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DIRECTV Review: Is it worth it?

DIRECTV customer reviews

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Signed up with Direct Tv and with no problems the first 12 months. Called to change plans and was told that our bill would be $49 a month for the next year. Received our bill the next month and was pleased. However the next month, only 6 weeks after changing plans received a bill for over double the amount agreed to. My husband called to dispute the amount and was told that the promotion expired a month after we signed up although the representative said it would be for the next 12 months.

Anthony, the rep my husband spoke with was extremely disrespectful and raised his voice to my husband. My husband asked to speak to a supervisor and was then hung up on by him, Roger.

After an hour and 10 minutes and 4 representatives later. The only answer we received was that when we changed plans they should have explained that the promotion was ending 6 weeks later! And nothing they could do about it. Horrible constumer service. Extremely dissatisfied and will be cancelling service.


I have had Dish,Comcast,and Direct TV and while DTV has more choices they just were bought out by AT&T. That is a clear sign of prices going north quickly. Darryl posted loyalty issues and attitude which will become the norm. These providers have you over a barrel if you like sports as that will cost you. The fact the FCC allows these companies to charge you per month for set boxes is a complete rip-off . They offer lots of channels that you never use and the idea of a la cart is so out of the question. There has to be something out there that will change this but some lobbyist is paying off somebody in D.C.


I have been with Direct for 5 years. Horrible customer loyalty. When I called told them I was changing to another provider they actually told me I should go, come back in two years. They didn't even try to get me to stay. What a joke.

Customer Service/Sales

Funny how a company like DirecTV would push away a prospective new customer (with a credit rating of 798) because their "system" cannot verify my credit score after moving. If they plug in my old address (from the house I just sold) they see that my credit is great. If they change the address (about 15 miles away) in the system, they cannot determine my credit worthiness. As such the fee associated with opening up the DirecTV account goes up $300. Since when does one's credit score change upon moving? I spoke with five or six people at DirecTV over two hours. This is so unacceptable to hide behind the shortcomings of their internal processes that I would not recommend DirecTV to anyone.

I posted this on their Facebook page and after DirecTV read the text above, they referred me to write a letter to their dispute department. Why would anyone work there? Then they point me to EquiFax (the credit people) and address the issue there. Crazy.