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DIRECTV Review: Is it worth it?

DIRECTV customer reviews

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Sign you up for out of date deals

I signed up for DirecTV 6 months ago and ended up being tied into a contract paying more then I signed up for. I agreed to a package that was $89 and then a couple of weeks into the deal I was charged $120. I called up the customer support and thye told me that was the price of my package and that the $89 was an introductory price that ran out the day before I signed up!! I've spent hours arguing on the phone with them, so I have just given up and will be cancelling as soon as I can wihtout paying them anymore money.

Quick and easy installation

So far everything has run smoothly and we have received the best service. From the reps to quick and easy installation.


to many price increases


The bottom line- I was unhappy with the service from day 1. The technicians blindly drilled holes THROUGH my newly renovated walls and when they realized they were unable to go through, they entered a different place and left nice round holes in my walls in several rooms. This is a terrible company and television service. I reluctantly stuck through 2.5 years of service with this company because I was stuck in a contract with them. After 5 months of service, we moved and were automatically entered into a new contract. Since then, I've received countless phone calls advertising "free" and "promotional" tv packages while the customer service representative purposely tried lure me into agreeing to entering a new contract. Fortunately for me, I understand their tricks. I've had RUDE customer service all-around and ESPECIALLY when I cancelled. Can't wait to see my HUGE UNJUSTIFIABLE cancellation bill. Go with an ANTENNA- you'd be better off.

Deals for existing customers

Having found a cheaper package elsewhere, I made the mistake of moving from Directv. Within a couple of weeks I called Directv and got a fantastic deal which was much cheaper and they came and reinstalled my equipment quickly. Fantastic service all round.

Knowledgable representatives

Very knowledgeable representatives and friendly. Do not get fed up no matter how many questions you ask! Great service!


they change the prices on addons, to a fee, when they did this, you cannot cancel that on your plan, before you could, very rude, customer service, I had them for a long time, my bill is up to $187.00 a month now, I wa ted to change my plan, and got the run around from customer service, I ask if their was discounts for long time customers, they told me their was none;; I hung up,

Customer support team friendly

Whose satellite TV doesn't lose signal in really bad weather? We have had Directv for years now and only when the weather is really severe have we lost signal, and even if it does you can still use the DVR which is great. I have never had any complaints with them, their customer support team are always friendly and any problems they are fixed within a few hours. They also offer great prices.

Being bought out by AT&T.

I used to like Directv until they merged with AT&T. I disconnected 3 days ago because I was put into another 2 yr agreement without my authorization. I was on the phone with 3 agents and 2 supervisors and because the computer said it couldn't reverse the agreement...(really?) So, the only way they could not charge me was to cancel my subscription with no early cancellation fee.


Been with DirecTV for 3 years. For over 1 year, have had lots of trouble with local channels. Called DirecTV but they want $100 for the service, or for $7.95/month contract. I already pay almost $1000/year for this service but am NOT getting what I paid for!! Too bad they treat long time customers like this. Will switch in the next 2 weeks, FOR SURE.