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ViaSat Reviews in 2021

ViaSat customer service ratings

Average Customer Rating37 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars3
4 Stars5
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1 Star27
Starting at:$64.99/mo
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Read 37 ViaSat user reviews

Speeds are good.

I stream movies and browse internet a lot. Have had no major problems. Managing my account online is simple. Just wish it was cheaper.

Max package and I go to liberty pass after 4 days.

Data cap sucks . If I could go to Wave or roadrunner I`d be gone.

Stone Age internet speeds

Signed up for premier plan. 30MB. $100.0 month. Then they stopped offering it. When checking, was advised to keep cause it was best speed available. Then they dropped speed to 7MB in peak hours.

Then they wanted me to take new plan, 30 MB for $150 a month. They are on crack.


Pay for highest pkg. Don't even get half speed.


Service was unreliable. Speeds were slow. I had to purchase two extenders in other to have internet throughout my house. Pricing was exorbitant. I had to pay $10/month to lease their equipment I was locked in a two-year contract. When I canceled because Viasat didn't deliver what it promised to deliver, I had to pay over $300.

It is overpriced. It is unreliable.

I was locked into a two-year contract for unreliable service. I was charged $180 a month for this unsatisfactory service. Their hidden charges included a $10/month lease charge for use of their equipment. I had to pay $283 to cancel the account, even though I canceled because they were not delivering what they promised. Viasat was a disaster!


it is the worst their billing is a nightmare, there setup was bad they had to come back to fix it. they will shut you off in ten days if your payment is late. the service is slow when you go over your data use they say unlimited but its not I say run run stay away from them go somewhere else.

Marketing is shady.

Considering Viasat and called sales to find out which wi-fi standard was utilized by the built-in router. Wow! What a run around. I was first assured that "most" of their hardware used the current AC standard. "Most" being ambiguous, I dug deeper. He then stated it was area and plan dependent. Since the lease price doesn't really vary, this was technically illogical and pressed ahead. He then tried to convince me it was because of the "beams" used in some areas of the country. When I wouldn't bite on that nonsense (satellite beam side and house router are completely separate functions, i.e. no technical reason for them to be linked) and told him I'd call later as it was clear he couldn't answer my question, he said if I would give him the address he could tell me exactly what would be provided. I did and he proceeded to rattle off the modem model and all the wi-fi standards supported, beginning with A and working his way up to N. His patter didn't hesitated at N and if I hadn't been listening. When he finally took a breath I said I didn't hear AC in there anywhere and at this point he admitted they weren't offering an AC router. When I asked why they'd lease an obsolete product, he bristled slightly and said he wouldn't call it obsolete. My counter was a years out of date protocol is obsolete and an obsolete product. I ended the call at this point. IMO, a snake oil salesman of the first order!

it sucks

not worth the money I pay every mon th

System to slow - they lie to sell you the package

When I ordered this I paid for the Unlimited 50 Gold package because that is what they said I would need for gaming. Have called several time complaining about the speed and not being able to game and they tell me "on not you can't game on it". What am I paying $180.00 a month for? DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THIS COMPANY TELLS YOU ABOUT THEIR SPEEDS.