Xfinity Internet in Jersey City, NJ

Xfinity bundles, plans & prices in Jersey City

Xfinity Basic TV

$20.00 per month
0 mbps
10 channels
0 minutes

Xfinity 400 Mbps Internet

$39.99 per month
400 mbps
0 channels
0 minutes

Xfinity Basic TV + Internet 400 Mbps

$54.99 per month
400 mbps
10 channels
0 minutes
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Xfinity Internet in Jersey City, NJ

Xfinity internet plans in Jersey City

Package Speed Price

Xfinity 400 Mbps Internet

400 Mbps


Xfinity 800 Mbps Internet

800 Mbps


Xfinity 1000 Mbps Internet

1000 Mbps


Xfinity 1200 Mbps Internet

1200 Mbps


Xfinity TV plans in Jersey City

Package Channels Price

Xfinity Basic TV



Xfinity Extra TV



Xfinity Preferred TV



Xfinity bundle deals in Jersey City

Package SpeedChannelsPhone Plan Price

Xfinity Basic TV + Internet 400 Mbps

400 Mbps100


Xfinity Extra TV + Internet 400 Mbps

400 Mbps1250


Xfinity Preferred TV + Internet 800 Mbps

800 Mbps1850


Xfinity Extra TV + Internet 400 + Voice

400 Mbps125Unlimited


Xfinity Preferred TV + Internet 1000 + Voice

1000 Mbps185Unlimited


Xfinity features

States Covered39 states
Population Covered111.7M
Connection TypeFiber & Cable
Internet Speeds25Mbps - 2000Mbps (varies by area)
TV Channels260+
4K ChannelsNo
ContractNo Term, 1-year, 2-year

Xfinity stores in Jersey City

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Xfinity stores
30 Mall Drive West, Jersey City, NJ 07310

Xfinity internet in Jersey City FAQs

Is Xfinity available in Jersey City?

You can check if Xfinity is available in your area by using our internet providers in my area checker.

What should I do if Xfinity is not covered in Jersey City?

If you can't get Xfinity in Jersey City, use the ZIP code checker to see what other providers are available in your area.

Xfinity company details

Company NameComcast
HeadquartersOne Comcast Center, Philadelphia, PA 19103