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Spectrum Reviews in 2021

Spectrum customer service ratings

Average Customer Rating55 User Reviews
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Slow, undependable internet, high bills.

Cancelling service after 30+ years of poor quality service, and still getting billed for the next month that they know I won't be getting service for. That's the thanks they give those who have overpaid them for a lifetime. Amazed at the huge improvement in quality with my new provider, who is billing about 1/3rd of what Spectrum did.


This is an absolutely horrible and shady company, STAY AWAY! The service is shaky at best, its kinda funny how they used to play all these commercials about how DirectTV was so unreliable but for some reason they are not playing those any longer. Could it be because their service SUCKS? I constantly have interruptions in service both for my TV and Internet, the internet slows down to well under 30mbs (supposed to be 100mbs min) and they pull other shady stuff. For example try to watch TV when you are not on their internet, you will only get the Basic channels, nothing worth watching really. The other channels are only available when you are at home. Then the app is a whole another story, if you do not have a keyboard on something like oh I dunno an XBox or Roku TV guess what? You CAN NOT USE THE APP AT ALL, they conveniently forgot to allow for entry of UPPERCASE letters, so there is no way to enter a valid username and password to login, without logging in you can not use the app... hmmm.... Interesting huh? I wonder if it has anything to do with what I saw last time I had to go pay my bill, there were well over a dozen people returning the cable boxes, they are making the app unusable so you have to rent the boxes, ITS A SCAM! Please everyone its well past time we start to fight back against these companies, drop them and as much as it pains me to say this, go with AT&T at least they attempt to deliver on promises, Charter is here for one thing, your money and they don't care what they do to get it.

Charges too high for what they offer.

Spectrum services have gotten worst over time in my experience. They need more competition. Is the government listening?

Cannot solve problem over internet

Streaming erratic and cannot get an answer from Spectrum....confusing websites with no answers.


No local channels , picture keeps freezing

Bad customer service.

I inquired about internet service but representative had already started service without my permission. I was surprised to see the email saying that service is started.

I had to call customer service and it took 1hr 30min to reach a representative. Even service representative was not knowledgeful.


Constant. Spooling while streaming content.

Internet speed net what they promised!

Problem with their box, shuts off. Have to reset TV almost daily. $200 Monthly rate is very high for basic package. We are checking for antenna & will drop. I don’t think they care about seniors either. So disappointed with TW selling out to Spectrum/Charter..just knew they would increase cost & decrease service.



The Company Morals. Always a leadership issue.

They advertised an internet price that was competitive. When I called to sign up the sales man manipulated and pushed me into signing up for a trial TV internet combo and told me I could cancel the TV package at any point. He did this knowing that I don't own a TV and knowing it was against my will. When I canceled the TV package I was not able to get the advertised price for internet because it is a promotional package and I waisted that on the TV package. Now I am paying one and a half times as much as I should be paying and no one will do anything about. Companies with poor morals need to be avoided at all cost so that they don't keep growing.