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  • Pros
  • Availability of original designs from licensed artists
  • Ability to customize or create designs
  • Excellent security levels
  • Compliance with CPSA requirements
  • Business and payroll checks compatible with a range of accounting software
  • Cons
  • Some designs, such as well known cartoon character ones, cannot be provided

Check Advantage Review

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For businesses that are looking for total originality when it comes to their company check designs, Check Advantage could be the perfect choice. Check Advantage's headquarters are in Wisconsin and the company was founded since 2001. Since its inception, the company has been a leader in printing personal and business checks.

Check Advantage offers everything you will ever need. Their options include a wide array of check styles and accessories for the personal and small business checks. Check Advantage also provides you the security features that meet all the CPSA requirements, and this includes special paper, design and ink.

This is a provider that is able to offer something unique to businesses as it uses totally original designs by licensed artists, which means that your business checks will really stand out from the crowd. It also means that the choice of designs you have is excellent, so you should have no problem finding something to suit your needs perfectly. However, if you are looking for well -known cartoon character check designs, this is not something that the company can offer.

Design Benefits

In addition to over 2500 impressive and original design options, this provider also lets you create your own designs so you can get the perfect finish for your checks. When you order your checks online, you can do so in single sheets or if you prefer you can get carbon copies to more easily track your spending. The company also offers discounts to customers placing bulk orders, which is worth bearing in mind.

With Check Advantage you can order business checks as well as payroll checks, which can be used with a range of accounting software systems. You can also add your business logo to the check for a one-time fee for setting this up. In terms of security, the provider offers a range of features that will help to protect your business from fraudulent activity. It complies with CPSA requirements with regards to security, which means that you can enjoy peace of mind.


For most of its history, Check Advantage simply focused on check ordering services. But while their check design offerings are fairly new, they offer a variety of options. You can choose between over 2,500 original check designs, all of which have been created by Check Advantage's team of designers. There are another 700 check designs to choose from which contain generic designs with nature and scenic designs. And if you are a business in a hurry, Check Advantage also offers a Rush Production option. Assuming you place your order in the morning, Rush Production guarantees to deliver your order by midday.

While the company does offer personal checks, producing business checks is where the company makes its name. Check Advantage business checks are compatible with all the different major accounting software such as Quicken, Quickbooks, Peachtree and Great Plains. And, of course, if you require any particular style or designs, simply supply Check Advantage with your required design and they will include it for you. Check Advantage includes styles from payable & payroll to voucher as well as multi-purpose checks.

Prices and Rates

Check Advantage offers some of the most competitive prices on the market. The company's cheapest designs (which are called the classic series) start at just $13.95. The more expensive options (which typically feature licensed art) start at $17.95 per box. Before buying you should note that checks are sold in six quantities. You can get singles in quantities of 150, 300 and 600, while you can get duplicates in quantities of 120, 240 and 480. In addition, laser checks cost about $19.45 and business checks typically cost about $33.95.

While the company offers a variety of options for both business and personal purposes, we will focus on the most commonly purchased business checks. When purchasing Check Advantage's checks, you should be sure to note that all of the company's checks have two, and often three, three-part carbonless options. These options can cost up to 100% more than the original versions.

  • Booked Deposit Tickets: For just $17.45 for 200 slips and 2,000 slips for $104.95, you can save time and money if you purchase Check Advantage's deposit slips. Your deposit slips will be personalized to your needs and allow you to significantly reduce the amount of time you spend in the bank. You'll be saving time and money if you order these deposit tickets.
  • Disbursement Checks - Disbursement checks are ideal for accounts payable and expenditures that amount to petty cash. And they come at a pretty reasonable price too. For just $17.95, you can order a seven-ring check binder. The binder comes with three checks per page. And for just $33.95, you can get up to 300 of these checks. But the best value comes if you place the maximum order, which is 2,400 checks for $169.05.
  • Desktop Checks – This is yet another good value. For just $31.95, you can purchase 300 desktop checks. And for just $100.95, 1,200 can be purchased.

In addition, Check Advantage offers free shipping, which is a plus. However, if you need your checks quickly, you may want to consider Rush Production because shipping can take up to 15 business days otherwise.

Security Benefits

There are several security benefits that come with ordering your checks from Check Advantage. All checks ordered through the company come with an anti-counterfeiting MP Logo next to the signature line, a registered trademark padlock icon. Security warnings, invisible fluorescent fibers that can only be seen in ultraviolet light and a security screen.

Customer Service

The customer support levels from Check Advantage are also very good, as they offer telephone, email, and live chat support, all of which appears to be extremely efficient. The company also has an excellent A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


In a nutshell, Check Advantage offers something unique to businesses that want to stand out. This, coupled with the excellent security features on the checks, makes this the perfect choice for many companies.

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Recommended Wide range of products Not able to create and endorsement stamp

I could really care less if a company has cartoon designs for business checks. I do want to order checks and deposit slips and an endorsement stamp. I tried 3 times and when I added it to the cart, it then clears all fields and displays an error: The following personalization fields are required: Line 1. I tried live chat which is an email message...

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Recommended Fast Delivery None

They look brilliant, fast delivery and reasonably priced.

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Recommended Customer support Advertising on checks

The price is good, they are always posted and received within a couple of days and if you need to speak to someone, there is always a customer service rep available to speak to. The only thing that annoys me is their advertising on the checks, it really does not need to be so bold.

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