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Windstream Review: Is it worth it?

Windstream internet customer reviews

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Since 2008

I have been with Windstream /Kinetic since 2008 and have never experienced any issues with service, response, or products. Service on anything can go down. You get sick and go to the doctor. Sometimes surgeries have to be done and inferior products are used causing another surgery. Stuff happens but altogether Windstream / Kinetic is a quality company growing and evolving - give'em a break. Nothing is perfect or helpful, especially harsh reviews.

It is HANDS DOWN the WORST internet provider!

Internet is BEYOND slow (I'm talking speeds of only 1.5 mbps) that they then charge you $100 dollars for "high speed" internet. If you dont' get those speeds, it's your fault. You should have lived closer to one of their main lines. Customer service is a disaster; long phone waits, foreign internet help?. DON'T go with this service. You barely get any internet at all. I had better internet in 1993 with dial-up!

Price keeps going up, service keeps going down

I have no internet, tried calling and the phone has static and then goes dead.

Well Windstream where do I start I am a customer i

Well Windstream where do I start I am a customer in Doniphan Missouri and lets just say that ever since Windstream went into bankruptcy things have gotten worse and Windstream is still in the age of DSL that's right DSL and you wanna know my speed most days is between 10 to 15 Mbps that's it and when I talked to Customer Service I always get the same bullshit answer that I normally get and the run around and the Technicians are super nice in the area I am in I don't have a problem with the Technicians what so ever but Windstreams very own CEO does not give a damn for my Rural Area where I live in and I think its ridiculous that when somebody writes a review or calls Customer Service Reps that they don't care I mean jesus if I had it my way Id leave Windstream and go somewheres else but nope this is my only option in the area and not having decent enough speed to run all my devices is ridiculous I mean its 2020 Windstream get with the damn times but I hope the CEO of Windstream can do something about it and fast because trust me things in Doniphan Missouri are not really that great from my point of view with Windstream if they would put the fiber optic cable down my road I would not be writing this review and for those that have Windstream I really feel sorry for them

just expensive and slow uploads

Just expensive and slow uploads. They keep raising prices and I have to keep calling them to get the princes down. Just a thuggish company.

ZERO speed. Poor connectivity. HIGH $

Windstream is a dinasor. The cost is horribly high and is no better than dial-up network. Speed is slow and often so bad that a video or even surfing the net will stall or not upload. They over charge for this pitiful, and often rude customer service. Power outages etc.


I hate it.To high in $ not worth the trouble

Service is terrible

I've had no internet and no phone service for 6 days

Slow, poor customer service

I just moved to a new residence in the Sanford (27332) area, in doing so as part of my income I needed to acquire internet service to make the move from our previous address to the new as seamless as possible. I made contact ahead of time with Windstream Customer Care staff and confirmed that my new address was serviced by Windstream. I made arrangements with the customer service staff member to move service on the date of 11/30/2018 to the new address. I was advised by telephone that nothing more would be needed other than transporting my current router from the old address to the new address and plugging in.

Needless to say, I did as informed and had no signal to the wireless router. I contacted the customer care staff back on the date of 12/02/2018 and was then informed that service could not be obtained at that time due to the lack of connectivity in my area. I was told that there is no exact connection date, and they are unsure when I would be able to acquire service. I have been told as recent as 12/10/2018 my connection date again undetermined? Windstream is fully aware that they are the only provider in my area, hence why they can get away with such poor customer service. If I had another choice for internet, or If I were you; I would choose another company that has more genuine concern for their customers. As soon as I have another viable option I will be canceling any future service.

Price and package options

I can do whatever I want without any issues, it has never let me down no matter what time of day. Even better is the price we pay, it saves us alot of money.