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  • Pros
  • "Best Value 2017" Award Winner
  • Only $1 in the first month
  • Monthly pricing with no annual commitment
  • Everyone in your household is covered
  • Ability to trace call location in order to find you quickly
  • Lockout assistance for both car and home
  • Cons
  • Reports of long wait times in certain areas

AutoVantage Roadside Assistance Review

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MoneySavingPro Best Value Award 2017

AutoVantage is a quality roadside assistance service that offers 24/7 roadside service like a lock smith and towing as well as several other benefits. Their family coverage is comprehensive and includes everyone that lives in your household no matter what they are driving. Roadside service involves quick responses with AutoVantage's Locate me technology. They are able to triangulate your position based on your phone call in order to find you quickly when you need assistance.

AutoVantage offers lockout assistance but not only when you lock your keys in your car. If you accidentally lock yourself out of your home AutoVantage can help, which is a feature that other roadside services don't offer. AutoVantage covers towing for up to 150 miles, which is a pretty long distance when compared to other services.

Some consumer reviews report long wait times for service in certain areas.

Membership Benefits

Members of AutoVantage get a lot of great benefits when signing up. As part of your membership you are provided with the following:

1. 24/7 roadside assistance in all 50 states

AutoVantage will cover you up to five times a year should require assistance for any roadside problems, that counts as a roadside event. Anything more than that and you have to pay out of pocket.

2. Towing of up 150 miles

Just as mentioned above, you get complimentary towing of up to 150 miles as part of your membership. This is actually more than most of the competition provides. If you're nervous about being stranded with no help, AutoVantage will give you a hand when you need it.

3. Jump Start Services

If you should find yourself with a dead battery and in need of a boost in the middle of nowhere, AutoVantage will provide you with a much-needed jolt to your car so you can be on your way to the nearest service station.

4. Flat Tire Change

Should you get a flat tire while driving and need a hand to fix it, AutoVantage will send someone over to help attach your spare tire. If you find yourself without a spare tire, they can provide one as well. AutoVantage will keep you moving as soon as possible.

5. Lockout Services

Every once in a while we all make the mistake of locking our keys in the car. Instead of having to call an expensive locksmith that might not arrive for a while, you can call AutoVantage and they'll provide you with locksmith services like we mentioned above. They can even help you out if you find yourself locked out of your house. That's something no other Roadside Assistance company will provide.

6. Fuel Delivery Services

Need a fill-up and there's no gas station in sight? Don't worry. AutoVantage will send over a serviceman to fill you with a few gallons of gas so that you can be on your way. They will even provide you with directions to the nearest gas station so your tank will be full and you can ride comfortably.

7. LocateMe

If your phone s dying and you're worried about someone finding you, fear not. AutoVantage's LocateMe app will locate you no matter where you are so you don't need to stress about being stranded; someone will be on the way to give you the service you need.

8. Mechanic Services

As part of your membership, you also get discounts on mechanics all across the country. If you're looking for regular maintenance or some needed repair, AutoVantage will provide you with over 15,000 locations nationwide. You'll also get access to ASE-certified mechanics to help you out with automotive questions and repair estimates without having to stress about being ripped off. AutoVantage looks out for its members to provide them with quality service providers and affordable prices.

9. Everyone's Covered

If you sign up for AutoVantage membership not only will you be covered, but everyone in your household as well. This includes spouses, fiancés, domestic partners, dependent children, and any parents living with you as well. This includes any vehicle owned by members of your household excluding motorcycles and recreational vehicles. AutoVantage members will find that not only are they taken care of, but their family members as well.

Travel Bonuses

As part of your membership with AutoVantage, you get access to a lot of great travel benefits that will help you save some money when you're on the road, these include:

  • Savings of up to 25% off on car rentals from car rental companies such as Avis, Alamo, Enterprise, Budget, and Dollar.
  • Savings of up to 50% off for over 25,000 nationwide hotels.
  • Trip routing GPS software to help you plan your trip with easy and clear directions.

Car Research

For those looking to buy or lease a new or used car, AutoVantage provides plenty of information to ease the process, these include:

  • New and used car summaries with AutoData. This will give you all the information you seek when looking at a vehicle. You'll get detailed summaries about the car of your choice.
  • New and used car value provided by Kelley Blue Book. If you've never heard of Kelley Blue Book, they are the leading provider of car values. AutoVantage works with them to tell you how much your car is really worth with all the latest figures and data. This includes trade-ins and selling your vehicle to a private owner. With Kelley Blue Book, you can rest assured knowing that you're getting your money's worth when buying or selling your car.
  • Car buying discount program with TrueCar. TrueCar will help you find a certified dealer that will buy your car for the right price or help you buy a car for a discounted rate. They will put you in touch with reputable dealers so you won't ever have to worry about being swindled by a slick salesman.


AutoVantage is a great option for those who are looking for an affordable yet comprehensive plan.

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AutoVantage Reviews

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Not Recommended None! Horrible Company

I will try to keep this as short as possible, I called them at 3pm to have my car towed. They said it would be an hour an a half, I called 2 hours later they told me it would be another hour, I waited another hour and called them, they said someone is on his way and he is 1 hour away, they informed me that it would be $80. I told them I should not pay because I am already on their plan! That's why I signed up with them so I wouldn't have to pay every time I have to get towed, which has only been once before and have been with them for over 4 years.

They then told me that they would not send anyone out until I payed them, because I was farther than their plan allowed. I was extremely upset and had no choice even though I was not far from where I live. I paid them, waited another hour, and by that time I had enough and got a ride home. They told me the truck driver would call me when he got to the car.

I got a call from the tow truck driver at 2am! He asked me where I was so I could pay him. I told him I was at home and he told me I had to physically be there to pay him. I just gave him my card number over the phone after minutes of him telling me to be there.

Bottom line is this, I went online and on their website it says 80 Miles tow distance! I was 12 miles away from where I needed it towed. I called the company and they gave me an address to send a written letter to ask for a refund. Waited days, I got no reply! I emailed them and told them the situation, I got no reply! After finding out the email info of a high up person in the company she finally called me and sent me a refund envelope. That is what I had to go through with this horrible company! STAY AWAY!

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Not Recommended They could auto locate me And affordable They only pay up to $80

They only pay up to $80. I broke down 6 miles from home. It was still going to cost me $40 to get towed. They used a copy with super high rates. As in $120 for a 6 mile tow because I was being charger for that company to come from 30 miles away to get to me.

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Not Recommended Coverage, month to month Exorbitant rates! Wait time f

This was a great company. Loved them. Unfortunately they are only month to month now. No yearly option. It's $15 per month!

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Not Recommended Great on paper Bad service

You want to count on service like this. How would you feel if you never received a renewal notice and the only time you made a claim they told you that you were 20 days expired? Poor insurance or bad customer service, I'd say.

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Not Recommended Price and service new price

I was very happy with them for the first year, and recommended them to all my friends. Then I tried to renew and found that the price had gone from $64/yr to $15/month.

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Not Recommended Price NEW Price

It was time to renew my contract this month. I was told their membership price had changed. It's now $1.00 for the first month and $14.99 a month thereafter. If you signup through their website they will charge the new rate.

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Not Recommended Had pretty good service Issues cannot be resolved. Cannot communicate.

Had roadside service for about 20 yrs. and used their service about 8 times with good service. Received a letter in Dec. stating my service was going to be canceled at the end of the month without any explaination why. Called autovantage trying to find out why. The person would only say "it was a business decision" and I would be rembursed for the remaining time. After quite a bit of proding, I was told they no longer doing business with whom I purchased their services through. Don't understand why I wasn't offered to pay them outright instead of just canceling the service. I have tried to contact them twice about the refund with no response

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Recommended Fast Recovery None

Excellent service from Autovantage. When I broke down the other morning they were out within 20 minutes, the fastest I have ever know for roadside assistance. I was back on the road within two hours of breaking down.

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Recommended Good customer service Slow response time

As a woman on my own at night, I was very disappointed in the time it took for someone to get to me. After getting a puncture I had to wait over an hour for someone to reach me, however at least I was in a busy area and not in the middle of nowhere. However the customer reps when you call for assistance are very knowledgable, helpful and friendly.

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Recommended Friendly and proffesional None

No other road side assistance can compete. I have had to use them 3 times now and each time they have made it to me under half an hour and whenever I have any queries the reps have always been helpful. They also offer discount on a number of their services, which is great to always use someone you can trust.

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Recommended Value for money None

I've recently changed my road assistance to Autovantage and I've never been happier. Great value for money and whenever you need to speak to someone they are actually based in America!

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Recommended Quick response None

Amazing service from autovantage! The rep I spoke to on the phone was friendly and she spoke to a response driver straight away and they were with me within 20 minutes. Perfect!

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Not Recommended none very poor service

On 2/21/15, my car broke down in Boston, MA, about 45 miles from my home. I called AutoVantage and was told they would call me back within 15 minutes with the name and ETA of a tow truck. After 1/2 hour, when I received no call, I called again and was told they had not yet been able to locate a provider and could not give me an estimate of when someone would be available. I explained my car was at an intersection in Boston and the temperature was about 18 degrees. The rep was apologetic but could not find a tow truck yet. I asked if I was able to move my car to a safe location where I could get out of the cold, would this be an issue and they assured me it would not. I gave them an alternative address which they confirmed.

I was lucky that I had a friend who lived nearby with a parking lot I could use for my car and a lobby I could wait in. However, having to drive the car further only caused more mechanical issues and the car died completely as I got into the driveway. I called AutoVantage again to verify my move only to have them tell me that they still could not accommodate me. At midnight, a "supervisor" called to say that there was no way they could get a tow truck out to me until the next day. I asked what they would have done if I hadn't had a safe place to go and, instead, had to wait in a dead vehicle in downtown Boston, in 18 degree temperatures. I got no response. He asked me to call again at 7AM.

At 7AM I called as told. Guess what! Still no tow trucks available and no idea when one would be available. They would call me back in one hour. They did call me back, only to tell me the same thing. I called my husband who called the company from our home. The representative he spoke with told him that I had cancelled the service the previous night - which was a complete fabrication. He also got the story about no towtrucks being available and no idea when one would be available. (There were weather related issues and tow drivers were busy; however, Massachusetts is only about 125 miles wide east to west and about 65 miles north to south; somewhere in eastern Massachusetts, I’m sure that there was a tow truck driver who would have taken the call).

At 10AM, I received a call from a representative to tell me that they were moving my call to a "hold status" as they could not continue to make calls to providers on my behalf. I pointed out that since we paid for their service, I thought she could continue to make those calls and she assured me she could not. I asked if my husband and I were able to find our own provider, would they reimburse us. I was told I could submit a receipt for "consideration" but she could not guarantee repayment.

We were finally able to secure our own resource to come to Boston to get the car. I called AutoVantage to inform them that I had secured a towtruck and no longer needed their service. I told them to take my call out of their queue (assuming I was ever actually in one) so that another customer would not be left waiting for nothing. I was assured they would do this.

I finally got back home at 1:30 in the afternoon - 15 1/2 hours after placing my first call to AutoVantage. At 3:30, I received a call from a tow truck driver to confirm my location. They had not removed my name from the queue. At 3:40, I received a call asking for my feedback about the service I received. I provided the requested feedback

I don't know what another company might have done but I remain appalled that this company was prepared to leave me stranded nearly 50 miles from home in subfreezing temperatures. There was no offer to help secure shelter or any other offer of help. I could have gotten a ride from a family member or friend but abandoning the car would have led to it being vandalized or worse. The Boston Police have better things to do that babysit a car and would certainly have towed it to God knows where and we would have had astronomical impound fees to pay to retrieve the car.

Weeks later, we are still trying to obtain reimbursement for our out of pocket expenses. The only calls we have received in return for messages left have come after communicating with the Better Business Bureau with whom we filed a complaint. We deeply regret leaving AAA for this sham of a road service.

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