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Armstrong Reviews

Armstrong customer service ratings

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The worst company I have ever dealt with. Slow internet, disconnections, high prices and terrible customer service. I wish Citizens cable was in my area.

Be prepared to be taken advantage of

I'm a younger person who utilizes internet for things us young people do, like watching Netflix, playing games, and was told by Armstrong at that time that "my consumption" was abnormal and beyond industry standards. They essentially lied to me saying this, but low and behold 6 months later they nearly doubled the cap as even these date pirates couldn't continue to deny a shift from Television services to online services.

Then, when I was at work the technician came to set up our service at a newly purchased home, and they asked If I wanted to "upgrade" my equipment, which I told them no thanks, as I was using a third party wifi router that was giving me download speeds of 20-23 mbps, which at the time was decent for our area, but when I came home I found out they went against my wishes and installed the new equipment anyways, which is their own home-brew router and modem mixed in one, and guess what? My internet download speeds were now a whopping 2-3 mbps, and to top that off I then discovered that they inserted a $5 monthly fee to "access" Wifi, which was already being served by my previous router, but this is what they do. They force their equipment on you because that equipment can be throttled and controlled, and they can then sell those features back to you at an additional fee.

The sad thing is Armstrong has a monopoly on my half of town, therefore you have no other choice for broadband internet. Do not allow them to force their equipment on you if you have a choice, as they're only doing it to gain further control.

DON'T. It's been a horrible company to work with.

Lack of support, breach of privacy concerns. Expensive. During COVID, they raised their rates. Employee said, "oh well, that's our policy, we do it every year." Trust me, they can't stand people, ie: the customer.


I pay for Armstrong’s lowest internet speed advertised as “up to” 25mbps. I often see 2-4mbps. That is indeed up to 25. When and if a competitor arrives I’m out.

Plume mesh system reliable

I have 2 choices of internet providers in my area, known locally as bad and worse. Armstrong used to be worse, but Plume mesh has been a gamechanger. Actual reliable service. Expensive though, and their staff are non technical, including the tech helpline. It's not a good sign when tech has no clue what CAT 6 means. Sales didn't know much either. One wonders if these people worked selling hoodies at The Gap last week...

Still, getting the mesh system is great. Their non mesh system is terrible and very sporadic service. Mesh is most expensive service and I think that may be why the reviews seem schizophrenic. Plume mesh offered since July 2019, so take older teviews with grain of salt. Costs approx $110/mth, unlimited data, coax cable speeds just under 500mbps download, but if they upgraded the lines to fiber optic, i could theoretically get as fast as 700 mbps. Maybe the upgrade happens in 30 years.

Prices and the amount of price increases.


doing nothing for their customers during epidemic

very disappointed in Armstrong response during epidemic

bait and switch- bill was $124, up to $212

Awful- After a year they raise your bill 65%- then you can only get the worst of channels if you want to keep your bill lower. Also the high speed internet is not very fast.

Have reliable service I think!

I've been with Armstrong for years .. juped back and forth from them and our local phone company that also provides the same .. I tell most people to never cut the cord and I've always felt comfortable with Armstrong .. they're prices are high .. but then .. whos isn't .. compared to most they are very comparable and reliable .. can't say I've ever been disapointed of course we stream our TV now so we just have internet .. like most people are switching to!


Has frustrated me for years can't get BTN network.

Retired now, thinking of canceling to cut costs.

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Rob Webber
Rob Webber

Rob has 15+ years experience in the US and UK running price comparison sites for cell phone plans, smartphone deals, TV, and internet. He loves thinking outside of the box to build tools that empower consumers to make more informed decisions.

Armstrong features

States Covered:6 states
Population Covered:983K
Connection Type:Cable/Fiber/DSL
Internet Speeds:12Mbps - 1000Mbps (varies by location)
TV Channels:102+
4K Channels:No

Armstrong company details

Company Name:Armstrong Cable Services
Headquarters:437 North Main Street, Butler, PA 16001
Employees:201 - 500
Phone Number:(719) 480-8115
Website:Go to Website
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