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Paying 180$/month for unlimited internet that is only 1 mbs and i only get service maybe 5 hours a day and can barely check email with it. they locked me into a 2 year contract that they wont let me out of even with them not giving me the service i pay for. DONT BUY FROM THESE GUYS! my prepaid hotspot using cell phone is 5x faster

creepy slow

nothing good to say

Constant buffering

This is so slow that it buffers constantly when trying to watch low resolution Youtube videos. It even drags when trying to look through my facebook timeline. Loading web sites is iffy, sometimes it will sometimes it won't. Basically it really sucks.

Every single thing

Viasat has is genius they've gotten a contract with the military to secure fund to provide the worst service humanly possible. I've gotten to the point of collecting rocks in my room naming them and making them fight. Someone could tell me my account is drained my house is destroyed and the insurance wouldn't pay for it and it still couldn't amount to how much viasat has pissed me off. Customer service will tell you to deal with the problem yourself and call back if it doesn't get better in a month. Nothing more i love in life than having a smart phone and only being able to make phone calls and send texts. When I told the lady my wifi wasn't working at all to the point of not even being able to load netflix she told me "wow that really sucks. Well it is what it is you have the best plan but it's the best you're going to get. just keep turning your devices on and off and maybe it'll work.... goodluck"


Ever since I ordered the 10 mbps plan at an absurd $50 simply because there is no other ISP that can compete, viasat has been nothing but a problem. I never get anything above 1 megabyte per second, and that's on a good day. As I am writing this review I am getting 150 kilobytes per second, and can barely load web pages. Every time I've contacted customer service nothing has happened or they have hung up on me. Don't give them your money, they're the worst company I've experienced.

No integrity, they are thiefs!!!!!!

If I could give negative stars, I would! They are liars, I can't even go into all the details but they have perfected the bait and switch, they LIE and you get horrible internet. It's impossible to cancel, DON'T DO IT!!!!

It's speed

I ordered the up to 25 MB package because it was the only option that I had in the area. The speeds were terrible. Running a speed test daily I was averaging 7 MG's upload speed. I needed it for my laptop and for streaming TV. It would stream Netflix barely and Amazon TV not at all. i was very unsatisfied and cancelled the service after 3 months.

Their customer service is terrible

Leo the “supervisor” was not respectful. The service lied to us about what it would be capable of.

They take your money and it’s a complete scam. People beware!!!!!! We are out about $500 thanks to these people. It’s worthless. Additionally, they don’t seem to care about people’s hard earned money... instead they make you pay the cancellation fee regardless if you only had it for literally a few days. Again, Don’t trust this service or Leo the “ supervisor”.

Lies and deceitful practices.

Lied about service to get me on a contract. Never delivered on promises and refused to cancel contract without a huge penalty.

customer service and reliability of equipment

equipment went bad and it took over a month for them to fix problem. But they would not credit me for more than 1/3 of the month since they said that was the max credit they can give