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Spectrum Reviews

Spectrum customer service ratings

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Read 55 Spectrum user reviews


Due to horrible internet service, I upgraded but was never informed about a $199.99 gig fee. Even though they have record of chat box order and saw that there was no mention of it, they refused to do anything about it.

Don't deliver on service. No signal.

10 boxes in 3 yrs. no audio, no reception, rate increase $33 last bill. no resolution on service problems. charged for service I never ordered. internet complaints forget it.

They basically double the cost in a year.

They jacked the internet only package up from $45 a month to $85 a month dollars and they have been steadily increasing it by $5 a month every month for a while. The first option I find that doesn't bottleneck the internet speed, will easily steal me as a customer and I won't be going back.

Unfair Business

I have been with Spectrum for few years now. They kept going up on the internet rate. I paid for the internet service for the full month from Dec 22-Jan 21. I cancelled the service on Jan 9. Spectrum refused to refund the prorated premium, AND Spectrum cut off my service on Jan 9. They cannot have it both ways. This is unfair business. They should either refund the prorated premium OR allow the service to continue until the end of the billing cycle.

They censor newsmax and suppressing free speech


Most of the time, they have packet drops.

AT&T is a better choice in my area. DLS is a lot slower, but AT&T's usually works. In 7 years if having them, I think I may have had 3 issues. Those were due to the weather.

It’s internet service

This thing you call an internet is the WORST internet I’ve ever had in my life. I experience latency issues any time I play video games, I have slow connection whenever trying to do school work, and I have issues with streaming services because the internet is too slow. I should get a refund for how much of piece of garbage this internet service is.

EVERYTHING is rotten with spectrum

They only have one basic internet speed tier (claims) 100 mbs which is WAY OVERPRICED. You can opt-in for a super high speed (claims 400 mbs) for an even more exhorbitant price. Their regular 100mbs costs $69.99 per month. RIDICULOUS! That's more than double what it's worth. Seniors and singles should be able to get a 25-30mbs speed for $25-$30 per month but sucktrum won't offer that. Their customer service is atrocious. I finally told them to shove it and cut it off. Took me almost A DAMN HOUR to get that done and THEN they charged me for a full month of service when I only used 4 DAYS on that service period. These people are @$$holes.

Customer service hands down.

They do not care if you have problems or are a high paying customer they are rude and have even sent me a envelope with return address to return the modem when I complained. Worst company on earth because its available where people dont have a choice. And they know it.

The Internet Service, The Tech was will informed

The Tech was will informed and did a great Job and followed our wishes for PPE, Joshua was very professional and my wife and I was very please with the job he did.

Keeps on loosing connection

For almost $90 a month, it’s the worst internet service I have ever had. Just tonight it has lost connection 6 times. As the only provider in my area I have no choice, but as soon as AT&T puts fiber in, I will be switching.


Idk about you guys but I haven’t really had issue with spectrum. I was thinking of switching to spectrum mobile but I have read a lot of bad reviews.

It’s the only provider available besides satellite

They suck. I pay for 200 mps but usually get around 15

Internet Service

I have had the most horrific experience with Spectrum, please avoid this Company!! Internet Service is sub par, I haven't had consistent service for quite some time and their response? "We're in the middle of a pandemic so everyone is having the same problem." WHAT??? I'd say for that reason your service should be most reliable! Again such an awful experience, do yourself a favor and avoid Spectrum like the plague!!

Fraud and extortion

Spectrum forces customers to upgrade to their 400 Mbs plan to achieve 10-17 Mbs (when you're lucky). Their customer service reps lie constantly. I've had 2 technicians come to the house during COVID-19 and now they want to send a third. They constantly report that the signal is "out of range" and can't fix it. It constantly drops and if you need a continuous signal for more than 15 minutes you have to use your cell phone's hot spot. Worst of all is that they commit fraud and even extortion to people who want even the minimal internet speeds. Pay more or you get NOTHING for your money. Wait times for technicians is over a week. Wait times for tech support is at least 1 hour. What a horrible shameful company that is nothing but ignorance, lies and excuses. They need to be investigated by the FCC and ICC. Stay away!

Prices and programs



I was told 2 years ago that the plan i was on and no longer available and if i made any change to my account. I would be put on a "Spectrum Plan" that was almost double. So i decided not to make any changes and keep. Since then my service has gone up almost 80.00 a month and when i called to find out my options. Their customer service rep told be to go BUY a Roku or any other service and to get rid of their cable service. To say I was stunned is an understatement. Then he said, take it or leave, we(Spectrum) don't care


I was told 2 years ago if I changed my plan from the time Warner version to spectrum my rate would go up about $10 and never increase again for TV and internet. And I would get up to 200 mbs, stupid me. "Up to " read, never more and mostly less. In honesty it does get to 200 mbs I'd say about 10 % of the time. Rest of thime it's 30 to 50 mbs. And my rate wen up another $10, 2 months later. If there was a good alternative is change tomorrow.

wanted to start new account for moving - extra fee

I wanted to transfer service but rep wanted extra fees. I canceled service and went with AT&T.

inconsistent internet speed.....advertise 100mbps?

keep dropping signal or lower mbps.... tonite 26.??? other times 65 or even 85???

Slow, undependable internet, high bills.

Cancelling service after 30+ years of poor quality service, and still getting billed for the next month that they know I won't be getting service for. That's the thanks they give those who have overpaid them for a lifetime. Amazed at the huge improvement in quality with my new provider, who is billing about 1/3rd of what Spectrum did.


This is an absolutely horrible and shady company, STAY AWAY! The service is shaky at best, its kinda funny how they used to play all these commercials about how DirectTV was so unreliable but for some reason they are not playing those any longer. Could it be because their service SUCKS? I constantly have interruptions in service both for my TV and Internet, the internet slows down to well under 30mbs (supposed to be 100mbs min) and they pull other shady stuff. For example try to watch TV when you are not on their internet, you will only get the Basic channels, nothing worth watching really. The other channels are only available when you are at home. Then the app is a whole another story, if you do not have a keyboard on something like oh I dunno an XBox or Roku TV guess what? You CAN NOT USE THE APP AT ALL, they conveniently forgot to allow for entry of UPPERCASE letters, so there is no way to enter a valid username and password to login, without logging in you can not use the app... hmmm.... Interesting huh? I wonder if it has anything to do with what I saw last time I had to go pay my bill, there were well over a dozen people returning the cable boxes, they are making the app unusable so you have to rent the boxes, ITS A SCAM! Please everyone its well past time we start to fight back against these companies, drop them and as much as it pains me to say this, go with AT&T at least they attempt to deliver on promises, Charter is here for one thing, your money and they don't care what they do to get it.

Charges too high for what they offer.

Spectrum services have gotten worst over time in my experience. They need more competition. Is the government listening?

Cannot solve problem over internet

Streaming erratic and cannot get an answer from Spectrum....confusing websites with no answers.


No local channels , picture keeps freezing

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Spectrum features

States Covered:46 states
Population Covered:102.5M
Connection Type:Cable & fiber
Internet Speeds:100-1000Mbps (varies by area)
TV Channels:300+
On Demand Library:20,000+
4K Channels:No

Spectrum company details

Company Name:Charter Communications
Headquarters:12405 Powerscourt Dr. St. Louis, MO 63131
Phone Number:(888) 495-3456
Website:Go to Website
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