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Suddenlink Reviews

Suddenlink customer service ratings

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Read 62 Suddenlink user reviews

Horrible, horrible customer service department

You can never reach anyone without sitting on hold for over 30 minutes. Today has already been two calls totaling over 1 hour. Look elsewhere for service. They'll answer for new business but don't take care of existing customers. Poor way to run a business...


on hold for 30 min to an hour only to be transferred and then disconnected. Good luck even getting a technician to show up!

Rip you of when you cancel service. Poor cust. Ser

Cancelled cable service but kept internet service. Suddenlink continued to Bill me for the rest of the month and since I paid for the service a month in advance I ended up paying for 1 month and 3 weeks for service I had cancelled. Complete theft. Go with direct TV or any other service other than suddenlink. Complete rip off.

Constantly buffering because of slow sppeds

Paying for 400megs, lucky if I get 100. Today during college playoffs getting about 25

Customer Service

Suddenlink will go up on your bill every year. You can never get any one on the phone to help, and if you do it will be somehwere across the world where they are more intent on NOT helping you because you are in the US. In times past you could renew your contract with the yearly deal, now they say they don't do that, but they continually up the price of your service. There should be laws in place to protect consumers. Altice could care less about their customer base.

The service

I wish I could give it no stars!!

I have never hated any company more than I hate Suddenlink. I have had issues with my service for almost 2 months. I have had 3 technicians out, switched my modem box out twice, had my wires switched at least 3 times, had my attic wires checked/fix along with my outside wires; nothing fixed the problem. I have still had to pay the $60.00 tech fee even though nothing has fixed my issue. I have started to pay the monthly service fee to cover the other two tech visits and still, nothing was fixed. I have done two escalations for the supervisor callbacks and never received a call. I have called multiple times for almost two months and gone through every step with technical support. I have been promised that the $60 fee would be waived due to the problem not being fixed and then being told on another call that the request was denied. Customer support is a joke, and the service is the worst!

WORST Customer Service EVER!

Internet outages all the time. Wait 2 - 11 days for repair. Rude customer Service representatives that talk over you and literally don't care what the problem is.

every process/contact person.

trying to cancel all service for 2 months. They continue to debit my account. On 2 different calls I was transferred to a manager who was not interested.

Dropped internet, slow speed, no customer support,

It's sucked very bad

when your TV is out it take a week

they do not lesson and fix the problem! Now I am out of a TV for A week!


I’m mad I even have to give it a star you pay over $100 just for internet they keep upping the price it never works they have hidden fees they suck as far as costumer service goes they won’t help you they say oh nothing we can do or they try to upgrade you well that comes with a price. They blow only reason we have them is the non compete crap

No service for 2 1/2 monts

Very poor customer service, not concerned about customer but still sends bill

It hard to choose. Customer service sucks

Terrible. The company has always been awful and needs a change. The customer service is the worst. You could fool me by saying the staff was found on the street. All awful


For 10+ years I've been forced to use suddenlink. Constant dropped audio, picture freezing and pixelating. Self taught incompetent customer service. Perfect candidate for a class action lawsuit.

False advertisement and poor customer service.

We currently have internet service through Suddenlink, and we started getting all kinds of pop ups that advertise Suddenlink package deals with no installation charge and a $100 Amazon gift card. I went online around 8/17 and signed up for a faster internet service and cable tv. I received a price of $125.98 and they never called to set up the service. I called the number and they said that they don`t have any record of our request.

On 8/31 I went online and placed the order again and I received a order confirmation number [protected] and a Cart ID number. This morning I received a voicemail from [protected] and it was a bunch of mumbling and all that I could understand was call [protected]. So I called the number and the person asked for all of my information, and then when I explained why I called he laughed at me and told me to hold and a different person answered the phone.

Of coarse I went thorough the part of giving all of my information, and she said that she had no record of my request. I gave her my confirmation number [protected] and Cart ID and she told me that she would enter my request, but I had to pay $25 and I would not get the $100 gift card. I asked for a supervisor in which he also gave me the run around. I was on the phone for over 30 minutes and he finally told me that the offer was only for new customers.

There is a local blog in my community where people are complaining daily about Suddenlink in which I always tried to defend them until now. I am now shopping for a new internet and Dish TV service.

Billing dept. is very creative.

In my area, Suddenlink is the only game in town. No other ISPs available, unless you get a Dish connection. I live in an apartment. I can't get permission for a satellite dish install. I was paying app $80.00/month for intenet service. They starting sending me bills for over $200.00 because they said I exceeded my alloted data plan. They informed me if I upgraded to the unlimited data plan, they would erase the overage charges, and I would pay $100.00/month. So I signed up for unlimited plan, and paid the inflated charge, and now my current tstement states I owe $489.00. These people are thieves, pure and simple. They are not getting another dime out of me until they mail me a bill. If you can, avoid doing business with these gangsters. If you can't, get used to life without an internet connection. I have concluded that I will have to move to get service from a different ISP. SUDDENLINK SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Everything right now

Know this that all Suddenlink employees are working from home some billing if you get through is not even in this country. If you call them you will get three diffrent or four to your reponses. Money that you pay on your bill might be lost or misappropriated. And they will give you the run around shuffle. Suddenlink is owned by Altise in New York.

Passing the buck

They are missapproipating money losing it and putting into other peoples account. Billing refuses tp fix issue my hanging up constantly. They are stealing from the elderly. Time to sue for Misappropriated funds.

Disruption of service and price

We have had 4 outages in past 45 days. 2 of them lasting over a day.


The worst service


paying for internt service that does not work!

Customer service and billing

Signed up for Internet only on what was supposed to be a fixed price for 2 years. Price raised without notice after 6 months. Talked with customer service and they finally agreed to a new price that was supposed to be good for 1 year. Again 6 months later, price raised by over 40% without warning or explanation. Again called customer service without satisfaction. Was told supervisor would investigate and call back. No surprise that there was no call back. Called them again 10 days later. Excuses given that they can raise rates without notice. Was told supervisor would call within an hour to discuss. No surprise that there has been no call 3 hours later. This company functions just like the monopoly it is! I wonder what local officials and developers are on their kickback system. No real alternatives (yet) for Internet service. When there are, I hope Suddenlink starves financially. If you have a choice, choose something else.

Customer service!!!!!

Charged me for 3 years for a piece of equipment I returned. Any tech issues they try to talk you thru even if it's a repeated problem. Most of the time customer service barely speaks English.

Customer service is horrible and no choice

It was horrible and if I had another provider I would go with them. Their own installer speaks poorly of them and has been there 14 years. What in the heck is he doing. I hate them as providers

The absolute worst customer service for amount of

The service techs are fine, if you can get thru the idiots at the call center.

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Suddenlink Specs

States Covered:19 states
Population Covered:6.8M
Connection Type:Cable/Fiber
Internet Speeds:1Mbps - 1000Mbps (varies by area)
TV Channels:290+
On Demand Library:11,000+
4K Channels:Yes

Suddenlink Company Info

Company Name:Suddenlink Communications
Headquarters:520 Maryville Centre Dr, St Louis, MO 63141
Employees:5001 - 10,000
Phone Number:(719) 399-3541
Website:Go to Website
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