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Xfinity Review: Is it worth it?

Xfinity internet customer reviews

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Internet out 6 times in 3 days jumps all over no customer service

worst customer service

I spent over a hour with six reps trying to find a package that fit my needs since my current plan had expired, though they had not let me know. After 4 dropped calls, the fifth rep was able to find the package that the 2nd rep quoted me, which he had initially said was incorrect/not available. Even then he was not able to email me a list of the 40 channels in a "Choice" plan plus internet package, yet I was expected to agree to it via text. Adding injury to insult, he told me I would have to go to an Infinity store to see the list. I can't I can't believe that a company such as yours cannot send me the info I need to make a decision and then ask that a customer to out in a pandemic to view what they are agreeing to for a year. I have been a customer for many years and paid my bills on time. But they were not able to offer me any good plan within my budget, or even give my another year of the current contract. It is obvious they don’t care about keeping me as customer.


Constant outages, 0 competency in customer service reps, if they even answer a phone, yearly price increases. Always treating customers like idiots, while reading from a screen, cannot do anything unless their screen tells them what to do. If i had another option i would ditch them, but they have monopolized the entire area and actively keep other service providers out. absolute worse company i have ever had to deal with.


The worse of the worst! Comcast should NOT exist.

no customer service. No way to talk to an agent.

auto-service doest give you an option to talk to an agent unless you said you want to terminate the service. Then the holding is forever. never got throght.

Customer Service Billing

Scheduled installation for TV services but cancel additional billing. Comcast made it worse and billed me TV services I did not have installed or activated. I have written the FCC to solve the problem.

Customer Service Sucks

You can no longer speak to a person. Chat is useless .

bad custumer service

In the middle of the pandemic they raise my rate $25/month I'm not working no sign of that changing and they wouldn't deal with me. Strange how the automated service can tell me to expect reduce service due to covid but have no problem raising my rate. Promised to have a manager contact me within 2 hours of my complaint pretty sure I won't be hearing from one.

The whole system

Had trouble since April 11th when it was installed. Signal drops out at least 5 or more times a day. Internet slow. have to reboot modem couple times a week. Have called more times then I can count.

It takes forever to get help.

I have called and called trying to get service. I've entered and re-entered my zip code, acct number, phone number to no avail. I hate them!