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Verizon FiOS Reviews in 2021

Verizon FiOS customer service ratings

Verizon FiOS
Average Customer Rating29 User Reviews
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Starting at:$39.99/mo
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Read 29 Verizon FiOS user reviews

price goes up up up, From $30 to $64 so far.

Had free dialup access until Verizon forced "upgrade" to optical cable, which destroyed dialup access and leaves me with no service during outage.

Too expensive. Unreliable internet and phone

When I first got my bundle 10 yrs ago I paid $70 for landline and DSL internet. Then they switched to fiber optics and I pay $123 month, my landline hangs up on calls and my internet speed was lowered to 25/25 and it doesn't hold a strong signal so my Smart TV and Echos won't work. And I needed to purchase a WiFi extender to get my signal to the other end of a very small ranch style house.

accessibility to customer service

too expensive, unlike the box which doesn't have a clock

Customer service, if you can reach them

It took me a couple of weeks to get customer service. I finally had to go through my mother's accout to reach them.

forced change

nasty customer service

Horrible customer service and tech support.

Waited all day for an install to only be told that they can’t make it out. Now I have to wait until idk when for a simple home phone connection.

They are not yet charging me for the wire that go

Digital blocks removing g my pictures. Having channels in my plan yet Verizon says they are not in my package but I have Ultimate can't get Cinamax of any of the maxed

outrageously high rates for basic home phone

dropping Verizon DSL forces me to "unbundle" and end up paying as much as if I had kept the DSL.

Over the phone service

The sign up was a pleasure and the sales rep was knowledgable and really helpful. However trying to collect my equipment which I chose to install myself was a nightmare. Total difference between in store reps and over the phone.

Fast Installation

Both sign up and installation was quick and easy with friendly reps.