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  • Pros
  • On time grantee
  • Competitive subscription price
  • Helpful mobile app
  • Add family members to your plan
  • Trip interruption coverage
  • Cons
  • Only $100 benefit for basic plan

AllState Motorclub Review

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The Allstate Motorclub offers affordable service with plenty of excellent features, with their 24 hour roadside assistance being the most notable. They will help you with everything including something as small as a locking your keys in your car to something as big as a tow. Aside from this you can also get trip interruption coverage and arrest bond certificates.

Allstate also has an extremely helpful app with a GPS function that allows dispatchers to locate you with ease. This means a faster response and less waiting. The app also tells you exactly when help has been dispatched and even includes an ETA. If you don't want to have to keep track of a membership card, your information can be kept on the app so you don't have to.

Their most affordable plan is the Roadside Advantage Plan which offers coverage up to $100 benefits. That means they cover up to $100 for the cost of assisting you. However, if your battery dies or some other costly breakdowns occur, you can burn through that limit quickly.

Membership Plans

In order to give you plenty of options, Allstate has a few different membership plans to choose from:

Platinum Elite Plan

For $186 for your first year of membership, you will have access to 24/7 Emergency Service, $250 benefit for roadside assistance, 24/7 Personal Assist Concierge services, $250 benefit for the road hazard program, My AutoExpert help with any mechanical issues, as well as, Trip Interruption Coverage and Arrest Bond Certificate Coverage. You also get free CARFAX car history reports as part of your membership. This is Allstate's priciest plan but you get the most services and features to help you with any kind of car trouble you can think of.

Deluxe Plan

For $108 for your first year of membership you get access to 24/7 Emergency Service, $150 benefit for roadside assistance, Trip Interruption Coverage and Arrest Bond Certificate Coverage. You also get 25% off of CARFAX car history reports instead of the free reports with the Platinum Elite Plan. You also don't have access to the Personal Assist Concierge or Road Hazard Coverage. All in all, you do get a lot of good value for the price.

Roadside Advantage Plan

For $52 for your first year of membership you get access to the same features as the Deluxe Plan but with less money for coverage. For instance, you will get only $100 benefit for roadside assistance, $500 towards Arrest Bond Certificate, and $750 for Trip Interruption. You will also still receive 25% off of CARFAX car history reports. This is a solid plan for those who need something a little more affordable.

RV Roadhelp Plan

For less than $100 for your first year of membership, you can get plenty of great services and features if you own an RV. These include the standard 24/7 Emergency Service, Unlimited benefit towards Roadside Assistance programs, $2000 towards Arrest Bond Certificate, $1500 towards Trip Interruption, 24/7 Personal Assist Concierge, and 25% off CARFAX car history reports. This is a great value for those traveling the country in an RV.

Membership Benefits

In addition to the many useful services provided as part of your membership, Allstate also gives you access to some interesting benefits:

  • Trip Planning – If you're looking to take a road trip and need help planning your route or any of the fun things you'd like to do along the way, Allstate can help design a route with recommended activities and sights to see. They even provide a wide variety of intricately detailed maps to help you wherever you go.
  • Arrest Bond Certificate – If you're having difficulties with certain moving traffic violations, you can use this certificate in lieu of having to hand over your driver's license.
  • Moving Violation Defense Legal Reimbursement – Should you need to hire a lawyer for certain moving violations, Allstate will reimburse you for legal fees up to your plan's coverage.
  • Vehicle Theft Witness Rewards – If you provide information that leads to the arrest or conviction for theft or larceny of your vehicle, Allstate will pay any witness a designated amount.
  • Hit-And-Run Witness Reward – Should you provide information that leads to an arrest and conviction regarding a hit-and-run that results in bodily image to you, your spouse, or another designated member, you will be rewarded with a designated amount, courtesy of Allstate

It's good to know that there are benefits that will take care of you in certain situations. As part of your membership, you will gain access to these unique benefits.

Features & Services

As part of your club membership, Allstate provides you with access to many useful services in case you run into some trouble while on the road. These services include:

  • Roadside Towing Service – Need a tow truck? Allstate has 24/7 roadside assistance to tow you anywhere you need to go.
  • Tire Change Service – Out of spare tires or just need help changing your tire? Allstate will send a local service provider to give you a hand.
  • Fuel Delivery – Run out of gas and don't know where the nearest gas station is? You can rest assured that Allstate will deliver some much-needed fuel to your exact location.
  • Lockout Service – Keys locked in the car? Allstate will bring someone to help you gain access to your vehicle.
  • Jump Start Service – Ever had to ask a stranger to help jump start your car? Should your battery die, Allstate will send someone over to give your car a boost.
  • On-Time Arrival Guarantee – Additionally, Allstate guarantees that a service provider will arrive within 30 minutes of the designated arrival time and this backed by 25% off your membership fees for the next year. So you don't have to worry about being stranded without any help.

Allstate provides some great services to anyone who should ever need roadside assistance. As a paying member, you can breathe easier knowing that Allstate has got you covered.


Allstate Motorclub is another option for roadside assistance and offers some great benefits and affordable pricing.

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Recommended Nothing slow over 4 hours on the side of road

needed towing 6:00AM about 15 miles out of Nashville, TN they could not get towing truck for over 4 miles. This was not in the middle of night or out in the woods. I called State Farm which I pay only $3. extra per mo and they took 1 hour. I have been with Allstate since 2008 and never used the service.

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Not Recommended None! Service Never Arrived

Called for flat tire service as both my husband and I are in our late 60's. After lengthly wait on phone, finally get an agent and told that service is on the way. One hour later, called again, couldn't get same agent, second agent tells me if I'm that impatient, call the police, they will help. What? My husband is a retired police officer and he thinks agent must be on drugs. Two hours later, still no service. Tried to call a third time and put on forever. Finally a sympathetic young couple (she is pregnant) come to our aide. Needless to say I cancelled our service with Allstate.

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Not Recommended no really untrusted serive when you need them

Really bad service, we wait for 4 hours for towing our car, eventually give up on them.

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Not Recommended they offer RV coverage Long waits, if they come at all!

They post and get bids to see how low they can get a third party to help you.

If no one want to except the amount they're willing to pay, then NO ONE will come.

But you will have an hour plus to wait, and God forbid if you break down in the middle of no where, or in a small town.

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Not Recommended low cost terrible service

I had 3 separate occasions of needed service. and they botched all three. the first time I ran out of gas. I was entitled to 2 gallons of free gas. after 1 hour of waiting, the serviceman shows up with 1/2 gallon of gas and tries to charge me $5 dollars!!! the last 3 service calls the service calls, we waited for over an hour and finally the tow company decided not to come out because it was either to cold, or too dangerous, or their truck would get stuck.

the company apologized and gave me multiple discounts but its not worth the aggravation and hassle.

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Recommended Multi cover for peace of mind None

I've been with AARP roadside assistance for 5 years now and now my kids can drive I have everyone covered under one policy. Great to know everyone is covered with such great service, especially as the kids love locking the keys in the car!

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Recommended Recovery truck is quick to arrive Customer reps unhelpful

The recovery service and speed in which they reach you is great. But the customer reps although friendly are not very helpful. When I called they had troble finding my detals so I was transferred to about 3 different people until a call was finally placed to send a recovery truck out to me!

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Recommended Prompt and Profesional None

My car broke down on me one Thursday evening on my way home from work and instead of calling Allstate I just wanted to get home, so I got my boyfriend to pick me up as I was only about 10 minutes from home. I called Allstate when I got in and they arranged for someone to be there first thing the next day and the lady I spoke to was very helpful and friendly and the same goes for the recovery driver. The driver arrived on time and got my car started again promptly and was very profesional.

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