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Xfinity Reviews in 2021

Xfinity customer service ratings

Average Customer Rating119 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars10
4 Stars5
3 Stars8
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1 Star88
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Read 119 Xfinity user reviews

Worst mobile provider, worst customer service

They unbelievably don't provide monthly statements. You have to log in your account to take screenshot. Since I need a .pdf statement for reimbursement, I called them to request them email me or let me download from my account, but they told me to go to local store to get a print. How ridiculous is this? You have to to go a store every month to get your receipt. I asked to talk to managers, but they lied me and transferred me to the same level co-workers again and again, waste my 1.5 hrs and didn't solve my issue. At the end, they just hung up on me....

In addition, Xfinity Mobile unlimited data is not unlimited, it's 20GB only. Data is slow. I don't watch videos much so it's ok with me.

Ms. Angela took time to help

I was in much need of assistance on 3-17-21 as the ability to speak with a live person no longer exist with Xfinity! After spending almost 2 hours on the phone begging for someone to help me, Ms. Angela came to my rescue & I want to thanks her so much. As a long time customer paying more than 300 a month, you would thing Xfinity would have better customer service.

They will charge you 150.00 on 80.00 a month

Theives. You can never get through to customer service and when you actually do, they will lie to you.

Coming out to fix THEIR equipment

I've experienced poor connectivity with my internet for over a month. they needed to come out and fix the box outside. I've called several times. the customer service rep was rude and wouldn't transfer to a manager or supervisor. I finally get a manager on the phone who tells he that he promises someone would be out the next day and that was 3 days ago and NO ONE has shown up. this is the worst experience with Comcast that I've ever had and if I had the opportunity to switch to another provider I would. I don't know who else to complain too because I'm getting nothing but the run around when I call.

Awesome and thoughtful customer service

In my recent need for support, I dealt with two people: Stephanie, in Pittsburgh, and Danny in Massachusetts. They each LISTENED to what I said, and then acted appropriately and thoughtfully and thoroughly. It was amazing. Stephanie understood what the problem was and set up a technician right away. Danny, the tech, checked every possible thing, found the problem and FIXED it. Perfect. The phone tree is terrible, but the actual people are great.

Channels just disappear without warning or explana

Channel 265 disappeared, 211 and 210 just today.

Customer Service.

It is an absolute challenge to get a representative on the phone. Xfinity stated they knew my equipment would need a technician, but they still sent the equipment knowing I would not be able to active my service. Now I will be charged $70 for a technician to come out for activation. You will go around in circles trying to reach an agent, and the first two agents I spoke with appeared to have no idea what was wrong with my account, etc. I even had one agent send me to a store that was not opened after he told me over and over again the store was opened for business. THE ABSOLUTE WORST EXPERIPENCE FROM A PROVIDER EVER!

Everything except technicians

Worst experience with any company. You rate the worst with any company I dealt with in all of my business experience.

Having them as a sole provider in town. They stink

Different quote every time you call. Pricing is terrible. Customer service is the worst. Hate dealing with unethical people. Really have to get another company in my zip code. Would drop them immediately. Wow what a bunch of uneducated people dealing with their outsourced agents.

Xfinity customer service has gone down the drain.

I sorely disappointed with Xfinity customer service people. They are not worthy to be called representatives. Totally unprofessional. Companies need to realize their customer service people can make or brake their company. I am disappointed.