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Always losing signal, daily.

called them several times and they do a check over the phone. I'm not sure if they have in home tec's. we are just about ready to change

Worst customer service experience ever

Too many robots, when they tried to transfer our call they sent us back to the original robot that answers the call. No help whatsoever and besides that, our bill was jacked up without any notification.

The AT& T robots answering system long 5 hour wait

AT & T need to focus on customer service. I was on hold since 4pm to 7pm and no one was available to assist me. The robot kept asking what I needed to do then I was place on a call hold for hours.

Continuously raises prices with no improvements,

Unable to watch Army Navy Game because ATT refuses to negotiate with the CBS franchise. Apologies are worthless when they've had plenty of opportunities. Going to check out Spectrum first thing Monday morning ... recommend everyone should.

Total lack of care for customers re support

Try calling this company, and you'll wait, and wait, and wait, then, you'll get to speak to a robot!! That's BullSh@# Then, if your lucky, a real person, (probably in another country), the one I got had kids screaming in the background, Very professional, ha (and no, covid is NO EXCUSE, when your racking in the profits).

Then, after much debating & looking up accounts, you may get transferred, and then, after WAITING another 20-30 min. get disconnected, with NO CALL Back, total incompetent, and blatant lack of care for the customer. Some of the worst experiences I've had with a company/.

My customer service representative who signd me up

The cable representative told me my bill would be $80.00 if I signed up for automatic withdrawal. He also told me I would received a $300 visa card after 30 days, which was a straight out lie. My first month was $115 and the second month is projected to be $134.00.


Worst customer service experience ever with a cable tv and internet service company. My installation was not even completed as their equipment is not compatible with all smart TVs and then you have to purchase additional boxes at a cost of $100 ea and $10 a month (for me that was another 4 TVs). They mentioned Samsung and LG. That’s lie upfront to sell you the service. Then when I canceled without completed installation, it took me 1 and 1/2 hours the first day and 5 representatives. I had to call back more than 3 times for shipping labels to return equipment and return some to FEDEX and some to USPS. Then they billed BEFORE the date of installation for a month of service anyway, and I had to fight that. Then they billed me $120 for non return of equipment even though I had tracking numbers, and verification from the post office their agent had picked it up the day after I dropped it off. They lied to my bank, and said the charge was for services, even though I had a statement saying I had over a $50 credit. DONT DO IT!!

Bad support service

Our internet has stopped working twice in one month. First time it was down for 7 days before ATT fixed it. Just 2 weeks later it’s down again. After going through an hour call for the third time troubleshooting before they will call a technician that will come in 3 days. Unexceptionable.

System speeds not as advertised

"Loyal" customer by default. Captured user unless I elect satellite service. Only big player in my area. Fiber is in areas around me and have been for years. Have been promising for last 5 years to come to my area. Close city to Atlanta.

Overcharged every single month!

Dealing with their overcharges since trying to cut bill back when the pandemic began in April. Alas, there have been overcharge s every month, requiring hours on the phone every month trying to get them to bill as promised.