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  • Pros
  • "Best Value 2017" Award Winner
  • 110+ custom check designs
  • High security measures
  • CPSA certified provider
  • Cost effective option
  • Promotional deals for returning customers
  • Cons
  • Custom check selection is not as wide as some providers

Checks Unlimited Review

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MoneySavingPro Best Value Award 2017

Founded in 1986, Checks Unlimited was the first large check printing company. The company's headquarters are based in Chicago and in many ways, have set the industry standard in check printing. These days, both businesses and individuals look for the most cost-effective option where ever they can. However, when buying checks online, you also need to make sure that the product you are purchasing will also be secure.

Checks Unlimited offers high-security checks with comprehensive fraud protection services. Their Securigard Checks have seven security features including holographic foil, Microprint Signature Lines, and chemically treated paper. They also have fraud protection tips on their site to help you avoid becoming a target of identity theft or check fraud.

Designer Checks

Checks Unlimited has over 110 designs to choose from, including understated professional designs as well as entertaining, light-hearted graphics. Whether you are looking for classy parchment or adorable puppies, you'll probably find something that suits your design style and needs.

While 110 designs may seem like quite a bit, many of Check Unlimited's primary competitors offer significantly more. However, you can order personal photo checks in multiple images. This allows you to upload up to four of your favorite photos for a variety of check designs. In addition to the design choices, you can choose from a number of check types, including duplicate and side-tear checks.

Checks Unlimited is one of your more cost effective options. Buying one box of checks is fairly competitively priced compared to other online stores in the industry, but the real savings come when purchasing multiple boxes. When compared to buying checks from banks, Checks Unlimited has prices that are typically much lower. However, when compared to competitors, the prices may trend a little higher. But, like we mentioned, you do great value by buying in bulk.

They often offer promotional deals like a free fourth box on four box orders, free custom lettering or free address labels. If you're shopping for checks, check their promotions to see if you can save.


While Checks Unlimited design offerings aren't the most robust compared to its competitors, it does offer an impressive selection of business checks. The company's formats suit just about every need and they also offer general-purpose checks that promote your business with style through custom lettering, logos, and monograms.

If you're a business owner, there is plenty to love about Checks Unlimited. One of the first things you will notice and appreciate is that there is a column that breaks down employees' earnings and deductions as well as an additional line for captions and taxes. Moreover, Checks Unlimited offers computer checks for laser and inkjet printers that are compatible with over 15 types of accounting software such as Quicken, Quickbooks, Peachtree and Great Plains.

So you can feel confident knowing that the checks you order from Checks Unlimited provide safety features that are of the same caliber as your personal bank. Checks Unlimited's offerings meet the specifications recommended by the CPSA (Check Payments System Association), which is an agency that sets the security standards for members of the check-printing industry. Checks Unlimited offers high-security checks with 15 exceptional security measures, including a foiled hologram that cannot be copied.

In addition, Checks Unlimited offers an EZ Shield fraud protection for your checks during the checkout process. While this does come at an additional cost, it is worth using. The company's checks are verified by the financial institution and printed in two to five business days. If you opt for standard delivery, you can expect your checks in five to 10 business days. Trackable delivery typically takes about five to seven business days and Checks Unlimited also offers two-day delivery.

Prices and Fees

Like we mentioned earlier, Checks Unlimited offers competitive prices. Their prices are generally cheaper than what you can expect at your local branch, but depending on your order, tend to be more expensive than competitors. But their checks do get more cost-effective if you order more boxes. For example, if you choose to purchase personal from Checks Unlimited, one box will cost you about $18.99. However, if you purchase a second box, you'll get both for just $27.98, and if you purchase four boxes, you'll pay just $46.92.

And for businesses, Checks Unlimited offers a variety of deposit slips, three-on-a-page checks, side tear checks as well as an assortment of accessories. Again, the cost-effectiveness of these checks rises depending on the number you buy. For example, if you buy 300 three-on-a-page payroll checks, you will be charged $39.20. However, if you buy 4800 of the same checks, you'll be charged just $338.14, which is about a 46 percent saving.

Security Benefits

As we mentioned earlier, Checks Unlimited takes several security measures to ensure your safety. The company verifies your information with your bank before printing a single check via its EZ Shield fraud protection. In addition, Checks Unlimited also offers a chemical protection, erasure protection, and microprint signature lines. When it comes to ensuring your security, Checks Unlimited is hard to beat.

Customer Support

While there are a fair number of negative reviews regarding the company sending the wrong checks, Checks Unlimited service is pretty good overall. First of all, they have a customer satisfaction guarantee, so if you are unhappy with your purchase, you can send it back and receive a full refund. And their customer service representatives are very responsive as well. One thing to note is that if you switch banks, Checks Unlimited will not send you a new box of checks for free. In that case, you will have to update your information and place a new order for checks.


While other providers have a wider selection, Checks Unlimited is one of the most cost-effective options on the market, especially because their customization options allow you to create specifically tailored to your preferences. If you don't need a selection of over 200 custom designs, browse their 110+ options and save money.

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Not Recommended Fairly responsive customer svc. Hidden and exhorbitant charges

My $35 checks order came to $82.69 with Shipping $12. and Handling $14 before the "EZ Shield Plus" service was stuck in. I did ask for "In-plant rush" for $6. A refund was promised for the "EZ shield Plus" service, once I phone customer service. The site seems to carefully keep most of this out of sight until after completion of the transaction.

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Not Recommended none yet Tricky add-on?

I intended NOT to order a checkbook cover at $15.80, but somehow it ended up on my order before I knew it. I have just left a message to customer service, and haven't gotten my order, so rating is with limited information.

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Not Recommended more affordable pushy sales people

I had a coupon code online, but was unable to fulfill the order online as their system was not set up to accommodate checks from a trust account. I then called customer service, and was essentially over and over harangued to purchase "protection" and miscellaneous "add ons" that I clearly did not need. I stated as much to the rep, only to be constantly redirected back to hear another spiel. He actually added on extras without letting me know, and I only discovered them as he quoted me the price for the checks, which were double what the final cost should have been. It's ludicrous to add on items that a customer was never asked about, as I can see an elderly person absolutely being hammered by that tactic. His tone became more and more unfriendly the more I declined the various coverages and add-ons. I am waiting for the checks now, and hopefully they will process them in a timely manner, unless they somehow "disappear" because I declined coverage for delivery. It's ludicrous. Will never order from them again. I will pay more at another company that does not blatantly throttle options down customers' throats.

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Not Recommended Good prices Printed incorrectly

I was really disappointed with checks unlimited as as friend has used them and said they were really good. When I ordered a couple they sent them quickly, but they were printed wrong. When I contacted them they refused to re-print them unless i paid again. Will never use them again.

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Not Recommended None Charged me extra

I will NEVER use this company again and would advise staying away from them. I ordered from them with a promo code, paid my money and received the checks in the post. Then a week later I noticed they had charged me more money and when i contacted them they told me the promo code had expired, yet they processed it with the code. They refused to give me a refund, so it almost cost me double. Do not use this company.

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