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CenturyLink Reviews

CenturyLink customer service ratings

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Read 37 CenturyLink user reviews

Customer service from this company sucks!!

The technician came out to finish connecting the internet to the house. He then set up the modem but told us he couldn’t get it to connect because the account was still on hold. He said to call customer service to get it taken off hold. For the next hour I was transferred between tech support and “customer care” six times with each saying they couldn’t help me. Only one person I talked to spoke fluent English!! The other major service provider is just as bad. If you actually do get working service, pray you never have to call “customer service” because you will get a concussion from banging your head against the wall.

Don't use them. I only do because its my only opti

Without internet 5 days. Was only able to SPEAK to someone on 5th day. Repair finally arrived on 5th day and the modem they sent me was bad. And don't try chatting with agent or any of the other things they try to get you to do in their 8 minute shpiel they give you while you're waiting to speak to someone because they're no better. The sweet girl who set up my repair ticket was the only help I ever got. Very thorough and patiently walked me through a very complicated process. This was also on the 5th day.

Hung up on me when I was disconnecting

I could never get customer service. I was sent a broken modem. They kept me on hold, transferred me many times and hung up on me when I tried to cancel service.

they lie, takes a long time to talk to a person

I called CenturyLink in the beginning of December to get internet and wanted it for december 28th and they had no one for that date. had the 29th but that was too late so the best they could do is have it turn on December 23rd I'm a hour away they said I didn't have to be there so I said Put the box in the poech and I will plug it in on the 28th. So when I got there it was sitting outside. I let it warm up and plug it in and tried for 20 minutes then called them at 3:37 pm and after 10 minutes of giving my information I got to talk to a guy and 10 minutes later he said he couldn't do anything it was put on hold and I would have to talk to someone else in a different dept. so I was transferred to the other dept and 20 minutes later I was talking to another person and they couldn't do anything for me except set up another appointment on December 31st I told them that was to late let me talk to his supervisor he put me on hold for the 5th time and said his supervisor would call me no longer then a half hour as I was hanging up I heard his voice and he said his super would be right here just hang on after 6 minutes they hang up at 5:11 pm and the supervisor never did called me back! It shouldn't take over 11/2 hours. They told me it would be set up on the 23rd but it wasn't they said they had to talk to me and read me some stuff that I had to agree on and they couldn't' t get a hold of me so they put a hold on it. they said they left messages (they lied) they said they texted me. (they lied) they said they e-mailed me yes 5 times once right away saying to call them the next to e-mails were welcome I did not see any of there e-mails being I get 60 a day. So If you want a lot of stress in your life call them.

Customer service

CenturyLink has the worst customer service of any company that I've ever dealt with. The customer service reps are poorly trained and speak very little to no English and have trouble understanding questions. For a telecom company I'm astonished about how bad their customer service is, they're useless. I'm trying to get a new line run to my new house for home phone landline service and I've been on the phone with them 3 times and transferred to countless reps and none of them could understand and solve my issue. Then I found the link on their website to contact upper management and I contacted them and all they said was that they'd escalate the case to the supervisor and I never got a response back, then I contacted them again 2 more times inquiring about a follow up and I never got a response back. I implore you not to do any business with CenturyLink, their customer service is absurd.


Horrible customer service. Que system that does not recognize voice prompts. Problems at every turn, internet that delivers half of what you pay for and constant outages.....been this way for ........years. Welcome to Centurylink!

The lack of communication

Lost internet months ago due to a storm. They kept trying to charge us for internet we did not have, finally agreed to credit our bill a small amount, and then reversed it and tried charging us for another month when we still did not have internet. Hours spent with customer service, and being transferred from one person to another. Still 3 months later, no internet. Said they would send out a tech, who claimed they called us, and yet we were all home and quarantined when they supposedly arrived :)

Impossible to get to a human!!!!

Called customer service number several times only to get the automated circular run around. Kept going back to the starting point as to what you are calling about. Only once was I given the option to talk to a rep by pressing 2. It rang one ring and then went to some faint background music. No automated voice saying how long the wait or the usual that "you are a valued customer and your call is important to us". Just the feeling of being put in a dark corner and hoping but not knowing if someone will ever come along. Totally disappointed and frustrated.

Absoutely terrible service.

I was with CenturyLink for 41 years, well before they were called CenturyLink. Because of my location I was constantly experiencing long blackouts of all internet service. It was never reliable. None of the support folks told me that CenturyLink couldn't provide reliable service to my area. They just kept taking my money and promising me 100mg when I was getting 2 or 3 mg on a good day and 1 or none on a bad day. We finally found a company that could provide us with what we needed at a good comparble price.

Everything !!

Tried calling got hung up on 5 times. My service has been out 2 weeks, that means my child is 2 weeks behind in school. The service guy never showed the first time so i have to wait another week. They have a monopoly. They don't care.

Hard hitting lesson on patience

I have been "on hold" after calling Centurylink for assistance for over 30 minutes. I thought I would take the wait time to write this review. The internet service itself is average, nothing special. The cost is average as well. Where they do exceptionally poor is in customer service. I have called their "service center" a number of times. Always the same horrible experience. Waiting 45+ minutes to get assistance is completely unacceptable. I would NOT recommend this company. I will be disconnecting service and switching to another company.

Inability to get a straight answer from overseas r

THE WORST I have had century link for 20 yrs. Now that they sent their customer support overseas you can't get a straight answer, They lacked basic knowledge of services... I am switching providers

Promises that are not delivered

Have a house with someone doing remote school and two people doing remote work. So we get decide to get a new plan for more bandwidth. When we are confirming the plan we ask and are assured multiple times that the old internet won't turn off until the new internet is up and working. So they say they'll come on Monday of the week 5:00 on Monday rolls around, our old internet stops. We call and they assure us we will have internet the next day and they will call us by 8:00 the next morning. Next morning rolls around 8:00 comes and goes we call back at 9:00. They then assure us that the internet person is on there way. (meanwhile everyone is having to make due with mobile hotspots) The rest of the day every couple of hours we call because no one has shown up. 5:00 the next day rolls around and we call and they tell us well the person who was supposed to install came and said they were not able to come because no one let them in the house even though 3 people were in the house the whole day. So now here we are a whole day without internet with tons of lies and broken promises not knowing when will we get internet

Internet service does not work-period.

I literally have no Internet. Tech came out and boosted power. However, service is beyond bad-simply put-I have no Internet.

Customer Service

I have been on hold now for over 4 hours. I need repair to the cable they never came and buried. Have been disconnected twice already after holding 30 minutes. Currently on hold for 1.5 hours. Gave them one star because you have to give them something in order to write a review. If I had another option for internet, I would NOT use Century Link.

Their repair ability

When their system crashes, you can bet on losing phone and internet service for one to three days. They will keep giving you repair deadlines and blow through them for days. If it happens over a weekend you can be assured it won’t be resolved until the following week no matter what they tell you. The customer service staff will only day they are sorry you are having problems without any reliable information on the problem. Every time it is the same old line. They are one of the worst phone/internet providers.

They never keep their promises and always change

They never keep the lines of service open. The customer service doesn’t know what the rest of their team is doing. The technicians are very rude along with the customer service people. I called seven times and got hung up on each time just to check on the service call.

Customer Service on Script

Trying to return modem. Website doesn't recognize account number or last name.

Promises that are not delivered.

It takes a long time to get through the automated system. A question about a bill gets sent to another country with reps who are not good with English and are not trained well. Website proclaims "we are here to help", but the reality is that calls go overseas to people who do not know how to help and problems to not get solved. Terrible customer service regardless of time of day. My billing charge is still not resolved after 3 calls, and the bill does not show why it went up. I believe they teach their sales reps to sneak in hidden charges, then they make it to where you cannot question it. Worst experience with any company for years.

Customer service

They never transferred my service and claimed the account was lost...

Poorly trained telephone service representatives

CTL service told me that I needed a new modem. Transferred me to Customer Care. The CC rep announced that my rural location was soon getting fiber optic service and sold me an equipment lease for the anticipated upgrade. Turns out, there never was any upgrade planned for my area. She lied.

customer service

Having to talk to a representative who has no idea what they're doing.


Its been a year long nightmare

I ordered service for my residence & business, for which they sent boxes but no one ever showed up to install them. Twice! Therefore the service was never hooked up. I continued on with Spectrum. This was in May of 2019 & they have not stopped billing me or harassing me, to date. They are now trying to say I, a senior citizen ordered self install for my home & business. I would have never done that, not in a million years, that's just one of their lies. I have involved the attorney general's office & Centurylink keeps saying they have sent labels to return the boxes & that they will credit everything after they get the boxes. They have never sent the labels & I can prove that through photographed daily mail, in my email.

While in the middle of trying to settle things through the office of the attorney general, I get a notice that centurylink has turned my account (that I Never had) over to a collection agency. Keeping in mind, centurylink gave me until the 24th of March 2020 to send boxes back (without the labels they claim to have sent) in order to receive the credit, but, On March 21st 2020 is when I received the credit threat. So this is their way of working things out, by lying & deceitful actions. How can someone collect on something they Never provided & better yet threaten an excellent credit record for something that Never took place?? Worst company & customer service Ever!! Almost a whole year of harassment from this company & still have gotten Nowhere!


they price you out of service!

unreliable internet & TOO SLOW (10mbs)

We are on a dead end secondary road with about 200 houses. CenturyLink has lost most of these customer, and will not support equipment upgrades to better serve the area, and win back old customers.

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CenturyLink Specs

Services:Internet/Landline/TV (Partnered with DIRECTV)
States Covered:35 states
Population Covered:59.8M
Connection Type:Fiber & DSL
Internet Speeds:12Mbps - 1,000Mbps (varies by area)
TV Channels:330+
On Demand Library:25,000+
4K Channels:Yes
Contract:No term, 2-year

CenturyLink Company Info

Company Name:CenturyLink
Headquarters:100 CenturyLink Dr. Monroe, LA 71203
Customer Service:1 (800) 871-9244
Website:Go to Website
Wikipedia:Go to Wikipedia
Facebook:Go to Facebook
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