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Looking for an alternative to a traditional landline? The best option is internet phone service.

This type of connection is called VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP technology does require an internet connection, and depending on your calling habits you may need a paid plan.

You can use VoIP for everything you'd normally do on a home phone - whether local or long distance calls, including international calling.

Keep in mind that internet phone service is vulnerable to power outages. Also, ideally you should have a high-speed internet connection to maximize call quality.

Whether you're looking for the cheapest landline phone service or want a specific set of call features, we've got you covered.

Best Internet Phone Service

Best Internet phone service providers

Monthly Price
$0-2030 Day Risk-Free Trial

Ooma offers landline service with plans starting at $0.


Ooma Landline Plans









Telo Air



Telo LTE with Backup



Monthly Price
$39Coverage Guarantee - No Internet Required

Community Phone offers landline service with plans starting at $39.


Community Phone Landline Plans






Unlimited landline service



Internet phone service benefits

Advantages of residential voice services include:

  • Superior sound quality: There's nothing quite like the crisp, crystal clear call quality of an analog phone connection. Plus, no dropped calls.

  • Security in case of emergency: A home phone line gives emergency workers your exact location. This allows you to get help faster than if they have to ping your cell phone.

  • Reliability: Even though home phone service often uses electrical power, you can get battery backup so that your phone will work in a power outage. This is a super reassuring feature to have in these strange times.

  • International calls: One of the biggest draws of a landline is the ability to get great international calling rates. Read the fine print as you shop, since each provider may serve different select areas.

  • Security system and smart home compatibility: Some home security companies use a landline for communicating with your system and emergency services.

Transfer your landline number

Want to get rid of your landline but not your phone number? This option can save you money without the hassle of changing your home phone number. Companies like Community Phone provide this service for a modest fee.

There are a few things to know about transferring your landline number:

  • Not all phone numbers are eligible.

  • You can have your incoming calls forwarded to your existing cell phone or to a separate phone.

  • Even if you're in an internet and TV bundle, you can still transfer your home phone.

Community Phone has a handy tool that tells you whether your landline number is eligible to be transferred.

Internet phone service features

The best home phone service providers offer a variety of popular calling features including:

  • Caller ID and call waiting ID: Find out who's on the other end before you answer.

  • Call forwarding: Have your incoming calls redirected to another landline, your cell phone, or even multiple other phone numbers.

  • Call return (*69): Quickly return calls with this handy calling feature.

  • Call blocking: Stop unwanted numbers from contacting you.

  • Call screening: One of the less common calling features, this one lets you send certain phone numbers to voicemail automatically.

  • Three-way calling: This feature is great for talking with friends and family or coworkers.

  • Speed dial: An oldie but goody, speed dial lets you call frequently dialed numbers by pressing just one button.

  • Distinctive rings: Give each contact their own special ringtone so you know immediately who's calling.

  • Call trace: You might have to shop around a little for this one. Some landline providers - AT&T for example - offer the ability to trace the last number that called you.

Best internet phone alternatives

Cheap cell phone service

We don't just want to save you money on your landline, we also love to help slash your wireless bill.

Low-cost carriers (called MVNOs - Mobile Virtual Network Operators) offer great service on the same networks as the big wireless companies. Because they have lower operating costs they sell service for mobile phones at discounted prices.

Whether you want to replace your landline or switch to a prepaid cell phone plan in order to save money, we make it fast and easy to compare cell phone plans. Save up to 50% or more on your wireless bill without sacrificing the quality you're used to.

Compare cheap cell phone plans





Tello SIM card - Horizontal Tello




Reach Mobile SIM card - Horizontal Reach Mobile




Mint Mobile SIM card - Horizontal Mint Mobile




US Mobile SIM card - Horizontal US Mobile

Verizon & T-Mobile



Boost Mobile SIM card - Horizontal Boost Mobile

AT&T & T-Mobile



Best home phone service providers

Here's a list of our top picks for home phone service providers:


Bundle an AT&T landline with their high-speed internet and TV services to save the most money. AT&T is also a good choice if you make a lot of international phone calls.


Xfinity Voice is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) plan with local, national, and international calling rates. Get it as a standalone or combine it with your high-speed internet and/or cable TV service.


There are a couple of options available with Verizon home phone service. Choose a plan or go with a per minute rate, whether you're making local, nationwide, or international calls. Of course Verizon FiOS bundles are also available.


Charter Spectrum operates in 41 states, which means there's a good chance Spectrum Voice is available in your area. They've got great international calling rates, no contracts, and bundles for saving money on internet and TV.


Digital voice by Cox doesn't require internet although they do offer it. If you bundle your Cox Voice with internet and TV you also get unlimited calling to over 30 countries.

Internet phone service FAQs

Which VoIP phone service is best?

Each provider offers different features. The best can depend on whether you want international calls, unlimited calling or if you want to bundle it with your TV and Internet services.

Is VoIP cheaper than a landline?

Yes, VoIP is cheaper than a landline service because it runs over your existing internet connection.

Can I use VoIP phone as a regular phone?

You can use a VoIP phone like a regular landline phone, the only difference is that VoIP runs over your internet connection rather than a copper wire line.


Finding the best home phone service in your area doesn't have to be complicated. Take into account your budget, phone habits, and the calling features you can't live without.

As we talked about earlier, bundling your home phone, TV, and internet will give you the best price on your home phone service.

Consider landline alternatives like a cheap cell phone plan, or check out the best VoIP service for home.

Finally, don't forget to use our availability checker to find landline phone service by zip code!

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