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internet reliability

The price keeps going up for channels we don't need. How about a little cost reduction for all your LOYAL customers? Aren't we the ones that keep you in business, at least for now?

overcharging customers

Every summer I have to fight to get my service on seasonal numerous calls all summer I make they do not credit for overcharging

Dishonest, cunning , deceitful

Contact Comcast regarding a spike in my bill. After ending call, 3 channel had been removed and I was switch to a different plan unbeknownst to me. With the new package I was informed that my savings was $1.00 and the removal of 3 channel that could not be restored because of a dispute with these channel. Now what since does that make to charge a customer more and compensate them with fewer channel all because I inquired about a roughly amount of $25 dollar increase to my bill. Looks like I was penalized for questioning Comcast, ha! Needless to say, I want no part in their wrong doing and this concludes my business with them.

faily dependable service through most weather

Have been a long time Comcast customer. Can tell you the bang for the buck is gone. I have now gone from X1 preferred 240 channels at $160 total with fees to X1 Starter triple play for $128 total with fees. 140 Standard Def channels stink. No HD anywhere for $128 per mth. Hope to move on to another Company soon. How can a cable company still want to show SD programming? End play is get a streaming internet TV programs under no contract and save money and get HD channels along with choises of channels to watch.


Signed a two year contract to lock in price. Two months later, they increased fees. Last week they removed channels from my package but I can get them back for additional $12.99 per month. Tried to cancel and they told me I had to pay a cancellation fee. Buyer beware!!!

Raise rates even when you have a contract

Signed a contract for a couple of years of service. During that time the rates have been raised, more fees added AND loss of channels. Total BS, looking for another providor. No loyal customer benefits at all.

Very dishonest people

I Had xfinity at home and was very happy with the service. When we opened a business we decided to go with Comcast (Xfinity) Business. The comcast business sales rep told us it would be a 2 year contract but if we needed to terminate early, they do allow early termination without any penalty. We moved our business one block away and the comcast installation professional asked me to sign a document authorizing him to install the service. I did so. Now, due to a medical emergency we have had to close our business and need to move to another state where Comcast does not offer service. I contacted the sales rep who gave me a phone number to call to cancel the service. I did so, but was informed that when I relocated the business, the document I signed was a new contract for three years and no option to early terminate. I am now being charged over $1700 to terminate my "contract". The sales rep even admitted that he told me I could terminate the contract early without penalty, but they don't care. They just want the money. Please, please, do not do business with Comcast. They are very dishonest thieves.

Prices & programming

I've had Comcast for over 30 years because back then they were the only game in town. Their prices constantly go up with the quality of programming going down. Music channels, channels counted more than once, sports fees, (I have never watched sports on TV in my life), overseas 'customer service', etc etc Adding up the cost for 30+ years is immense - can a long term customer get a 'deal' - the answer is a big fat NO.

best ever! service ,price, great! dianna

over seas customer service reps and language barriers

Price; programming

I have Digital Preferred. Price keeps going up and programming goes down. More and more stations 50 year old reruns, insipid realty shows and Hispanic and other non-English (I'm told that's what I get for "Basic".) Generally, I have about 10 programs I can watch -- all for a mere $130 per month.