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Sebonic Financial Review

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Sebonic Financial beats the drum promising a new kind of home lending, with claims they improve the mortgage refinance experience. They promise fast execution of the application, underwriting, and closing process, speeding things along with superior technology. They are backed by an established mortgage lender, adding weight to their lofty claims.

Sebonic Financial looks to cater to the vision of the borrower with their mortgage refinance loans, promising low-interest rates and fees. They respect your time and privacy, looking to build trust with an honest, open and simple process. At the center of this process is your relationship with your Sebonic Financial loan specialist.

Interest Rates

As with many online mortgage loan companies, your refinance experience starts with either a call to Sebonic or filling out an online form to get a quote on the interest rate you'll qualify for. The company claims to offer competitive interest rates and fees.

Those who choose to fill out the online form provide Sebonic with an email and phone number, along with some basic financial information. The lender follows through with a call or an email to you to talk about your refinance plans and your financial situation. You'll get down to the nitty-gritty with the Sebonic mortgage refinance professional, and they'll give you an interest rate quote.

Here is a sample of an interest rate on a mortgage refinance loan from Sebonic:

For a 30-year fixed rate mortgage, the interest rate is 3.5%, with a 3.563% APR. The loan origination fee is $1490 on borrowing 240K, with a 20% downpayment. There is a $500 property appraisal fee. Your actual rate will vary with the amount you borrow, your credit history and overall financial situation.

The Application Process

Your mortgage refinances loan with Sebonic Financial begins with a phone call to them, or filling out some personal financial information on their online interest rate form. They claim a secure process, using technology developed in-house, protecting your personal information.

As a result of conversing with a Sebonic loan professional, you'll get a quote on your interest rate, fees, and monthly payment. You'll also get detailed information about loan options in straightforward language. They'll walk you through your loan application, a time investment of about 30 minutes. There is no obligation to take the loan at this point.

The Underwriting Stage

Next up, you provide documents such as pay stubs, bank, and financial statements. Sebonic uses proprietary technology to analyze your loan application and creates a custom list of the required documents, along with a checklist, in order to streamline the underwriting process.

You can upload your docs to Sebonic over a secure connection, there is no risk fax or email transmission of your personal financial information. No one sees your docs but your loan team.

Closing Your Loan

You can securely e-sign your docs online. For those who prefer to print and sign documents, Sebonic has no problem with that, you can print, sign, scan and return the docs over the secure upload connection.

After filing your application, you still have time to request different loan terms or a different loan amount. You can work with your loan term to create loan choices that are the best for you. They can present you with a variety of options to choose from.

With guidance from your loan team, Sebonic promises a smooth ride from application to closing, with updates and communication along the way.


Getting a mortgage refinance loan can be a complicated process, and Sebonic claims to simplify it from application to closing. They guide you through the process and keep you updated as to what you need to hand over to complete the process. At every step of the process, Sebonic aims to prevent and eliminate errors.

Sebonic promises their advanced technology enables them to deliver speed, convenience, accuracy and low cost throughout the loan process. You'll work with a trained mortgage professional to deliver a satisfying experience. You'll collaborate with the Sebonic representative to move your loan to close quickly and efficiently. The company claims this efficiency allows them to deliver lower cost loans.

Access to Federal Loan Programs

Sebonic Financial can help you get Veterans Administration loans if you are a current or former member of the military, as well as Federal Housing Association loans for those with modest incomes. There are also U.S. Department of Agriculture loans for those in rural communities that Sebonic can help with.

Customer Satisfaction

The well respected website gives Sebonic Financial a 4.8 out of 5 rating.

On the other hand, the Sebonic website provides no specific details of the loans or interest rates they offer. There is plenty of marketing copy touting the advantages of doing business with them, but very little in the way of specific factual information on rates, fees, or loan types.

Bottom line, you must talk to Sebonic Financial loan specialists to find out details of their loans. They tout their technological superiority but do not back it up with sufficient information at their website.

While the consumer reviews at are generally very favorable to Sebonic, other review sites offer mixed reviews. Some cite sluggish service and errors on paperwork. Reviewers note that when complaints about Sebonic are kicked to parent company Cardinal Financial, the problems are solved quickly in a professional manner.


Sebonic Financial strives to offer a mortgage refinance loan experience that leverages technology to deliver your loan quickly and efficiently. In actual practice, the borrower experience is contingent on your talking with a Sebonic Financial loan professional. It's up to you to get the details of the loan from your Sebonic representative. It's important to carefully track rates, costs and terms of the loan.

As with any mortgage refinance loan, if you can get a good rate, low fees, good loan terms, and an affordable payment, Sebonic can work out very well. But bear in mind, if you don't like the specifics of the loan, you can exercise your trump card of walking away from the deal and taking your business elsewhere.

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