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customer service, price


It’s lack of transparency

Can’t find info online, the chat feature is useless when searching for info

Unsubstantiated charges like $8.97 sports network.

Wrote FCC, another crapper!

There customer service they have no clue

They have added additional prices they can't explain they have no idea what there talking about when you call customer service you get disinformation from every rep. Just horrible I switched to save from fios but I'm paying more now in the beginning I was supposed to pay 109 which somehow went up to 150


I upgraded my speed to 200mps and bought a very good router. I am still getting avg 80 mps. Just paying more for less.

customer service

Continue to have horrible experience with optimum. The company is completely deaf to its customers , my parents were charged for a service call, where there was an issue outside the building, basically it was Optimum issue... and 3 months down the road I cannot take charges off from their account. I call them every month and the same story repeats again and again, they will investigate and call, and of course they never do. If you have an alternative to any other service , use it. Stay away from optimum.

they charge for everything- this is ridiculous-

I live in Coop city- and they have us by the balls- we do not have any other choices


Pushed for package I didnt want.

They are a monopoly

Found them to be over priced

How terrible it has become in last year

Several issues, no help or support, customer service not what it was. Spotty services on & off through out year. Month of June , services barely worked, hours on support systems & phone.last week of the month I had no services. No landline or cell services for 1 week. Add to that more issues as a result of the service I finally received, nothing fixed, issues still unresolved. Sent hand written letter to Corp. HQ with a partial payment with a #ed list & explanation of all that I experienced. Six weeks later it came back to me, unopened. Switched to Verizon Fios, cable TV is the worst service. Never knew these conditions existed, like U, have done everything to get help, in addition to other issues that exist because everything that was discussed when we created my package is not what I got. All still unresolved.we the customers who have to buy from big corporations because there is nothing else, once you get us signed up, we become invisible except for getting your monthly payments. all u care about is your bottom line, investors & profits.