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Atlantic Broadband Review: Is it worth it?

Atlantic Broadband customer reviews

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Starting at:$39.99/mo
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very poor customer service on hold for 90 minutes

not happy with customer service 90 min wait on the phone and same online. 132.00 for basic cable and internet and that keeps cutting out.. don't get Atlantic broadband if you can help it

Overpriced poor service.

Constantly losing our internet connection even after they updated our equipment a few months ago. They gave us a 6 month "break" on our bill and it's still almost $200 per month and scheduled to go to $260 in another month. Daylight robbery, unfortunately it's the only provider in our town. Competition would be good!

No human to talk with! Put on hold!!

Paying for 400 mps. Getting only 150mps!


First, the website does not allow you to speak with anyone. They offer chat, but cannot answer questions about your service. Or if a problem occurs, good luck in trying to call, which puts you in a loop, and you will never get an answer. Very difficult company to work with. if you have a problem.

All I need is a new remote but can't get through

I call all I get is a machine that won't accept my problem or offer any resolution, on the verge of dropping them. They are not worth what we pay!

It cuts out 2 - 3 times a day. Bad for student

All my bills are paid on line and my daughter is in school here at home. In the middle of a test or during her class, it cuts out. I have lost contact while paying bills. We cannot watch a movie without interruption. I thought Spectrum was bad. Atlantic Broadband is just as bad if not worse.

Awful! The 5 star rating HAD to be an insider.

TV video and audio breaking up on every station, internet dropping multiple times daily. Tried calling to get fixed several times and never got through to anyone. Not to mention, picked up this service originally for one specific station which they subsequently dropped without informing their customers. Strongly advise against this service. They don’t care about anything but your money.

Poor Customer Service

My mother is 85 years old, Legally Blind and suffers from congestive heart failure. You cut her services off for $30.36. Her bill was $160.36 and with her eye sight being bad she wrote the check out for the wrong amount. After being with you for 6 years. Her Heart Monitor is connected to her phone because the Dr doesn't want her to risk herself and come in the office because of covid. She was without services for 2 hours and she didn't know what was going on. I called and spoke with a Rude Unprofessional Customer Service Rep and she said that she was cut off for $30.36. I explained to her about my mom's medical conditions and she acted like she could care less. She also told me if she only owed $5.00 that they would cut her off. Come on now this is a 85 year old blind lady where is your compassion. The Dr's were Outraged at this situation and offer to send letters to you and I was told that wouldn't help. The only reason that you are treating people this way is because you are the only cable provider in the area. Especially the Elderly.... Shame on you..

Everything. Internet is always down.

Internet is always down. But yet I got the best package and fastest internet package? LIES! On hold for hours trying to speak to a technician. Worst experience I have ever had, but yet doesn't mind taking $148 dollars out of my account every month.

NO ONE ever answers the phone!!!

My service is out in the guest bedroom. 30 minutes and still NO ONE answering the phone. I've had to regular unplug and reset my receiver, only now that is no longer solving the problem. I called about my bill, could never get anyone to answer the phone, sooooo guess I'll pay it when they fix my service... if that ever happens.Do not switch to these guys, you'll be miserable.