Press was created in 2016 by CEO & Founder Rob Webber. Since it's inception, the MoneySavingPro team has been committed to digging deep into consumer services and sharing their findings in an effort to save consumers and business owners time and money.

We understand how important saving money can be for some. Whether it's looking for the best deals on a new cell phone, managing your personal finances, or learning new ways how to save on everyday purchases, it's our mission to help people stay informed and find the best value before they buy.

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Rob Webber - CEO & Founder

This is the face of Rob Webber

Rob has been an entrepreneur for 10 years, running multiple online businesses across the US, UK, and Australia. Driven by the desire to build something genuinely useful, Rob set out to develop a site that provides independent advice and allows consumers to compare services to choose the best value products across numerous industries.

Noticing an opportunity in the American market where comparison sites were not developed in many industries outside of travel, MoneySavingPro was born.

Rob has been quoted in several UK media outlets such as the BBC, The Telegraph, and Metro. Rob has offered his expertise and money saving tips covering a wide range of topics including:

  • How to save money on essential home services
  • Personal finances
  • The financial habits of millennials
  • Getting out of debt
  • Starting and maintaining a business

Over the years, Rob has developed a wide range of expertise in search engine marketing, web design, UX, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and management. He wanted to use his expertise and success in the UK and bring it to the US, where the market is 5 times larger but comparison sites are massively underdeveloped.

It surprises me that many industries in the US are still full of lead generation companies that promise comparison and then simply sell a person's data to numerous companies. This leads to a terrible customer experience.

The aim of MoneySavingPro is to provide consumers with all the information they need to make an informed decision and then allow them to choose for themselves which company offers them the best value for money. We aim to make this process simple and easy in as many industries as possible, to allow consumers to save time and money across all aspects of their lives.

Media Inquiries

Rob Webber is available for press inquiries and comment with online media. Always happy to share his extensive knowledge, Rob is happy to contribute his thoughts, advice, and tips to other media outlets.

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