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There are several online check ordering companies out there providing check options to both businesses and consumers independent of financial institutions. Each of these companies has their own approaches and their own rates, but 4checks.com takes a bit of a different approach. 4checks.com is an independent check retailer like its competition but is essentially a website that works as a search engine. The search engine allows you to find a variety of different check designs, check accessories, and other items for both individuals and businesses at low prices.

Each check comes with a number of security features that are rated and recommended by the Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA). These features include a MicroPrint Signature Line that can't be reproduced in a photocopy, as well as several features required by the American National Standards Institute for check printing.

4checks offers special promotions on orders of more than one box that can help you save money if you need many checks. Their typical prices are also fairly competitive, with substantial savings when you buy multiple boxes.


In contrast to traditional banking institutions, 4checks offers more than 600 different check designs on their website. In addition, the company offers prices that can often be as low as 50 percent less than what your bank offers. Because 4checks operates more as an aggregator than a traditional retailer, they are able to offer a wider variety of designs and options than most of their competition. However, if you want something more personalized, 4checks does allow you to upload your image to use as a background. Creating your own personalized checks is actually one of 4checks' most popular options. 4checks allows you to upload up to four photos which will rotate throughout your check book.

In addition, 4Checks offers standard free shipping on their orders and also offer discounts when you buy two or four boxes of checks.

And one of the best things about 4checks is that they allow you to print your checks from the comfort of your own home using your ink jet or laser printer. This gives 4checks a decided advantage over its competition, most of whom require to wait several weeks to receive your checks unless you pay extra for express shipping.

Prices and Fees

Naturally, 4checks' prices vary depending on what you order, but their prices are typically on the lower end of the spectrum. You can order one box of their standard personal checks for just $15.95, which is considerably cheaper than most banks. Two boxes will run you just $23.90 and four boxes will cost you just $40.80, so you save more if you buy more. And if you choose to upload your own photo, the price is still very affordable. One box will cost you just $20.95, two boxes will run you $36.90 and four boxes will cost you just $68.80. These are competitively priced for standard checks and even better for personalized checks.

And if you need business checks, 4checks has you covered as well. As a check retailer aggregator, 4checks will direct you to a number of options which should satisfy any of your business' needs. They offer three-on-a-page checks, deposit slips and even checks you can print at your office. Like all of its offerings, 4checks gets more cost-effective the more you purchase. So, you should always feel free to purchase as much as you need.

One thing you should note is that the company's website states that you will save 50 percent ordering checks from then rather than your bank. But this is only the case if you order their standard checks. While the savings are still significant if you buy personalized checks, it won't quite be 50 percent.


Security is another area in which 4checks excels. And considering that security is of the utmost importance when ordering checks, this is significant. The company's checks contain the typical security features, so they offer as much, and sometimes more, security than your local bank. So you don't have to worry about using their checks because they take security very seriously.

When you purchase your own checks through a third-party, you must provide your checking and routing number. Obviously, this is very sensitive information, so 4checks has taken every measure to ensure your safety. The company's shopping carts are protected with GlobalSign SSL Security Certificates to ensure your information never falls into the wrong hands. Moreover, 4checks also offers fraud protection for both businesses and individuals. EZShield Fraud Protection is available for both and protects against forged endorsements and altered checks for both individuals and businesses. In addition, the company will advance funds fraudulently obtained up to $25,000 within 72 hours.

Customer Service

This is one area that can be viewed as considerably weaker relative to the rest of the company's strengths. There is a vocal group of customers who have voiced their concerns online regarding the customer service. While most of the company's offerings are among the best in the industry, this is a cause for concern. It is unclear if their experiences are outliers or part of a larger problem. However, the company does offer support over the phone as well as an e-mail option. E-mailed concerns are typically answered within 48 hours. In addition, there is a very thorough frequently asked questions page located at the top of the company's website that should prove helpful for most questions or concerns a customer may have.


4checks offers one of the widest varieties of excellent designs in the industry, including over 600 unique layouts. The site is mostly focused on personal checks. If you are looking for business checks, you will be redirected to Checks Unlimited.

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Recommended Large choice of designs None

4Checks offer an amazing service. The choice of designs are fantastic with affordable pricing and free delivery. What more could you ask for!!

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Recommended Good design choice No business checks

Unfortunately they do not offer business checks, but at least they give you an option on their website where you can buy business checks from, which is very helpful. Itís a shame as they offer great designs and really good value for money.

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