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Horrible, horrible, horrible!!!

I have had the worst internet service and no matter how many service calls I had, nothing helped. I upgraded to Alice and, yes, the internet service is better(not great, just better)my tv service and dev has caused me nothing but grief. Every week I am on the phone with them multiple times. Never get the same story twice and trying to get to a supervisor is virtual impossible.

By far the worst company ever

Not only the customer service is the worst I have ever experienced, they're throttling my internet speed.

After I restart modem speed gets up to 300 mbps but in 10 mins is throttled down to 30

Very Bad Customer Service

Called end of Feb why the bill went up $18, was told everything is expensive. I asked if they have any promotions or discounts for senior citizens, was told to call back in March. Called back and was told promotions and discounts are only for new customers. Asked for a supv or manager and was told no one is there and supv or mgr would not be able to do more for me than he/she was (which was nothing but lies) I'm definitely finding another provider. Others offer internet for $ 39 a month not $104, channels are nothing but sports, foreign or repeats.

Rate increase without notification

been a customer of Optimum for many years. Suddenly i tried to pay my bill and saw that they increase my rate by $12.00 without prior notification. They did not even think that so many jobs are lost. Their behaviour is very cruel, its all about the money for them.

This company denied (even with a conformation number) that we put our account on hold. Then proceeded to charge us for months more! Now will not look up the confirmation number - telling us WE need to call to ask for the recording! So we are supposed to do their job for them! What shady players this company is! STAY AWAY FROM THEM! Awful!


LOTS OF OLD SHOWS FROM THE 80S TO WATCH...all over again. Sports I dont want to pay for but have to, front desk clerks that can never help resolve an issue and are abrupt, price increases at least 3 times a year etc...,


The introduction rate said it was going to be 65 dollars a month. Even knowing there would be taxes and fee the bill is actually 108 dollars. It was only said after I submitted my order. Don't trust what they say the price is going to be. This is the only option in the area, so there is no other options.


The Connection is garbage, the Customer service is bad and its just all and all a mediocre, sad Internet provider.

Refused to put me on seasonal plan

I called in November to be put on seasonal billing plan as I was going away for winter. Optimum said they had note of my call but not of me requesting the seasonal rate. This is totally bogus.


4mo after i left, they charged my acct

I Returned all items Sep 16th, Dec 14 they charged me $1085 directly out of my acct without any advisement or discussion. I call to get my money back on the 14th here is today 12/18 they still owe me $1,085 and the customer service wont elevate this. I HATE OPTIMUM and believe them to be thieves..