting to your exisiting internet line to provide crystal clear calling.

  • Calling features: Caller ID, voicemail, spam alerts, call forwarding, and many more features are included.

  • Customer service: Find out more on customer satisfaction and what Verizon customers are saying with Verizon FiOS reviews.

  • Compare: You can compare Verizon FiOS with their main competitors including Xfinity vs Verizon FiOS, Verizon FiOS vs Optimum, and Verizon FiOS vs Spectrum.

Verizon FiOS internet availability

You can also use our handy internet provider zip code checker to search if Verizon FiOS is in your area. Or check out the Verizon FiOS coverage map.

Verizon internet in my area

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Verizon FiOS features

States Covered9 states
Population Covered34.4M
Connection TypeFiber & DSL
Internet Speeds100Mbps - 1000Mbps (varies by area)
TV Channels485+
On Demand Library140,000+
4K Channels

Verizon internet equipment & fees

It's important to note that all Verizon FiOS plans include separate fees for equipment rental. There's a $10 fee assessed monthly for the router and a setup charge of $80. Furthermore, when you sign up for service with Verizon FiOS, it will check your credit and could require you to make a deposit to activate service.

On the topic of early termination fees, according to Verizon Online Terms of Service, you will face an early termination fee if you cancel your contract. However, you will have to call Verizon to find out what the early termination fee is, which is dependent on the total length of the contract and how long you've been subscribed for during said contract.

Verizon internet customer service

Verizon customer reviews and company reputation are two great ways to determine whether or not you might want a Verizon FiOS internet plan. The American Customer Satisfaction Index rated Verizon FiOS as the best internet service provider. Verizon FiOS earned a 73 rating, representing a 7.4 percent increase from 2015. This indicates satisfaction among Verizon's customers continues to grow.

On the Better Business Bureau, Verizon is an Accredited Business with an A+ score. Trustpilot, a website that ranks companies purely from customer reviews, rates Verizon a 9.2/10. Keep in mind that the experiences of one customer are not representative of the company as a whole, but it is important to spot potential issues you may have with the company early nonetheless.

The fact Verizon FiOS earns top honors from customers and independent publishers show how reputable the service is.

Verizon FiOS internet plans FAQs

What is the best Verizon FiOS internet plan?

Verizon FiOS offers a wide range of internet packages with different internet speeds and prices to suit most people's needs.

How much does Verizon internet cost?

Verizon FiOS offers internet plans with prices starting at $39.99 per month.

Does Verizon FiOS offer internet only plans?

Yes, Verizon FiOS has internet only plans.

Is Verizon internet good?

Verizon FiOS broadband internet is at the top of the pack due to its amazing service.

With matching download and upload speeds, you can share content as fast as you access it.

Furthermore, with Verizon FiOS, you receive outstanding support to help you whenever you need it. These factors show that when you are searching for the best internet providers, you can't do better than Verizon FiOS.

Verizon FiOS company details

Company NameVerizon
HeadquartersOne Verizon Way Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
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