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Easy installation process

From start to finish the sign up and installation was easy and the sales reps were not pushy, just friendly and helpful and did not force me to sign up for any extras I didn't want. Very happy with my service.

Good value

I have just signed up to Dish for TV phone and internet and so far I am impressed! I love the variety of channels, although I am disappointed that they have cancelled Fox news, but that wasn't a deal breaker for me. It's great to have everything bundled together and for such a great price each month. Althought when i've had to call customer support it's takes a while to get through to anyone, when you do they are very helpful and friendly and do their best to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Not Directv

Michelle D. any company will make you sign a new agreement when you get new equipment because the equipment is always tied to a contract unless you go to an authorized dealer or buy from eBay or something like that. It's not something any company can waive. That is a full price offer though, due to your longevity you may be entitled to free offers, but those would come with contract. It auto populates a contract upon activation of new leased receiver. Only owned don't come with contract.

Easy sign up

Having recently moved and not being able to stay with my old provider I signed up with DISH. The service reps are very friendly and helpful on sign up and I've found the service to be ok, but with Live TV it is very slow sometimes. But all in all it is not a bad service.

Nice layout and prices don't go up

I love dish! The BEST provider but the software on our hopper got messed up and it does hard resets every day and it sucks but otherwise dish is the best!

Good price plans

I've had my service with Dish for a year and we have paid our bills on time and never had any problems, until our reciever goes down. A week later and we are still waiting for the engineer to come out!

DISH is by FAR the best TV provider

I signed up for DISH a few months ago, and have been blown away. I always assumed their product was sub-par because most of what I've seen about them has been about their pricing. I got to make my own TV package (why did this take so long to become a thing?!), got their Hopper receiver that is the most awesome DVR ever (and I've had like 10), and locked in my price for two years. Switching to DISH was the best decision I've ever made.

paying for local channels, HD drops all the time.

Been a long time customer, it doesn't matter they keep adding costs. It says local channels free then why am I being charged for them ?

rates going up and up about same as cable, newest

rates go up several times a year never have gotten channels i'm supposed to. leaving dish

This site is not a real Dish store only a retail s

Worst shop only a real Dis Store