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Better World Club Roadside Assistance Review

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The Better World Club offers roadside assistance under the flag of green living and eco-friendly practices. They offer roadside service for more than just the family vehicle. You can get roadside assistance for your car, your bicycle and even your company's fleet of vehicles. As part of the fleet vehicle coverage, your employees will be taken care of if they get into an accident on the road. There are also lots of great benefits and discounts to be taken advantage of with membership.

Their basic auto coverage is very competitively priced at $57 annually, but there are limitations. With the basic package, you can get roadside service anywhere in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico. Towing costs are covered but only up to 5 miles, which is quite low. The premium service costs $92.95 annually and covers towing costs up to 100 miles. Adding additional members costs extra on both plans. The premium plan comes with 2 gallons of free fuel if you run out of gas on the road but you cover the cost of the basic plan.

The pricing on the basic plan is fairly competitive in the industry but the limitations may cause you to pay more in the long run. However, if you don't ever end up using certain services the lower annual cost is great.

Plans and Pricing

Better World Club offers two different plans to cater to ever driver's needs. They even offer a plan for bicyclists who want help when they're traveling. We've compared each of the plans below:

Basic Auto

For $57.95 a year, you will get access to a plethora of services for your car. These services include towing your vehicle up to 5 miles, a battery jumpstart in case your battery should die, lockout service in the event that you lock your keys inside your vehicle, fuel delivery service that you have to pay for, winching in case your vehicle gets stuck in the mud or snow, $500 per use for trip interruption, 10 free maps a year to help you plan a road trip, trip routing services, and many additional discounts on cars, hotels, and more.

You can also add additional members to your coverage for $35 each. You can also add bicycle coverage for $17 and motorcycle coverage for $17. For these prices, you get lots of cool services.

Premium Auto

If you're looking for something a little more comprehensive to help you when you're stuck on the road, Better World Club has a premium plan to meet your every need.

For $92.95 a year, they offer up to 100 miles of towing at no extra cost, battery jump start in case your battery dies, flat tire change in case your tire goes bust, lockout services in the event you should lock your keys in your vehicle, up to 2 free gallons of fuel should you ever run out while on the road, winching services to get your car out of the mud or snow, $750 per use of trip interruption services, 10 free maps a year, trip routing services, and many additional discounts for car rental, hotels, and other things you may need.

You can also add additional members to your coverage for $49 each with up to three members allowed.

You can also add bicycle coverage for $17 and/or motorcycle coverage for another $17. You can also get roadside assistance for your RV for $43 more. The great thing about the RV coverage is that you also get the motorcycle coverage as part of it. It seems that with Better Club Auto, you can get a whole lot for a little extra.

Bicycle Plan

If you're not one for driving and you prefer riding your bike to get to where you need to go, Better World Auto Club has a plan just for you. For $39.95 a year, you can have someone tow you up to 30 miles should you get stuck in the middle of nowhere without a ride. You can also have someone come change your bike's tire in the event it should go flat.

If you ever lose the key for your bike's lock, someone can come unlock your bike for you. You'll also get 10 free maps a year to help you trek along your favorite trails, trip routing services to help you plan your route, and many discounts on hotels, car rentals, and plenty of other great features. You can also add an additional member to your bicycle coverage for $17 more. As an additional member, they will get full access to all the same benefits and services that you do. If you want you and your bike to be taken care of, then this is the plan you need.

Good Car-Ma Rewards Program

One of the nifty perks of joining Better World Club is their Good Car-Ma program, which offers you plenty of sweet rewards as part of your membership. Members can accrue points for different actions such as booking travel reservations of any kind through Better World Club. This includes air, travel or car rentals. You can also score lots of points for referring friends or family to join the roadside assistance plans or for renewing your annual policy.

For these services, members can get things like free movie tickets, a free motorcycle or bicycle upgrade, and a pass to any national park. If you accrue enough points, you can also get free yearly roadside assistance for the basic auto, premium auto, and even the bicycle plan. Better World Club likes to give back to their members with awesome rewards.


The Better World Club is a good option if you are looking for a cheap, basic plan, especially if you like the idea of being backed by an eco-friendly auto club. There are also plenty of rewards and discounts members can get as part of their membership. Although, Better World Club offers a lot of great features, they lack when compared to some of their competitors.

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Recommended Discounts for Discounts for "Green" vehicles. Offers bike coverage Price to renew, and customer service.

Yes, I love green vehicles, but own a car that uses gasoline as it's fuel. I also own a bike. My first call was at my house when the old battery died. My second call was when my car got stuck in a shopping center parking lot. I had to call thrice for the same incident before help arrived.

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Not Recommended Supports Initial price

They was excellent when I need a jump start. When my car got physically stuck, the first rep couldn't handle the call properly, and left without giving the second rep all of the needed information.

This added a good 45 minutes longer wait for the tow truck.

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Recommended none Erratic customer service

I have used them about 5 or 6 times, and have had mostly good experiences. Occasionally, I have been frustrated with the long waiting time, but that seems to be par for the course. I have heard that their service network of tow trucks, mechanics, locksmiths, etc. with whom they contract pretty much overlaps the service network provided by other roadside assistance providers. (That's probably why they take so long to get to you - they serve everybody!) Once after I had to wait about 45 minutes and was a bit annoyed, I asked the tow truck driver if most of his customers are AAA (which still dominates the market), and how satisfied they seem to be with their service (hoping that his lucrative AAA contract didn't bias his answer). He replied that yes, most of his customers are from AAA, and that no matter who the customer's roadside assistance provider is, most customers are anxious and frustrated and feel like they waited too long.

I did not have such a great experience on April 25, 2015 (Earth Day ironically) when I locked my keys in the car after cleaning it out.

I called BWC. For a company that likes to stress ethics and social responsibility, they could start by ceasing to outsource their receptionists/dispatchers to India or wherever they do it, and hire American English-speakers instead. The woman with whom I spoke apparently had a good command of English and appeared to understand everything I said, but I couldn't understand her. When a person's nearly entire job is over the phone, a bad accent is a huge hindrance!

I was told that a locksmith would arrive within 40 minutes (the standard waiting time that they give whenever I call). I don't remember the name of the company they called, but the locksmith arrived in about 30 minutes. Fortunately it was a really nice day. I was sitting on a bench about 10 feet from my car, and when I saw the locksmith drive by, I stood up and waved.

The locksmith parked on the opposite corner of the street from me and just sat there. I thought that was odd, but figured he just had to fill in a logbook or touch base with BWC or his company. After about 5-7 minutes, I walked over there, and he was apparently on his cell phone trying to call me or somebody to figure out where I was. To give him some credit, there were a few cars of my brand parked around the intersection. But I specifically stated the COLOR of my car and the CORNER of the intersection, which would have pretty much given away my location. He said that he did not receive either of those two directions.

I don't know whether the dispatcher messed this up or not, but the locksmith didn't seem extremely bright. If I was dispatched to an intersection and didn't know which corner my client car was at, I would say that the corner with the person standing next to her car waving at me would be a pretty good guess.

I will continue to use BWC because I am so impressed with their commitment to the environment and the non-traditional business model. I always get newsletters from them about related initiatives in those areas of concern. While it's nice to have an additional source of knowledge, particularly regarding environmental offerings that are barely noticed by the mainstream media, I think they had better concentrate more on their basic service, judging from some of the reviews that I have seen. I think most customers are paying $ 90 a year for help with car/bike trouble, not a news research bureau.

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Recommended Great assistance for bikes No cons

Finally a company that will look after my bike! A great service that is just as helpful when your bike is unridable.

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Recommended Quick response None

I've been with better world club for 6 months now and already twice I have locked my keys in my car! Both times BWC came out within an hour(which was quicker then my previous roadside assistance) and it took them a couple of minutes to unlock my car. Whenever I have called the agents have always been friendly and helpful.

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Recommended Quick response times None

A real competition to AAA. We switched from them to Better World club last year and I have been pleasantly surprised. The main reason we switched was the cost, but their service is the best. Quick to attend a rescue, even for lock ins and dead batteries.

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Not Recommended Helpf and friendly customer support None

My son has recently brought his own car, so we have signed him up with Better world as we have been with them for over 3 years and they offer great benefits and a fantastic service. For every vehicle we are allowed 4 tows a year and the towing offers a much better radius then AAA. The customer reps are very friendly and we have always had someone turn up within an hour when we've needed them, teenagers like to lock their keys in their car ona regular basis!

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