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WOW! Review: Is it worth it?

WOW! internet customer reviews

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Recently the card associated with our account expired. I updated it through calling a customer service representative. Two weeks later, the payment was rejected. I call customer service again. I cannot understand the lady who answered the phone, her foreign accent is very thick. She told me to contact my bank. I didn't need to waste time calling my bank but I did. My bank representative told me that all they need to do is update the billing information. I call Wow back, again it is another person who doesn't speak English well. She keeps repeating the same information over and over. I ask to speak with someone else, someone that might be able to help me. She said unfortunately there isn't anyone else available. I ask to speak to a supervisor, she said she doesn't have a supervisor. After going over, and over, and over the same information she says, "Let me just process your payment over the phone." THAT IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DO FOR 54 minutes. Wow's customer service absolutely SUCKS.

Customer Service

I contacted WOW on September 29th to update my credit card number because it had changed. That's it..all I wanted to do..pay my bill. What I got is an ongoing nightmare! First their "representative" copied the number and said "It's all taken care of". WRONG! No update and no bill paid. I called again, talk to another rep from a foreign country to get it done, while I was on the phone. I checked my bank account and found they took out not one but THREE payments. They overcharged me $338.16!! When I called back and talked to "Ace" (uh huh...sure)...he tried to tell me I couldn't get a refund, and I was paid through NOVEMBER! Like I want that??? He refused to let me talk to his supervisor as I demanded, then put me on hold, then came back 20 minutes later and said "We will return the money". When I said "when?" He gave me some line of bull. Told me he is in the Philippines and basically gave me a brush off. No refund to date after 5 days. WOW is a terrible company and refuse to admit errors. If you can..look elsewhere.


WOW violated our two year contract (Account # 014432461) by attempting to charge me $155/month starting the second year instead of the agreed to contract price of $133/month. After contacting WOW to resolve the issue, WOW refused to honor the 2nd year $133/month contract price and terminated their services. I sent back all equipment in a WOW supplied FedEx box. My final bill sent June 24,2020 showed a credit of $60. WOW subsequently attempted to charge me for equipment (that was returned) and cancelation charges even though they violated the contract. I contacted WOW again and provided them details on the returned equipment and their violation of the contract. WOW has not refunded my $60 credit and has sent another bill for $216 on July 17, 2020 for alleged unreturned equipment and contract cancelation chargers. All original telephone contract agreements were record by WOW as well as my call to try to get them to honor the original contract and correct their billing.

Free does not mean free

I have been a customer of WOW! for several years (at least 5 or more). The plan with which I started is no longer available and WOW! does not have the details of the plan, according to “Rival” the service rep I talked to on the phone. I recall that I got one FREE digital adapter. I am being charged $2 / mo for this FREE adapter and folks at WOW! will not remove this charge. It’s not a lot of money, but it leaves me with a sense of outrage. AND, my 30 Mbps internet plan is costing me about $15/mo. MORE than a current 500 Mbps plan. WOW! does not value me as a customer, their customer service line is garbled and hard to hear, their reps do not seem to understand my issues, requesting to talk to a supervisor does not work, and I am looking for another internet service provider. The 1 star I gave them was generous. Look someplace else for your ISP!

No phone service.

I signed up with WOW for internet, phone and wifi. After much confusion over the install date, everything was installed except the phone service. After a week ,I called and the runaround began. No phone, no call backs , nada. I even emailed their chief customer experience officer and never heard back. I am sure this will fall on deaf ears also.

Terrible customer service and ignorant liers!

If you want to keep your phone #,they should "port" your # within 7 days. Until they port your #, you HAVE TO continue paying them , even if you are already paying your new provider. They took a month to port my number and billed me for 1 months service. They would not negotiate and turned me over to 2 collection agencies.

Customer Service

Would give 0 stars if I could. Customer service has been nothing but rude and slow - you're on hold for at least an hour! It doesn't matter when you call - it's always the same wait times. Don't go to WOW if you're looking for decent customer service.

Customer Service

Customer service is top notch! Super polite and courteous throughout the call (over an unexpected bill), and they were able to get the issue resolved!

Faster speeds than expected

Excellent service with WoW. We have the 15Mbps package but we get faster speeds a lot of the time. 5 stars


Very affordable and internet is reliable. Highly recommend