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They will over bill you & not tell you about it.

After years of service, my bill went up $20 for no reason. When I phoned, I got a foreign call center. On hold forever. Hard to understand. Totally frustrating.

Was told my voucher had expired. I'm like 'what voucher'?

Customer service is lacking their billing is questionable.

Overall awful

Awful price. Awful customer service. Okay internet.

Would be out of business if people had many choices for their ISP

Worst Company and Service

I have been with this company almost 12 years and bill keep on raising evey 3-6 months without notifying, we don't have any other option here thats why they are taking advantage -internet +tv & phone service they are charging $ 289- there is no plan with that amount - 116 download and 37 upload is a joke, ridiculous and internet drops at least 4-5 times a day. Ridiculous service.. I have decided to cancel the TV and Phone only keep internet.

Worst customer service ever!!!!!

Bad enough optimum is very expensive, I get a bill with a $28 increase. I called customer service to find out why and get my monthly bill reduced. The first person told me she couldn't help me. I asked to speak to a supervisor, who called me back 3 hours later (Dina), who also said there was nothing she could do. I called a complaint number, spoke to a supervisor named Usef, who boldly said optimum is a business and if cannot pay the monthly bill I should cancel my service. I could not believe what I heard. I thought that was a terrible thing to say to a customer. My intentions are to do my research and actually find another cable company. I do not need to be insulted like that.

Hard to get to speak with a live person.

Technician left without putting SD card, our remote didn’t work properly. Had to drive 1/2 an hour to store to get one. Technician unplugged our Bose system and now we have no where to plug it back in, as they gave us an old set top box. Ugh!

Phone calls to company ignored

Multiple calls about a weird technician in our home were ignored. Tech made us feel very uncomfortable. We called the company office twice and they hung up each time. We had all their equipment removed and went with a different company.

Very bad company

I switched to Tmobile for $60 a month instead of $140 with optimum I’m glad for that move I would never go back to optimum/cable vision.

replacement equipment is horrible- Arris modem

Stores are NOT close by (Long Island) and customer service is foreign sourced? can't really understand the operators (they are very nice!!! but accents real difficult!!) and their phone volume is very very low. LONG wait times on the phone and no real help. Must go in person to resolve issues. sad.

Horrible, horrible, horrible!!!

I have had the worst internet service and no matter how many service calls I had, nothing helped. I upgraded to Alice and, yes, the internet service is better(not great, just better)my tv service and dev has caused me nothing but grief. Every week I am on the phone with them multiple times. Never get the same story twice and trying to get to a supervisor is virtual impossible.

By far the worst company ever

Not only the customer service is the worst I have ever experienced, they're throttling my internet speed.

After I restart modem speed gets up to 300 mbps but in 10 mins is throttled down to 30