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  • Pros
  • Large network of agents across the US
  • Excellent customer service
  • Help desk is available 24/7
  • Manage your account online
  • Sign up is easy, and the website is easy to navigate
  • Cons
  • AAA agents may be slow during peak times

AAA Roadside Assistance Review

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AAA, as the American Automobile Association is commonly known, is by far one of the best known roadside assistance companies out there. The company covers you not only for roadside assistance but also services like auto maintenance advice, battery replacement, information on gas prices, automotive news, auto buying, and a selection of exclusive repair shops dubbed "AAA approved auto repair" shops.

After reading through AAA's roadside assistance service, here is what we think: AAA has an extensive network of agents across the country with a first rate customer service department. They've maintained their economic standing over the years and have made the necessary changes to improve customer satisfaction. You have the convenience and reliability of online account management as well as additional resources on their site to further your education.

Plans and Pricing

With plenty of benefits, AAA offers three different kinds of plans to best suit your needs. If you're looking to know what the differences are between each plan. We've got you covered.


As part of your classic membership plan with AAA, you will get access to many great features for $66. If you're worried about needing a tow truck in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, AAA offers 4, up to 5 mile tows per year. If your car won't start, AAA will send someone over to provide emergency starting service at any time. You will also get someone to jumpstart your battery at no extra cost to you. If you have a flat tire and don't know how to fix it, AAA will send service right over. If you need some fuel after your car has run out, you can call AAA and they will provide you with fuel delivery. The only thing you pay for is the fuel itself. If you accidentally get locked out of your car, AAA gives you $50 towards lockout services.

If your car gets stuck in some mud or some snow, you can rest assured knowing that AAA will send someone over to get you out. If you need to pay for car rental, lodging, or food during a road trip because of an accident, AAA will give you up to $600 in trip interruption coverage. If you are in an emergency and need some money, AAA offers emergency check cashing service. You can also get rewards points with Hertz if you rent a car with them. Another cool feature is access to Triptiks, maps, and TourBooks to help you plan any vacation across the US.

If you need to update your passport photos, AAA offers that service for a small, nominal fee. If you get into an accident, AAA will provide legal reimbursement. You'll also get coverage for personal accident and travel accident insurance. AAA offers the most services out of any other roadside assistance service. You can get access to a whole host of practical services for a low cost.


For $101, you can get access to all of the classic coverage, plus a whole lot more. With the Plus coverage you can get up to 4 100-mile tows a year, free fuel delivery, more help when it comes to winching or extricating your car, up to $100 for lockout services, up to $1000 in trip interruption coverage, 2 sets of free passport photos per year, a higher amount of legal fee reimbursement, and a higher amount of insurance coverage. If you pay a little bit more, you'll find that it goes a long way to keeping you safe.


If you want to go all out when it comes to making sure you're safe and covered, then AAA's Premier coverage is what you are looking for. For $127 to start, you will get access to everything in both plans, with a whole lot more. If you need towing services, you'll get one 200-mile tow and up to three 100-mile tows a year. You'll also get up to $150 towards lockout services, up to $1500 in trip interruption, more reward points for using Hertz, unlimited passport photos all year, and up to $500,000 coverage in travel accident insurance. You will be able to get up to $500 to take your vehicle back home in case of an emergency.

You can also get up to $100 in home lockout services. As part of your premier membership you can also have access to 24-hour concierge services to help you with whatever you desire, 24-hour access to emergency medical services, a one day free car rental with tow should you need it, and a toll-free number for premier members only to offer you any kind of dedicated service you would expect from AAA. These features are really helpful for those who plan on keeping themselves and their families safe. You'll find that with the premier you'll be sleeping easy knowing that you'll be taken care of.

Motorcycle and RV

If you're looking for roadside assistance with your motorcycle or recreational vehicle, AAA has what you need. For $35 a year, AAA will protect you and your motorcycle with services like towing, free fuel delivery, locksmith services, winching, theft coverage, trailer coverage, and trip continuance. For those with an RV, you can only get access if you have a Plus plan or a Premier plan. Also, your pricing depends on your vehicle size.

You will be able to get towing, fuel delivery, locksmith service, flat tire service, and trip continuance coverage. Don't worry about taking your family on a road trip and not being covered. AAA will be on the lookout for you.


AAA is certainly in the category of excellent vehicle care and their roadside service plan gets 5 stars. Not only does its customer service department provide stellar assistance, the organization itself gives you a wealth of information about breakdown cover on its website, in addition to the various products and services it provides to existing and potential members.

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Recommended Nice people on the phone. Can't think of a thing

I had a blowout on the interstate. Actually the tire shredded. I immediately called AAA and was helped. Since I was on an interstate my call took top priority due to possible crash or injury situtation. The gentleman that came out was super. My spare was flat (what else is new). He towed my car to a station he knew of, blew up the spare, changed the tire and couldn't have been nicer and more of a gentleman. I recommend AAA to everyone. Just wish they were a little less on price.

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Not Recommended Advertising Leaves you broken down for hours

Clutch broke at busy intersection in the winter. Called and they said 30 min. After 30 minutes nothing so called back. The man who answered was rude and said he couldn't find a wrecker and talk to me on the phone. I' found another two and two and a half hours later AAA called back to say they found me a tow. No apology or help.

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Not Recommended Can't say anything positive Incongruent Battery replacement policy and service

My family has been members going back to grandparents and me personally over 20 years. Recent horrendous experience has shown me AAA has declined significantly in service. You sign up for 24/7 service but this does NOT APPLY for battery service. No battery service after 7 pm in a major metropolitan area! And my service call was cancelled without advising me so I stood waiting with no idea what was going on. Had to make over 8 calls to get someone out after being promised someone was coming within the hour.

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Recommended Fast, polite, helpful N/A

This morning I used my mother's car to take my sister to the airport and then doubled back to town to hospital where my mother is recovery from surgery. Just as I was pulling into a side street next to the hospital where I had planned to park, the car ran out of gas! Fortunately I glided to a stop in the spot I had planned to park in anyway. When I got to my mother's room and told her what happened my mom said “Oh! I have AAA!” - so I walked back to the car and called. The woman who answered, Donna, told me that my mother was supposed to be there when they show up. But after I explained the situation she waved the rule. Fifteen minutes later a nice young guy, Ashton, pulled up, handed me a bottle of ice-cold water as he got out of his truck, put two gallons of gas in the car [no charge], then gave me a lift back to the hospital [which was a ten minute walk up hill that I had already done once in July/Atlanta humidity].

Bottom line; I am getting AAA for my wife today.

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Not Recommended Not much to say in favor. Wait time long and unreasonable.

Annual fee is just not worth it. Wait time for jump start was ridiculous!

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Not Recommended Nothing any more 6 her wait for tow truck

Took 6 hour wait for tow truck/ told multiple times it was coming /I have had AAA for 10 yr and never have had this bad of service- I don't know what the reason is?? I'm wondering if it's because I have an older car now and they don't want me as a customer now because I'm less a profit or they're just not paying the towing co. Enough . All I know is that I broke down in the city where there are plenty of towing co. Available and it took 6 hours to get towed!!

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Not Recommended Well Known Very Long Wait Time for Poor Service

I am disabled so, even though I know how to change a flat, etc., I am unable to. AAA ALWAYS says they'll be there in 45 mins. but it is usually more like 2 hours, if you're lucky! It makes no difference what level coverage you have, it is the same.

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Not Recommended Well known Very long waiting time and recovery

The automated call center is forever! Then you get asked the same questions by a rude human who expects you to be totally happy about being stranded.

Then the triple AAA truck or van finding and helping you takes hours and you're lucky if they show any signs of empathy.

I'm wondering how triple AAA is soooooo recommended by the better business bureau and others? My family and I haven't found triple AAA reliable or sympathetic when we have been stranded in unfortunate situations in the middle of nowhere.

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Not Recommended Poor Service Poor Service

I am finishing a Road Side Towing claim and the damage occurred during this. I have been denied part of the claim cost. This is my first damage claim in 20 years and the response has been terrible. Any one with Road Side Assistance may want to reconsider AAA as a Service Provider. BTW - if I did not like the claim take me to court.

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Not Recommended The basic plan is $53.00 dollars for once year. They are very slow,coming to your assistance.

I ran out of gas on 76-West in Philadelphia,P.A. I do not live in Philly,it happened at 2:30p.m. I called AAA Road Service.The first woman a customer rep,she said that someone would be out soon to pick me up,she said in 45 minutes.One hour passed I called back,they then connected me to a man that said that they needed a better description of my location.Then,by the time I got off the phone with him it was 4:30p.m. they told someone would be there soon to pick me up in 45 minutes.At 5:30p.m. I asked to speak to a Supervisor his name was Joseph he said that he believed he knew where I was at Joseph said he had two drivers out looking for me.Also,there was a tractor trailer accident on the expressway. They claimed that's why it took so long to come to get to me.By the time I sat alone in my car it 6:30p.m. it was dark by then.I then called back and they connected me to the second Supervisor his name was Ed. I talked to him and told him what Joseph had told me,and in a arrogant way he told me to forget about what Joseph had told me.The driver came at 7:30p.m. I sat in that car for (5) hours waiting for the driver. I thought he was going to fill my tank up with gas,no he did not. He towed my car to the gas station and I had to pay for own gas. Then,the Chief Ramsey of Philadelphia showed up with his driver. I am done and finished with AAA Road service. They are the worst. Oh,Chief Ramsey is the Police Chief of Philadelphia for those people who don't know him. I had the worst experience of my life. Run fast as you can away from AAA Road Service. I was patron I will no longer be. They have poor service the worst service.

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Not Recommended they answered the phone very sorry company

member for years and never used. i am disabled and would not cover tire change because it was on my sport trailer. they don't tell you about different states have different coverage. good sam has a lot better plan that covers a lot more.

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Not Recommended none NO SERVICE

We had a tire blow out on our travel trailer on I-95 just North of Fayetteville, NC on Saturday, June 13. I have the AAA Roadside Assistance plus RV protection plan. So, I called for assistance and was told that someone should be there within 90 minutes but that they would not have air tanks on the truck in the event our spare was not fully inflated (surprise #1). 90 minutes later AAA returned my call to advise that they couldn't find anyone who was able to change the tire on a travel trailer (surprise #2). My 14-yr old grandson and I changed the tire after inflating the spare to the proper level and proceeded on our trip to Myrtle Beach. AAA then called to say that they had found someone to assist us but I advised that the tire had been changed and we no longer needed help. Just South of Fayetteville another tire blew out and I didn't bother with AAA but removed the wheel and took the two wheels to Fayetteville and purchased new tires. The folks at Black's Tire Service provided excellent service and followed us to our trailer along I-95 and installed the new tire. I had great confidence that AAA would provide excellent service as they had been recommended to me at the time we purchased the camper; but, I am totally UNHAPPY with their lack of service. I would NOT recommend AAA Roadside Assistance to anyone. Look for another provider!!!

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Recommended Customer service has improved over the years None

Have been with AAA for a couple of years now and their customer service has improved since I first signed up. When you have made your initial call, they will call you back with an update if there are any delays in the recovery truck getting to you and the recovery drivers are also very professional and friendly.

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Not Recommended None Will not pay for damage they caused

My car was damaged slightly when AAA were towing my it after I broke down and the driver was apologetic and told me to call the main phone number to put a claim in. I did just that and everything seemed to go smoothly, until a couple of weeks later and no progress, so I chased and the customer rep said there were notes that it was not the company's responsibility, what a joke! This is still ongoing......

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Recommended Great service Cost is higher then other insurance companies

I've had AAA insurance for a couple of years now and don't really have any complaints. They are more expensive then some other insurance companies out there, but if you want to pay for quality then choose AAA. I've locked my keys in my car at least twice and they have always been there within the hour and it takes less then 2 minutes for them to unlock my car. The customer service reps are also always really friendly and helpful.

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Not Recommended worse than none unreliable

After a concert was over at 10:30pm, I went to my vehicle and realized the battery was dead. I called AAA and, long story short, I went back and forth with them over multiple calls, and three hours later they still had not found someone to give me a jumpstart. I finally gave up and with one google search, and a phone call, found my own jumpstart. It cost me $75 but after I got home - at 2am - they still hadn't sent anyone. I went to bed expecting some explanation by morning, but there still is none now, 20 hours after my initial call. They totally left me stranded. It was much worse than not having AA at all. On my own, I could have been home in bed but $75 poorer an hour after getting to my vehicle. With AAA, it took over three hours, and I was still $75 poorer. If I had left it to them, I'd still be sitting in my vehicle in the abandoned parking lot.

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Recommended Great service Prices too expensive

After a year with AAA Insurance I am now having to search for a new insurance company as the costs have rised dramatically. I have had no problems with them, it is just too expensive for me and I cannot afford the cost anymore.0

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Recommended Great multicar deals None

We've recently signed up to AAA and with 5 cars under one roof it has saved us a lot of money with their deals for multicar insurance. We have the peace of mind we are all insured with a reliable company and at a fantastic price.

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